Tchaikovsky’s work transitions between movies and TV series

Tchaikovsky ‘s work transitions between movies and TV series | 夜 问
The poster elements come from the movie “Gardenia”.Answer: A / B / C / D Tchaikovsky should be the Russian composer known by most Chinese people. As a representative of classical music during the Romantic period, he has many representative works, such as the dance drama “Swan Lake”Beauty ”and The Nutcracker, as well as various symphonies and concertos.Because the work is too well known, Tchaikovsky is often referred to as “Lao Chai” in China.”Swan Lake” is Tchaikovsky’s first dance song, based on folklore. In the story, Princess Ojeta was turned into a white swan by a demon on the shore of Swan Lake. Prince Siegfried fell in love with Oger when he visited Swan Lake.Tower, but the demon tricked his prince by disguising his daughter Black Swan as Aojita.The prince was almost cheated but found out in time, and eventually got bad results. The prince and the princess were happy together.But in the performances of different troupes in later generations, two endings gradually emerged. One was a happy reunion, and the other was the death of the protagonist, which gave the audience the expectation of watching the drama.In addition to enjoying classical music in the concert hall, we can often hear classical music in practice. Just like movies and TV series, classical music is often the first choice for soundtracks. Music that has been precipitated through a long history often produces different effects for film and television works.For example, Stanley Kubrick, the director of “Spacewalk 2001”, used John Strauss’s “The Blue Danube”; director Francis Ford Coppola in “Apocalypse Modern”Wagner’s “Valkyrie” is used.The soundtrack complements these original stories.In the 22nd episode of the domestic drama “The Next Stop is Happiness”, which ended a while ago, when the actor Yuan Song (Song Weilong) and the heroine He Fanxing (Song Qian) broke up, the two met downstairs at night.See, the piano version of the adapted “Swan Lake” played slowly, and a sad atmosphere is brewing.When He Fanxing rejected the male No. 2 Ye Luming, the background music was its guitar version.In the domestic movie “King of New Comedy”, “Swan Lake” is also accompanied by the protagonist.When the heroine Rumen is eating lunch in the car, she is listening to “Swan Lake”; when she sees the true face of her boyfriend, she puts on headphones to listen; at the end of the podium, it still sounds “Swan Lake”.Some people say that this movie has two endings, just like the original dance drama, but no matter how, the music of “Swan Lake” gives this movie a lot of points.In Ning Hao’s “Crazy Stone”, “Swan Lake” was played with flowers, and the blessing of heavy metals and Sanskrit made the bath of Bao Shihong and his brother before the decisive battle full of gunpowder. The background music seemed to beWhat is implied, crazy with the picture.In “King of War” starring Nicholas Cage, “Swan Lake” is still the finishing touch.He sat in the military factory, while playing with the AK47, and began to introduce it. The elegant “Swan Lake” and the cold guns formed a wonderful position.