Psychological Analysis of Networm in Middle School

Psychological Analysis of Networm in Middle School

1. Dependence on psychology and internet addiction.

  Adolescents are the main users of the current “Internet clan”. Their self-control ability and discrimination ability are poor, and they are deeply attracted to see the various virtual societies on the Internet.

  2, loneliness and social phobia.

  If you deal with computer terminals all day long, lack of living, emotional, and physical connections will easily lead to a decline in communication ability, resulting in health problems such as tension, loneliness and indifference.

  3. Contradictory psychology and Internet anxiety.

  The Internet is endless and changing rapidly. Teenagers expect to master it and use it, but they can easily feel their smallness and incompetence, can not adapt to difficulties, and worry, distress and depression are appearing in online teenagers.

  4, anomie and diffuse Internet.

  The network uses a decentralized structure system, which is uncontrollable.

Adolescents are apt to form an out-of-standard psychology that deviates from social norms, and even cause online derailment.

  From the above psychological analysis of networms, the cause of “networms” addiction is mainly psychological, unlike the traditional drug addiction that affects people physiologically.

Therefore, the traditional explosion-proof method is adopted instead of being blocked or passed through.

The countermeasures are as follows: One of the countermeasures: Actively guide students to use the Internet correctly.

Expert teachers can be invited to discuss Internet knowledge for students and go to Health Network.

Online theme activities can be carried out regularly to guide teachers and students’ good habits of surfing the Internet.

Develop psychological guidance on the Internet and promote the correct Internet mentality so that they can correctly understand the gap between the “Internet world” and the “real world”.

  Solution two: Strengthen quality education and moral education to keep students away from black Internet cafes.

It is necessary to continuously strengthen the education of students ‘morals, legal system, and beliefs, strengthen students’ ability to distinguish right from wrong, and resolutely resist the temptation of Internet junk to prevent the emergence of bad thinking tendencies.

  Prevention three: Develop more healthy and useful psychological websites to provide psychological services and psychological treatments.

  Countermeasure 4: Strengthen psychological prevention awareness and improve psychological “immunity”.

We should also improve our legal awareness of observing the rules of the Internet “game” and be a good netizen in compliance with the law and discipline.

  Fifth measure: Improve the norms and laws of civilized behavior on the Internet, and form a healthy and guiding mentality.

  Measure six: Cultivate a new type of psychological counseling team that understands both psychological art and network information technology, and conduct psychological counseling activities.

  The popularity of computers, the development of multimedia technology and the rapid growth of Internet use have brought us new opportunities.

In this competition, only if we meet the challenges of the information age with a healthy, passionate and open mindset, can we make our basic education more successful and less failed.