2015 Chinese Football Association Cup-Shanghai Hong Kong 3 minutes 2 goals successfully reversed to advance to the top 16_1

2015 Chinese Football Association Cup-Shanghai Hong Kong 3 minutes 2 goals successfully reversed to advance to the top 16
At 19:00 on May 12, Beijing time, the third round of the 2015 Chinese Football Association Cup began a competition. In the initial game, the Chinese team B Dalian surpassed the home game against the Chinese Super League leader Shanghai Shanggang.In the first half, the two teams attacked and defended each other. The overtaking team, Quan Heng, missed a single-handed opportunity and changed sides to fight again. Quan Heng took the corner kick from Hu Zhaojun and then shot and broke the goal.In the 68th minute, Li Haowen, who came on the bench for Hong Kong, scored an empty goal in front of the goal. 3 minutes later, He used a corner kick to help Shanghai Hong Kong achieve a reversal.After a 90-minute fierce battle, Dalian surpassed 1-2 and lost to Shanghai Shanggang, which advanced to the top 16 of the FA Cup.In the match, Wu Lei surpassed Dalian in the third round of the North Division of China League 2 to defeat Lucheng in Baotou’s southern suburbs. The team currently ranks second in the North China League standings.In the second round of the FA Cup, overtake the home penalty shootout 6-4 to defeat the Beijing Institute of Technology, but in the third round, the leader of the Super League, Shanghai Shanggang, and according to the rules of the competition, Shanghai cannot send foreign aid to play, And this weekend’s battle with Evergrande’s top spot also dispersed the team’s strength, but the strength of local players led by Wu Lei is still much higher than surpassing, Shanggang landed on the coast with a 5-0 victory over the same city opponent Greenland Shenhua last weekCity, I believe the team will not return empty-handed.  In the third minute, after Shanghai Shanggang got the ball in the frontcourt, he directly found Wu Lei ambushing in the penalty area, and fell into the ground after having physical contact with the overtaking player. The referee’s offensive game continued.In the 8th minute, Lu Wenjun crossed the goal on the left side of the penalty area. Zhu Zhengrong moved to go beyond the defender defense. Guowei chose to shoot low in the face of the attack. Guowei fell to the ground to clear the ball with his foot.  15 minutes before the game, Beyond showed a positive state in the game, but in terms of overall strength, Shanghai Shanggang still showed its ability to control the game.Four minutes later, Shanghai Shanggang received a free kick from the frontcourt. Lu Wenjun’s free kick directly attacked the goal. The ball fell quickly after crossing the wall. The goalkeeper Guowei flew the ball to the bottom line.Subsequently, Hu Zhaojun sent a precise long pass from the middle circle, Du Wenxiang drew the ball away from the port goalkeeper Sun Le and pushed the shot, the port defender defender small penalty area line to clear the ball.In the 22nd minute, overtaking defender Zhao Yibo handballed while defending the opponent’s offense and received the first yellow card of the game.  In the 30th minute, he surpassed the missed golden opportunity to break the goal, Quan Heng took his teammate’s straight ball and turned offside to form a single-handed opportunity. When he formed a one-on-one with Shanghai Porter goalkeeper Sun Le, he pushed the far corner and the ball missed the goal post.Shanghai-Hong Kong defender Yang Boyu thought that the ball was offside and was not bad for the referee and was warned by a yellow card.In the 34th minute, Shanghai-Hong Kong defender Yang Shiyuan trampled beyond the player Liu Huan to get yellow.The players of the overtaking team are very fierce in the first half of the game. It is worth paying attention to whether the physical strength can guarantee the entire game in such a wide range of pressure.After a one-minute injury stoppage time, the two teams ended the half-time match, Dalian exceeded Zan 0-0 Shanghai Shanggang.  