Office workers pay more attention


Office workers pay more attention

Various materials and phenomena show that there are more and more people living in Asia.

One of the important reasons for sub-health is the lack of exercise.

In fact, fitness can be carried out in the gym, as long as there is a sense of exercise in mind, no matter where you can exercise, such offices.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that there are a variety of simple fitness exercises on the side. You can try to relieve stress, relax muscles and restore physical strength after a few minutes. If you can do a few yoga exercises, the attention will be more concentrated, the emotions will be moderated and toomany.

In addition, skipping the rope can make the muscles more balanced.

銆€銆€In the office, pay special attention to overcoming bad sitting postures, because poor sitting posture is the primary cause of muscle soreness.

In addition, people who often need to reach out or bend over to take things, can not sit in the chair to take things, because sitting on a rotating chair will hurt the back, it is better to stand away from the seat to take.

銆€銆€The right chair allows you to sit at the soles of your feet and touch the ground exactly 90 degrees. The calves should extend forward five or six centimeters. If the legs are continuously inward, the blood circulation will not be smooth.

Experts believe that do not sit straight, the body leans back slightly, so that the spine naturally bends, and the back of the lumbar spine can reduce soreness.