Babies want to retreat to wean

Babies want to “retreat” to wean

给宝宝断奶宜采用逐步过渡的方式   出生不久就要做好准备:3个月前,先学会用奶瓶喝水或喝果汁、菜汁;4~5个月时学会从小匙中吃半流质的辅助Food, such as milk cake, vegetable puree, etc .; some solid foods such as biscuits, cakes, bread, chopped vegetables, liver puree, minced meat, etc. can be gradually added during 7-8 months;The baby’s eating of various complementary foods and health conditions determine the time of weaning.
  Only by adopting a plan to add supplementary food on a monthly basis, from small to large, gradually reducing the number of feedings and increasing the number and amount of supplementary foods can the baby be willing to accept it.
Doing so not only conforms to the baby’s psychology, but also allows the baby’s gastrointestinal digestive function to gradually adapt to ensure normal growth and development.
  During the weaning process, if the baby is unwilling to eat other foods, do not force it.
Let your baby try a few more times, and there can be more types of food. Be patient and wait for the baby to get used to other foods.
After weaning, your baby’s diet should be based on the principles of crushing, softness, and rottenness. Feed with nutrient-rich, soft, and digestible food. Do not give your baby spicy food.
Milk is an essential food for your baby every day.
  In addition, some babies suddenly refuse breast milk for no reason when weaning is not needed, and the mother thinks that the baby is automatically weaned, but this is not the case.
  Generally, “automatic weaning” babies are over 1 year old.
If a baby from four to five months rejects breast milk, it may be because the baby’s growth rate has slowed down and the need for nutrients has decreased accordingly.
Usually lasts about a week, the appetite will gradually improve, and the milk volume will return to normal.
  Therefore, the baby who will be automatically weaned should be over 1 year old. At this time, the baby can eat a lot of solid food, and it is full of nutrition, and the daily formula is more than 400 ml.
Never make a “weaning” decision lightly.
  Babies who are accustomed to breast milk not only use breast milk as food, but also have a special feeling for breast milk. Because it brings trust and security to the baby, weaning is not a matter of breaking off, and it is also not possible to use haste and bluntness.Methods.
  Forcibly separating the mother and child will not only fail to wean smoothly, but also affect the baby’s physical and mental health.
Babies have been relying on the warm arms of their mother since they were born. Sudden separation for a long time will make the baby feel insecure, especially for those who are more dependent on breast milk. They also tend to have anxiety, do not eat or drink, and do not want to letOther people hug, do not communicate with adults, emotional irritability, crying violently, do not sleep well, or even get sick.
  科学断奶有技巧  1、宝宝晚上会对妈妈非常依恋,需要从吃奶中获得慰藉,对于习惯于晚上必吃母乳的宝宝来说,妈妈避开不与宝宝同睡,改由爸爸哄宝宝睡觉,It is helpful for weaning.
  2. If you are going to wean your baby, you can first wean it off during the day.
Then slowly stop feeding at night, “gradually retreat” until the transition to complete weaning.
  3, if the mother is not at work, you can choose to gradually reduce the number of times of feeding each day, at the same time increase the frequency and amount of milk every day, and slowly cut off the baby’s breast milk before going to bed and at night.
  4, weaning choose a comfortable season, such as spring or autumn.
At this time, changes in lifestyle and habits have less impact on the baby.
If the weather is too hot, the baby will be uncomfortable. Weaning will make him cry, and vomiting or diarrhea will occur due to gastrointestinal discomfort. When it is too cold, it will make the baby sleep upset and easily cause upper respiratory infections.
If your baby is weaning at this time, it’s best to delay it.