Nine types of yoga reshape the beautiful curve

Nine types of yoga reshape the beautiful curve

The following set of yoga can contract and tighten muscles.

So as to achieve the effect of sculpting.

It only takes 10 minutes to do this set of actions, and each action lasts up to 1 minute.

You can also increase the intensity of your exercise, keeping each posture continuous or doing more than 10 minutes of exercise.

This will work better.

  Action 1: Dancer-style expansion, place the ball 2 feet in front of you.

Press your right palm on top of the ball.

Turn your body’s center of gravity into your right foot, raise your left leg at the same time, exhale, while your right foot is trying to lean forward, grab your left foot with your left hand and step on it. When your left leg touches your hip,Inhale.

Hold this motion for 30 seconds, breathe normally, then relax, and start again on the other side.

  Efficacy: 1. It can tighten and smooth your lower abdomen 2. It can make your thigh correction more evenly 3. Improve your balance 4. Tighten and adjust your legs 5. Tips:The ball can help you balance in this challenging posture.

  Action 2: Combat A: Stand up straight and lift the ball over your head.

Exhale as you move your left foot forward.

Inhale when you lift your heel and move it in so that your back foot is at a 45-degree angle.

  B: When you bend your left leg while moving the center of gravity down as shown below.

Keep your upper arm in line with your head, and extend it as far as possible.

Hold this motion for 30 seconds and breathe normally.

Inhale when you reach the initial position.

Then start on another leg.

Efficacy: 1. Adjust your thigh muscles 2. Strengthen your core strength 3. Squeeze your chest, tibia, hips and shoulders Tip: Many people tend to lean forward when doing this position.

When you lift the ball over your head, it helps you keep your body upright and the top spread.

This will make your hip joints anterior, abdominal and tibia better.

  Action 3: Stick balance A: Stand straight and place the ball 2 feet in front of your body.

Exhale as your body leans forward, resting your hand on the ball.

Lift your left leg while squeezing.

  B: Raise and extend your right arm, right finger, and try to reach out, so that the toes of your left hand and left foot become an extension of your spine.

Tighten your abdomen and breathe normally while you are in balance.

Keep your head in a neutral position and stare at the floor.

Hold this action for 30 seconds, breathe normally, then relax and replace and start over again.

  Efficacy: 1. It can improve your balance and adjustment ability 2. Adjust your abdomen, hips, waist and legs Tip: Stick balance is listed as one of the most challenging moves in yoga.

Adding the ball to this action will allow you to maintain it for longer.

  Action 4: Triangle A: Feet separated by 3 feet.

Place the ball under your right leg.

Extend your right foot by 90 degrees.

Democrats have fractured from your retina.

  B: When you lean to the right, exhale.

With your body leaning, slide your right hand in the direction of your right leg.

Squeeze your right hand up.(As shown) Head up, looking towards the ceiling.

Hold this motion for 30 seconds and breathe normally.

Inhale as you start to do the action, and then start over again.

  Efficacy: 1. Fracture your abdominal muscles, male muscles and inner thigh muscles 2. Adjust your leg shape and shapeThe squeezing of the muscles on both sides of your body.

Adding a ball to this action will make it easy for beginners to do this position.

  Action five: Mermaid style A: Sit on the ball, put you between your hips and the ball, align and bend, put your feet together and place them on the ground.

Grasp the right end of the strap with your right hand and fix the strap to your side.

Grab the other end of the strap with your left hand and stretch your left arm over your head.

  B: When you stretch your right arm (as shown in the picture), inhale and feel the contraction of your head muscles.

Keep your body balanced while sitting on the ball.

Hold this motion for 30 seconds and breathe normally.

As you return to the initial position, inhale.

Then start over again in advance.

  Efficacy: 1. It can make your abdominal muscles active, so that it can prevent your abdominal muscles from becoming active, which can help you balance.

These straps can help your front end not interfere and can make you better break.

  Action six: Cobra-style A: Put your stomach on the ball and lie down, straighten your legs, and the front of your foot resists the ground.

The palm is naturally placed on the ball as a support.

