Polishing health with acne

Polishing health with acne

There are acne on both ends, where is it, there is a mystery in it.

Because where acne grows, it will reflect the physical health of the individual.

There are usually the following parts of acne: 1, two shortcomings: usually because of gastrointestinal problems, this aspect of the function does not work well.

  2. Chin: lack of sleep or mental illness, or gynecological problems.

  3. Forehead: It may be caused by insufficient secretion of female hormones or unclean bangs.

  4, near the temple: mainly caused by bacterial infection.

  5. Around the mouth: It is mainly because the sebum is too strong and the horny pair is triggered.

  To reduce the growth of acne, it is still necessary to develop good eating habits and a normal life. If the situation is too serious, be sure to seek medical treatment quickly, ask a doctor or beautician to treat it. Do not squeeze it casually, otherwise the situation will be more serious.Serious.