[Efficacy of Languiren Tea]_Benefits_Benefits

[Efficacy of Languiren Tea]_Benefits_Benefits

When people hear “Lan Guiren”, people often think of palace fighting dramas. In recent years, the Qing Dynasty palace fighting dramas are very hot. They can think of several movies from old to young, but the emperor’s concubineThis rank is “noble”.

Today, the “Lan Guiren” is not a character in the palace drama, but a name for another tea.
I. Brief introduction of Languiren Tea: 1. Languiren Tea, formerly known as ginseng oolong tea, is refined from oolong tea and ginseng powder. It is added with a vanilla orchid and American ginseng, a specialty of Hainan Island, and is carefully formulated with advanced scientific methods.to make.

2. Langui people used to provide tea to Chinese courts in the past. It was a tribute given to the emperor five hundred years ago. It has a history of thousands of years.

3. The origin of Langui people was in Taiwan Province in the past, and now it can be seen in Hainan Province.

4. Languiren is an alternative to Hainan Wuzhishan green tea. It has a long-lasting taste, a tight-knotted appearance, and a blend of ginseng and tea. Languiren tea has a delicate fragrance and a long aftertaste. After drinking, it produces an inexplicable fragrance in the tongue.It is called “Lan Guiren”.

Second, the efficacy of Languiren tea: 1. Drinking Languiren tea has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, refreshing, beauty, and beauty.

2, drinking Languiren tea on cold stomach, flatulence, chronic gastritis play a role in nourishing and nourishing stomach.

3, join 7?
8 red dates stewed to drink, for women can nourish blood, beauty, and regulate endocrine.

4, long containing dry tea can remove the breath and remove odor.

Third, the quality characteristics of Languiren tea: 1. Languiren tea is designed according to the “five flavors” theory of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.

The five flavors are: different flavors such as pungent, sour, sweet, bitter, and salty.

2, Languiren tea is both able to diverge and refresh.

3. Languiren’s tea acid can astringent and get wet.

4, Lan Guiren tea can shed bitterness, dryness, lowering inclination, Gannian tonic, salty to soft and firm.

Fourth, the historical development of Languiren tea: 1. Regarding the origin of the word “Languiren”, there are many versions of the legend in the folk, but according to research, the word “Languiren” can be used by the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty.(1836-1908), Ruming Laner, Tai Huizheng, daughter of Guangtai Road, Huining Lake, Anhui.

2. In 1851, Xiu Nu was elected to the palace, and was named a noble person, and was later promoted to the title of “blue noble person”.

Therefore, the word “Lan Guiren” was passed from the palace to the people.

3. In 1998, the tea people in southern China introduced the fragrant and flavored tea of this type of oolong tea according to the Ministry of Health’s “Related Naming Regulations for Health Products”, commercial science, marketing, and consumer psychology.”Languiren Tea” is a common trade name for tea, such as jasmine tea and Biluochun, which has become a best-selling tourist shopping product in the country, especially in Hainan.