[How to make pan-fried barbecue]_ barbecue _ how to do _ how to do

[How to make pan-fried barbecue]_ barbecue _ how to do _ how to do

Have you ever heard of barbecue in a frying pan?

Its practical pan-roasted meat is also a more convenient method, but it needs to pay attention to certain skills, such as the meat must be cut into slices, or the pear juice is appropriately added when marinating, this can also make the meat more sweetexquisite.

First,[raw materials]: 250 grams of pork belly, 55 grams of barbecue sauce, 3 tablespoons of kimchi juice, sprite, edible oil amount.

Second,[method]: 1, cut pork belly into thin and moderate pieces of meat, put in a bowl and pour sprite without meat slices for 10 minutes; 2, pour out the sprite completely, and then add the barbecue sauce with pear juice ingredients,Use chopsticks to mix it well; 3. Pour three tablespoons of pickle juice and edible oil (the edible oil can prevent the pieces of meat from sticking to the pan), and grasp the meat and the juice evenly; 4. Cover with a plastic wrap and marinateTake it out two hours after making it; 5. Sit the pan on the fire, spread the meat flat in the pan and turn on a small fire; 6. Turn the meat slice on when it changes color; 7. At this time, you can brush the meat sliceAdd some barbecue sauce and turn it from time to time; 8. Turn off the heat until the sides are brown.

Three,[Three tips for making roasted meat in a pan]: 1. Soak the sliced meat in a colorless and transparent carbonated beverage, so that the processed meat will be more tender and smooth; 2. Add it when marinating meatAppropriate amount of pear juice can make the meat more sweet and tender, and the flavor of the finished product is better (you can also use the barbecue sauce containing pear juice directly); 3, when marinating pork belly, add an appropriate amount of pickle juice and add pork belly fatNot greasy and extra fragrant.