Nine yoga asanas for your legs

Nine yoga asanas for your legs

Action 1: Sit with your legs together, hold your legs with your hands and lift them up slowly until they are perpendicular to the upper part of the body, inhale, close your abdomen, and lean back slightly for a few seconds.

Exhale and slowly return to the original state.

Repeat 15 times.

  Action 2: Sitting position, right leg curled, left leg extended to the back of the body, hands clasped on top of the head, inhale, abdomen, raise chest, pull down as much as possible, hold for a few seconds, reply, exhale.

Then change sides and repeat.

Concentrated exercise of the muscles on both sides of the waist can play the role of thin waist.

  Action 3: Correct, inhale, abdomen, straighten your left leg backwards, straighten your hands forward, tilt your upper body forward, eyes straight ahead, keep your body parallel to the ground, and do a flying action for a few seconds.

Change legs and repeat.

  Action 4: Lie on your side, support your body with your right hand, support your body’s center of gravity, straighten your left leg, bend your right leg, and use your left hand to slowly pull it toward the abdomen.

Inhale and contract the rectus abdominis.

Repeat multiple times.
  Action 5: Take a seated position, lean back, hold your hands on both sides of the body, support the center of gravity of the body, bend your knees, relax your legs, do not touch the ground with your heels.
Repeat multiple times.
  Action 6: Stand, inhale, abdomen, lift your chest, collapse your waist, bend your left leg, straighten your right leg backwards, lean upwards with both hands, and lean forward.

Hold your breath for a few seconds.

Return to the initial state.

Then change legs.

  Action 7: Standing position, legs crossed together, hands crossed at the top of the head, inhale, abdomen and chest, stretch the upper body to the right as far as possible, hold for a few seconds, exhale, return to the original state.

Repeat 15 times.
Then change sides.

  Action 8: Kneel on the ground, take a deep breath, exert pressure on your waist, slowly tilt your head and body back, support your heels with both hands, support your upper body, then slowly lift your body and relax your lower back muscles.

Effective lifting action, especially rescue the abdomen.

  Action 9: Right, lift your hands to support your head, inhale, lift your abdomen and chest, bend your left leg, lift up as much as possible, and try to get close to the abdomen.

Hold this position for a few seconds, lower it, and repeat the action.