Choose exercise style based on personality

Choose exercise style based on personality

Tian Chuan believes that people’s mental health is also affected by sports.

  Sports psychology research shows that different items have different effects on psychology.

In real life, some people lack the psychological adjustment and adaptability possessed by normal people, or show obvious personality defects and emotional defects. Through targeted and appropriate exercise, you can eliminate bad personality defects and improve mental and mental state.

  Tagawa lists 6 types of sports that people should choose: 1.


Some people improve their psychological quality and should participate in more competitive sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball and other sports.

The expectations of these projects are changeable and intense. Only by calmly and calmly responding can we gain an advantage.

If you can often be tested in such fierce occasions, you will not be too nervous and panic, which will bring benefits to work and study.


Timid type.

Some people are timid by nature, shy and blush at every turn.

These people should participate more in swimming, ice skating, boxing, parallel bars, vaulting and other events.

These projects require people to constantly overcome timidity, to overcome difficulties and overcome obstacles with bravery and fearlessness.

After a period of exercise, the courage will become bigger, and people will be calm and natural.



Some people are introverted, lonely, unkind, and not good at interacting with others. They are the most competitive.

These people should choose team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and relay running, tug of war.

Persist in participating in the exercise of these collective projects, can strengthen their own vitality and spirit of cooperation with others, and gradually change their personality.



Some people are suspicious, lack trust in civilians, and do things decisively.

These people can choose table tennis, tennis, badminton, high jump, long jump, fencing and other items.

These projects require athletes to be calm-headed, quick-thinking, correct, and decisive. Engaging in these activities for a long time will help people get out of their doubtful thinking.


Vanity type.

Some people have strong vanity and are stubborn when things go wrong.

Some of these people have some unfavorable resistance or more complicated sports, such as diving, marathon, etc. They can also find some opponents who have more than their own strength to play chess, play table tennis or badminton, etc., to constantly remind themselves that they must notproud.



Some people are not calm and calm, and they are impulsive.

These people can choose to play chess, play Taijiquan, practice Health Qigong, take long walks, swim, etc.

Most types of activities are static, and independent exercise will not cause excessive distortion of emotions, which will help regulate neural functions and enhance self-control.