After a 15-minute halftime adjustment, the two teams started the second half.Shanghai Shanggang made staff adjustments in the second half, and Yang Shiyuan was replaced by Fu Huan.Shanggang, who was unable to break through the deadlock on the field, was a bit impatient when fighting. In the 48th minute, Wu Lei, the captain of Shanghai Port, was shown a yellow card when he pedaled in front of the door.In the 51st minute, Dalian Beyond scored a goal at home.Hu Zhao took a penalty kick, and Shanghai Shanggang Lu Wenjun nodded the ball in the front to point the ball back. Quan Heng, who rushed to the ball, hit the ball at the close distance and hit the lower edge of the beam to fly into the goal.Dalian surpassed 1-0 Shanghai Shanghai Port.The score lags behind, surpassing to continue to send troops, Zheng Dalun was replaced by Li Haowen.  In the 59th minute, Dalian Chaoyue made the team’s first staff adjustment, and the teenager Nan Yunqi was replaced by Cui Yu.Cui Yu, who had just changed the field, undertook a dangerous tackle. The referee showed no signs of showing yellow cards.In the 65th minute, Shanghai Shanggang escaped. Wu Lei shot from a small restricted area at a small angle. The ball passed the attacking goalkeeper Guowei and rolled towards the goal. Zhao Yibo fell to the ground to clear the ball.The game went on for 65 minutes. The players who surpassed obviously showed a tendency of displacement in physical fitness. After striker Han Jiabao cramped and couldn’t afford to be lifted by a stretcher, Jing Deyang replaced his weak Han Jiabao.Shanghai Shanggang equalized the score in the 68th minute. Guowei continuously saved Shanghai Hong Kong’s shot. Lv Wenjun hit the goal post after the header was added. Li Haowen came off the bench to equalize the goal.Dalian surpassed 1-1 Shanghai Shanghai Port.  Only 3 minutes later, Shanghai Shanghai Port passed the score.He Ji took advantage of the corner kick to ambush the header and jumped the ball into the net.In the 74th minute, Dalian surpassed the team’s last substitution and Wang Guanghao came off the bench for Du Wenxiang.In the 83rd minute, Shanghai Shanggang also ran out of the last substitution, and Zhu Zhengrong was replaced by Wang Jiayu.In the 89th minute, Shanghai Shanggang Lu Wenjun took the corner kick and the referee pointed out that he suspected of delaying the game and showed him a yellow card.After 4 minutes of injury stoppage time, the referee blew the final whistle. Dalian surpassed the city gate and was penetrated twice within 3 minutes with a goal scored first. However, it encountered a reversal from the opponent. Unfortunately, it stopped in the third round of the FA Cup.Goal information Dalian surpassed: In the 51st minute, Quan Heng pushed and scored.  Shanghai Port: In the 68th minute, Li Haowen added a shot to trigger a tie.  In the 71st minute, He Hao headed into the net.Yellow card information Dalian Beyond: Zhao Yibo (22 minutes) Shanghai Shanghai: Yang Boyu (30 minutes), Yang Shiyuan (34 minutes), Wu Lei (48 minutes), Lu Wenjun (89 minutes), Zhang Wei (93 minutes)) Both starters and substitute Dalian starters: 23-Guowei/3-Zhao Yibo, 25-Quan Heng, 36-Liu Tao/11-Su Di, 14-Hu Zhaojun, 15-Liu Huan, 21-Liu Yuchen/ 9-Han Jiabao (No. 68)Minutes, 7-Jing Deyang), 10-Du Wenxiang (74th minute, 2-Wang Guanghao), 32-Nan Yunqi (59th minute, 12-Cui Yu) Shanghai Shanggang Premiere: 22-Sun Le / 2-ZhangWei, 5-Wang Jiajie, 19-Yang Shiyuan (46th minute, 23-Fu Huan), 28-He Xi/13-Zheng Darun (56th minute, 12-Li Haowen), 15-Lin Chuangyi, 30-Zhu Zhengrong (No.83 minutes, 20-Wang Jiayu), 33-Yang Boyu/ 7-Wu Lei, 11-Lu Wenjun (Mi Xiu)