8 health tips for foot care

8 health tips for foot care

Since ancient times, it has been said that “to raise trees and protect roots, to raise people to protect their feet”.

Modern medicine believes that there are many nerve endings in the feet that are closely connected to the brain and participate in and regulate brain activities.

Therefore, the health of the feet is based on scientific theories.

Now let’s take a look at the specific methods of foot care.


hzh{display:none;}  一、敲击脚底  每天晚上临睡前用拳头敲击脚底,可以消除一天的疲劳。Appropriate stimulation to the soles of the feet by tapping promotes blood circulation throughout the body, enhances visceral function, and restores vitality as soon as possible.

  The correct tapping method is centered on the soles of the feet, radiating to the surroundings rhythmically, with a degree of pain.

You can also sit cross-legged on a bed or chair and put your feet on the legs of the other leg, which is easier to strike.

Each foot should be tapped about 100 times without excessive force.

  Second, shaking the feet of the whole body with poor blood circulation will cause visceral disorders, sub-health symptoms such as headaches, loss of appetite, and simple foot stimulation to promote blood circulation.

Lie on your back with your feet shaking in the air, then rotate your feet like a bicycle, as long as 5?
In 6 minutes, the whole body’s blood circulation will be improved. This method can also shrink the muscles of the legs and leg muscles, completely eliminating leg fatigue.

People who are afraid of cold in winter if they do this before going to bed will feel their whole body warm and help improve sleep.

  Third, footbath sunbathing is a natural remedy that enhances the health of the body. Let the sole of the foot known as the second heart sunbathe and obtain unexpected health effects. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can stimulate the soles of the feet, which can promote metabolism throughout the body and enhance the function of internal organs.
Absorbed by glass.

  Fourth, patients with excessive friction on the feet suspected to the doctor that they often couldn’t sleep in bed because of heavy heart or irritability, stepped on the other side, opened their eyes to dawn.

  In fact, because the soles of the feet are farthest from the heart, when the peripheral blood circulation is not smooth, the feet are afraid of cold, and they are also prone to insomnia.

When insomnia, you can make your feet close together and rub each other, so that the blood circulation is unblocked. When your feet feel warm, you can fall asleep in a short time.

The method is to lie on your back, raise your feet, and rub each other hard. It is better if both hands rub at the same time.

As long as you rub hard 20 times, your feet will feel warm and sleepiness will come.

  6. Keep your feet warm in winter, especially on snowy days. Keep your feet warm.

After stepping on snow, it is best to bubble your feet with hot water.

If it is sleet or the snow melts, even if you wear warm shoes, it will soon become wet and your feet will be easily frostbite.

Inconspicuous plastic bags can solve big problems.

You can wear shoes in a plastic bag on the sock coat, one to keep warm, and the other to insulate.

  Fifth, rubbing the toes and rubbing the toenails can enhance memory.

You can grab the big toenails of both feet with your hands for rubbing and rubbing exercises, rubbing each day for 2?
3 minutes.

You can also use your hands to do some exercise to rub the outside of the small toe neck, just rub for 5 minutes during class or before going to bed.

It is recommended that women who are sedentary or temporarily prolonged during work should appropriately and consciously allow themselves to move more, do more local movements of hands, feet and waist, flex their fingers, arm circles, twist toes, jump in place, etc.Promote blood circulation.

  Seven, insist on washing feet with hot water before going to bed. Since ancient times, there have been proverbs, “Eat a sheep for three days, it is better to wash your feet before going to bed”, “Wash your feet every night, and rarely get cold from your feet.”

Before going to bed every night, soak your feet with warm water kept at about 40 ° C (water floods the joints of your toes) and stick to 15?
After 20 minutes of soaking, rub the Yongquan points on the palms of the feet while bathing. The skin after the bath is slightly reddish, which can promote the expansion of blood vessels in the feet, accelerate blood flow, accelerate blood circulation, and reduce the blood in the brain relatively, and promote sleep;Taichong, Yinbai, Kunlun and other acupuncture points on the feet are all stimulated by heat, which will promote human blood movement, regulate internal organs, balance yin and yang, clear the meridians, strengthen the body, break down aging, and eliminate disease and prolong life.

Those who suffer from arthralgia caused by wind cold and dampness can add Chinese medicine such as Evodia rutae, Cinnamomum sylvestris, clove and so on in the foot bath water, which leads to the effect of warming and dispersing the cold and expelling wind and analgesic effect. When citizens with a cold start to soak their feet at home,You can add a teaspoon of salt to the soaking water and one or two gingers.

  Eight, choose the right size of fat and thin shoes, because tight shoes, the skin and blood vessels on the foot under pressure, so that normal blood circulation is hindered.