8 nominations, Frozen 2 and Lost Link lead the Anne Award

8 nominations, “Frozen 2” and “Lost Link” lead the Anne Award
On December 2, American time, the 47th Anne Award nomination list known as the “Animation Academy Oscar” was announced. “Frozen 2” and “Lost Link” also won 8 nominations in 13 animation feature film awards., Leading the current Anne Awards.Netflix (Nei Fei) animation “Claus: Christmas Secrets” won 7 nominations, followed by “How to Train Your Dragon 3” “Toy Story 4” and French independent animation “I lost my body” won 6 itemsNominated.There are also four nominations for the first original animation “Snowman” produced by Oriental DreamWorks.It is reported that the award ceremony will be held on January 25, 2020.”Lost Link” and “Frozen 2” posters.Part of the nomination list: Best Animated Film: “Frozen 2”, “How to Train Your Dragon 3”, “Klaus: The Secret of Christmas”, “Lost Link”, “Toy Story 4” Best Independent Animated Film: “BunuEl is in the Tortoise Labyrinth, “I lost my body”, “Primary schoolgirl boss”, “Promia”, “The Son of the Weather” Best Animation Director: Jennifer Lee & Chris Buck “Frozen 2” Xin Haicheng “Son of the Weather, Jehemiah Krapan, “I Lost My Body,” Chris Butler, “The Lost Link,” Sergio Pablos, “Claus: The Secret of Christmas,” Best Animated Script: “Ice Snow”Fate 2 “Dragon Trainer 3” “Toy Story 4” “I Lost My Body” “Son of Weather” Best Animated Character Design: “Frozen 2” “Klaus: The Secret of Christmas” “Snowman””Best Transformed Agent”, “The Adams” Best Animation Music: “Frozen 2”, “Leave”, “I Lost My Body”, “Transformed Agent”, “Toy Story 4” Best Animated Story Edition (sub-lens): “I lost my body. Lens: Juline Bisaro. “I lost my body.” Lens: Jehemiah Krapan. “Klaus: The Secret of Christmas.” “The Lost Link.” Lens: Julian Narino. “Lost.”Links of “The Link”: Oliver Thomas Best Animation Dubbing: “Snowman” Tenzing Nogay Trener “Frozen 2” Josh Gard “Alien Invasion ZIM: The Magical Entrance””Richard Steven Horwitz,” Pet Secrets 2 “, Jenny Slater,” Toy Story 4 “, Tony Haier’s best animated character production:” Frozen 2 “,” Dragon Master 3 “Animator: Dane Stogner, “How to Train Your Dragon 3” Animator: rani Naamani, “Claus: The Secret of Christmas”, “The Lost Link” Best Animation Art Direction: “Snowman”, “How to Train Your Dragon 3”, “GRolls: The Secrets of Christmas, “The Lost Link”, “The Adams” Best Visual Effects: “Frozen 2”, “Snowman”, “The Son of Weather”, “Lost Link”, “Toy Story 4” Best动画剪辑:《驯龙高手3》《克劳斯:圣诞节的秘密》《遗失的环节》《玩具总动员4》《爱宠大机密2》桑拿、夜网 滕朝编辑 吴龙珍校对李项玲