3 cups of tea a day give you 7 health benefits


3 cups of tea a day give you 7 health benefits

Drinking tea is a traditional Chinese habit, especially for the elderly. Drinking a few cups of fragrant tea every day does have many benefits, but you may not know much about the benefits of drinking tea. Then follow the Xiaobian to check out the tea.The benefits!

銆€銆€Drink more tea, the benefits are many.

According to the latest reports from foreign media, drinking three cups of tea a day can exert a variety of anti-disease effects.

Experts suggest that each cup of tea in the morning, evening and evening, tea time for at least 5 minutes, so that the active ingredients in the tea are decomposed in hot water.

Black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea contain a variety of antioxidants that promote health.

Because of the protein in milk, drinking tea and milk is more conducive to the health care of tea, but sugar does not have this effect.

銆€銆€1, reduce the risk of stroke: a 15-year study in the Netherlands found that drinking milk without black tea can reduce the risk of stroke.

American studies have found that tea polyphenols in 5 times black tea can reduce necrosis by 11% and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Tea polyphenols also have an effect of improving vascular function.

銆€銆€2, promote digestion: green tea (not processed) to promote stimulation of peristalsis, promote food digestion.

Green tea can also prevent 30% of adults from absorbing and has a weight loss effect.

Peppermint tea can promote digestion, ginger tea can cure nausea (especially pregnancy reaction), fennel tea can prevent constipation, inhalation of inflation and abdominal cramps.

銆€銆€3, the brain is more flexible: British research found that caffeine and L-theanine in black tea can improve cognitive ability, drink a cup of black tea can improve attention.

In addition, drinking more than 100 ml of tea (or coffee) per day can reduce the risk of using glioma (the most common brain tumor) by 34%.

銆€銆€4, reduce the risk of cancer: tea (especially green tea) polyphenols antioxidant content is 8 times that of fruits and vegetables, this substance can prevent free radical growth.

Taiwan studies have found that 1 cup of green tea a day can reduce the risk of diabetes.

In addition, drinking tea or slowing the progression of prostate cancer reduces the risk of gastric cancer.

銆€銆€5, enhance immunity: Harvard University research found that people who drink 5-6 cups of tea a day will significantly improve their immunity, metabolism and skin health are also better.

Drinking tea also helps people identify and fight bacteria and parasites.

Ginger tea has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stimulating effects, which can alleviate migraine.

銆€銆€6, protect the teeth: Although drinking tea can cause discoloration of the teeth, tea polyphenols can antibacterial to prevent dental calculus, prevent dental disease and dental caries.

White tea and green tea all have this effect.

Fruit tea is acidic and can damage enamel.

銆€銆€7, treatment of insomnia anxiety: high content of caffeine in black tea, it is best not to drink before going to bed.

But most herbal teas do not contain caffeine.

Tryptophan and amino acids in chamomile tea can play a calming role, and another substance, chrysin, can alleviate concerns about promoting sleep and treating insomnia.

In addition, lavender tea can ease relaxation.

Basil leaf tea has a calming effect.