3 tips for raising a baby who is not picky

3 tips for raising a baby who is not picky

[Guide]Baby picky eaters are one of the normal phasic phenomena during the baby’s growth and development.

Although the phenomenon is common, if this bad habit cannot be reorganized in time, the growth and development of the reorganized baby will have a certain impact.

How to correct the baby’s picky food, young parents can follow the following suggestions: 1. Preach by example, influence the baby’s eating habits through their own behaviors. To address the baby’s picky food problem, young parents can often eat some of his more picky food and a little in front of the baby.In the process of eating, you must appropriately make special actions that you like to eat, so that your baby subconsciously recognizes that these foods are things that parents like to eat. It must be delicious. This will gradually guide your baby to try to accept food.

2. Add intake to let your baby gradually accept the distance meal in their daily diet. Parents find that in fact, the baby does not naturally substitute for certain foods that he does not like. Picky eaters can be corrected by adjusting their eating habits.

Young parents can add a small amount and gradually add replacements without telling them, adding a small amount of his picky food to the baby’s daily food, so that the baby will naturally accept these foods.

3. Co-construction of homes to allow babies to change their picky eating habits when encouraged. Some experts have pointed out that the phenomenon of picky eating requires the joint efforts and doubling of the family and kindergarten. Co-construction of homes helps to correct the habit of picky eating.

Experts believe that kindergarten teachers and parents should communicate frequently, and parents and teachers should be good at praising the baby’s progress in diet.

For example, when a teacher comes to pick up the baby, the teacher can tell the parent that the baby has improved a lot today and ate two shrimps. The parents should also step in and encourage them at this time.

As a result, your baby will slowly accept these foods under double encouragement.