Career planning starts with professional choice

Career planning starts with professional choice

The absolute number of unemployed is severe. Many college entrance examination candidates and their parents hope to find a major that meets their interests and meets the needs of society in terms of college specialty choices.

Because this will always be handy when studying at university, and work will be more natural in the future.

In this sense, the choice of university major is directly related to future career and long-term life planning.

The choice of university major is the first step in life planning!

  However, according to Xiangyang’s career survey of 360 students in 10 universities in Shanghai, there are as high as 73.

5% of students expressed regret for their alternative majors; in total, after statistical analysis of 100 personal consulting cases with a working life of no more than 3 years, it was found that 80% of them were more or less due to mistakes in college major selectionLead to unclear career positioning or development prospects.

So how to choose the right profession?

  There are three major misunderstandings in professional selection.

I do n’t know about myself and I do n’t know about the major. I understand the meaning of the major from the name of the major and feel that I like it very much. But after I actually entered the university, I found that what I learned was far from my imagination.

There was a case of the life science major of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The consultant was fascinated by Chinese astrology. I also wanted to study the military in the future. Before applying for life science, I always thought that it should be studying things like Yijing and numerology.However, I did not expect that the courses actually offered were about the human body, genes, and anatomy, so I was very disappointed.

Due to the lack of understanding of the profession in the early stage, he has entered a field that he does not like.

Imagine that the university has no interest when it first came into contact with the major. How can you learn it well?

How can I enjoy the work related to it?

How can I do my job well in the future?

  2, but life is obedient.

Obeying the arrangements of parents, due to various considerations, parents hope that their children can engage in some professions that they think are good, thus ignoring the children’s own hobbies.

A female student of the Zhejiang nationality from a college in Shanghai during the investigation of Xiangyang’s career said that her ideal was to be a lawyer who upheld justice. When she volunteered for the college entrance examination, her parents helped her because she was an executive of a financial institution in Zhejiang.I chose the finance major of Shanghai University and hope that she will have a backing in her future development.

In the end, the lawyer can only become a haunting dream in her mind.

  3. Follow the trend.

In the college entrance examination majors, the phenomenon of blind follow the trend accounts for a large proportion. In recent years, some majors have become popular, and the number of applicants has only increased linearly. Whether it is parents or their choices, they have not considered whether they are suitable for themselves.What are the market prospects for post-secondary universities?

The financial profession, which was very hot a few years ago, is now calming down, but there is still oversupply in the job market.

  How to Avoid Blind Choices For the many cases of professional choice failures, CCDM China Career Planner Certification Training Center points out that to avoid blind choices in professional choices, college entrance examination candidates and their parents need to pay attention to the following key points:Interested in gradually understanding these majors.

You can log on to the website of the relevant professional school to learn about the direction of professional training, the content of the main courses offered, and the general destination of the graduates.

In this way, I have a general understanding of the major I want to choose.

Then confirm whether these courses are of interest to you and whether you are equally enthusiastic about the future military work.

If you do n’t feel interested, do n’t force yourself. After all, interest is the motivation for learning. If interest no longer exists, the four years of college will have a great potential pressure.

  2. College entrance examination candidates should not ignore the suggestions of parents, nor should they obey them blindly.

Parents are from the perspective of “coming people” and give a “modern person” their own advice, which often conflicts with their children’s ideas, but it must be clear that in the end facing the four years of college, the candidates themselves.

Therefore, candidates should think deeply about what they want. If they follow the parents’ advice, can they follow the route designed by their parents?

  Candidates can gain parental understanding through communication with parents. Of course, considering their own experience, they can also adopt parental advice with the help of teachers or brothers and sisters.

The most important thing is that no matter if you finally insist on your own opinion or “submit” your parents’ thoughts, you must first let yourself fall in love with the profession that will accompany you for four years before you can work “willingly”.

Li Tong, a scholar Fu Jing, has a parent who runs a business alone, so he particularly hopes that his son can learn the professional armor of management and return home to inherit the family business.

However, this classmate is inwardly quiet, likes to play with some gadgets and is ashamed to communicate with others.

After going to college, there is little communication with classmates, and they have always been resistant to parents.

During the period, the professional planner communicated with Li and his parents in depth. He moved to the software development major in his sophomore year. He participated in the “Challenge Cup” science and technology competition for college students and won the first prize.

Of course, there are countless similar examples.

  3. Following the trend is the most unwise.

If you follow the current without considering your own interests, once the “trend is gone”, it is easy to be replaced and abandoned by the current.The trend of “then” can only explain the reality of “then”, which is caused by the social composition of “then”, and you are facing the future, you must analyze it with a vision of development: This specialty isIt ‘s not your own interest. Is this profession suitable for you? Will it saturate if it is so severely inflated? Can you find another way to find a “dark horse” profession that leaps with the development of societyWhat . Career planning starts with professional choice. This year, the volunteering for the college entrance examination report has begun. Candidates and parents must choose a major scientifically. Career positioning and planning are fundamental.

How to apply the consciousness of career positioning and planning to professional choice, Hong Xiangyang, chief career planner of Xiangyang Career, suggests: First of all, there must be clear goals.

Choose the appropriate direction according to your personal interests. If you want to study abroad or become a research talent, it is more appropriate to choose basic subjects.

Candidates should have a career plan for themselves. Individual career plans are different, and the major they choose is different.

  In fact, the newspapers are popular and do not follow the upset.

When applying for the exam, pay attention to the combination of “cold” and “hot”, and focus on selecting a few popular majors, and then match several unpopular majors that are more personally interesting to you.

  Third, it is necessary to select popular majors in combination with individual learning situations.

The scores of popular majors are generally high. If the academic performance is not outstanding, it is best to avoid “hot” and “cold”.

  Finally, it is very important to fully understand the hot professional market.

Due to the timeliness of popular majors, not all popular majors will always be popular. Candidates should understand the current situation and employment rate of the major before applying for the exam. Of course, after entering the university, you must also seriously consider designing your own college-level career plan and aim at society.The environmental employment prospects constantly complement and improve their choices and personal circumstances, and strengthen their own development practices, so that their professional knowledge and social needs develop, and their own potential and future career development resonate together.

Professional selection should also pay attention to organic degeneration. The so-called organic degeneration is that once you have determined a major that you think is correct, you have experienced a deviation. When you find that this major is contrary to the original intention, you can use your own appropriate efforts and efforts to perform timelyAmendments, such as changing professions.

  The problem of choosing one major and one major is to decide what we will face in the next four, and it is even a question of our life work.

As the nation’s leading professional supplier of career management, Xiangyang Career hopes that all candidates for college entrance examinations and their parents will take their professional choices seriously, and will not prevent professional career planners from making suggestions when necessary. You must know that a good start is half the battle!

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