Sea Adventures Tests Your Personality Defect

Sea Adventures Tests Your Personality Defect

When you are leisurely riding a boat on the sea, a dolphin suddenly appears from the sea. Strangely, it can speak human.

Which sentence do you think it will say the most to you?

  A.There are many sharks here, be careful.

  B.There are many treasures below!

  C.Now what I say is all heard . D.
There is a beautiful coral reef in front!

  E.Don’t worry, I was turned into a dolphin by being magical!

  F.Excuse me, what time is it?

  A You have chosen a phrase that lets you know the danger. You can see that you are a very attentive person. Careless mistakes rarely happen to you.

Of course there are things that bother others, but usually they ask you for help first.

  B You are sometimes confused, mistakes of different sizes often come one after another, and these mistakes will repeat.

Although it has caused a lot of trouble to the people around them, after they contact you, they have seen through your rough leaves, so they can gradually accept it.

  C. You belong to the type of mistakes that are easy to cause “causes to come out of your mouth” without paying attention. You often tell other people’s secrets or use casual words to hurt each other.

Although you are not malicious, you often over-spoken your words in ecstasy. The damage caused by this error is psychological damage, which is very serious.

  You who choose to maintain a leisurely dialogue often make mistakes due to carelessness.

Your personality is very cheerful and you can handle any mistakes.

Of course, this will also cause trouble for the people around you, but you will win the understanding of others with a smile.

However, if you use coquettishness to deal with negligence, one day you will make a big disaster.

  E You are a very reliable person, with almost no carelessness, but with a little forgetfulness, you will make a lot of mistakes.

The people around you never expected that you would have problems, so the trouble is particularly serious.

  F You choose the dolphins to ask for time, and you belong to someone who does not know enough about yourself.

Your mistake is because you are very forgetful, forget the meeting place for a while, and forget your purse on the train for a while. There will always be one or two of these mistakes!

Even if the trouble for the people around you depends on the situation, it is not as great as your own loss.