  B: Above and above, facing vertically and tilting upwards, use them as an extension of your spine, inhale at the same time, press your hand on the ball.

Hold this motion for 1 minute, breathe normally, and then relax.

  Efficacy: 1, can strengthen your hip muscles.

  2. It can improve your posture.

  3. You can fracture your tibia muscles.

  Action seven: sit on the ball in a bridge style, flex and bend to 90 degrees, and place your feet flat on the ground.

Put your hand on the ball as a support, then slowly move your feet forward, and follow the direction of the ball’s movement.

  Relax your hands, drop to the ground, and continue to move your feet until the ball rolls under your shoulders (as shown in the picture). Use the ball to support your shoulders, align and raise your knee joints upwards.

  Hold this motion for 1 minute and breathe normally.

Inhale as you move your feet towards the initial position.

Efficacy: 1.

Can help adjust your waist, hips, thighs, hips and abdomen.

  Tip: Doing this bridge action is totally different from doing exercise on the floor.

Do this exercise with the ball and you will feel that your waist joints and your hips are vital to your balance.

  Action eight: forward curve A: Sitting on the ball, legs extended, feet separated with the hip width.

  B: Bend forward and slide your hands towards your legs (try to touch your feet if possible).

Try to stay straight and smooth.

Hold this motion for 1 minute, breathing normally, inhaling when returning to the initial position.

  Efficacy: 1.

It can help you gradually develop the muscles in the back of your thighs and your back muscles.

  Tip: This action will move your spine in the opposite direction.

Do this while sitting on the ball. This will help you to tilt your pelvis forward when you lean forward. Nine: Wheel type A: Sitting on the ball, moving your feet forward, bending yours until you getThe back comes in contact with the ball.

  B: Spread your legs out.Use your palm against the ball as a support, lower your body and place it on the ball as a whole.

Efficacy: 1. It can help you contract your thighs, hips, tibia, tibia and tibia.

  2. Coordinate your legs and hips.

  Tip: You will fall in love with the top bending movement on this ball.

The ball fits your end curve just right and can support you when you squeeze in a wheel-like action.

You will feel the full subdivision of the front of your body.

  The curvature of the ball can help your spine stay in place.

You can replace the exercise ball in this set with similar other fitness equipment.

Child health cupping

Child health cupping

Children’s viscera is delicate, their body functions are weak, and their disease resistance is insufficient. If they are not properly maintained, they are susceptible to respiratory diseases such as colds, cough, cramps, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Children have weak stomachs, and their spleen and stomach functions are not yet perfect.The damage caused causes disorders of the spleen and stomach, as well as indigestion, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, stasis, accumulation, constipation, diarrhea and other diseases of the digestive system.

These common and frequently-occurring diseases in children can be prevented and treated with health dial therapy.

  [Acupoint matching](1) Respiratory health care: large vertebra, damper, body column, Feishu, Lingtai, Xinyu, Dingchuan.

  (2) Health care of digestive system: Shenzhang, Zhongzhang, Tianshu, Pishu, Weishu, Zusanli.

  [Cupping method]Simple cupping method.

According to the focus of health care, extract 3-4 acupoints at a time.

Use suction tank or hot pot to suction and pull on each hole, leave the tank for 5-10 minutes.

1 time a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

After the child’s physical fitness is changed to regular health cupping once a week, persist for a long time, and produce significant.

  [Attending]children’s respiratory and digestive system health.

Online lover do you

Online lover do you

On Valentine’s Day, there are always countless men and women in love coming to the streets, passing love through greeting cards and roses, and how many of them are “virtual lovers” who are chatting online?

According to an online survey conducted by Guangzhou Window, half of the 152 netizens who participated in the survey believed in online love, and 20% of them had “online love” experience.

Online dating is entering modern people’s lives in a unique, mysterious and romantic way.

  Love in the Internet age generally starts in a chat room and reaches its climax through email (email), ICQ (Internet pager) or electronic greeting card. The form of online dating is even more diverse and endless.

     One of the most pure forms of online dating, such as Platonic, is to create a mouse and keyboard to interpret the entire love story, not to meet without calling, so that love only exists in the air.

Ji Ming, with a net name of Lion and a Nanjing native, was sent to Japan by the company after graduating from university. The contract was signed for five years.

Out of the hatred of the Orangish catastrophe that year, he didn’t plan to find a foreign beauties to join together, so in the lonely five years, the Internet has indeed become a world for him to find a good couple.

However, the separation of time and space is not an easy task after all. The lion said to me more than once in a sad tone, “Five years, which girl can wait for me for five years?”

“After a couple of lost love, Lion was determined to control the love only on the hard disk, not to call or send photos, and once a year to visit relatives, he never saw netizens, and only regarded online dating as a leisure time.Left.

However, people are not plants. Even so, if you meet a woman who is in agreement, I am afraid that hot love can’t stop anything.

     The second form is the step-by-step input of a large number of online dating. It is the most common and the closest to the traditional dating model. The Internet is only a short-term intermediary here. The general steps are: chat-email (this step can be skipped)-call

Beware of hurting children’s eyes with laser pointer


Beware of hurting children’s eyes with laser pointer

A large number of lasers can easily burn the eyes and damage eyesight, especially for children in the developmental stage, the consequences of eye and skin exposure to mobile phone light are more serious.

  An ophthalmologist recently warned on WeChat that a 10-year-old boy in Anhui suffered burns in the macular area of his left eye after playing with a laser pointer, and suddenly had only zero vision.

1. Causes permanent damage.

  ”Keep your child away from the laser pointer.

“Ophthalmologists remind that not only laser pointers, but any products that can emit lasers can cause damage to people’s eyes.

Laser pens that contain laser toys or hurt children’s eyes are a demonstration laser product with a laser device. There are also lasers in children’s laser guns.

For laser products, the AQSIQ Product Quality Department points out that if the power of the laser radiation in the laser is too high, it will cause photochemical and thermal damage to the human body, especially children in the developmental stage. Eyes and skin may be affected by laser radiationMore serious consequences.

  Ophthalmologists say that when the focus of the laser beam falls on the retina, a lot of energy laser can burn the eyes.

The retina is nerve tissue, and the vision cannot be restored after the non-renewable photoreceptor cells are burned to death.

  Parents are reminded not to buy laser pointers for children to use as toys. When buying laser toys, you should check the outer packaging, try the product or consult the salesperson to confirm whether the toy has a laser.

Do not buy toys with laser shooting or laser aiming for children.

If it has been purchased, it is recommended to stop using laser toys of more than 1 category immediately.

  Knowledge link: In national standards, there are 7 levels from low to high for the compliance of laser products: Class 1, 1M, 2, 2M, 3R, 3B, 4 and each product must haveMark, and the laser in the toy should meet the Class 1 laser radiation power ceiling requirement.

  Certain behaviors can harm your child’s eyesight1, using the eye excessively.

In addition to genetic factors such as heredity, continuous overuse of the eye is the most preliminary.

Staring at a book for a long time is not conducive to protecting the eyes. If you cannot maintain a correct sitting position when you write your homework, and you cannot maintain an appropriate distance between the eyes and the book, your vision may deteriorate further.

  2. Blackboards and desks with substandard illumination can also adversely affect vision.

  3. Electronic products.

Focusing on the screen for a long time can easily cause eye fatigue.

Nutrition recipes hibiscus shrimp balls

Nutrition recipes hibiscus shrimp balls

Fried ingredients (per person) Ingredients: shrimp (one catty), green pepper (one), red pepper (one), ginger (appropriate), shallot (appropriate) seasoning: salt (1/2 tablespoon), cooking wine (A little), chicken powder (1/2 tablespoon), sugar (1 tablespoon) 1.

Wash the shrimp, peel off the shell and shrimp head, and set aside.


Use a toothpick to pick the black thread of the shrimp and draw a knife on its back end; marinate with cooking wine for 15 minutes.


Wash the green and red peppers and cut into long strips; cut the ginger into shreds and chopp the shallots for later use.


Heat 5 tablespoons of oil and sauté ginger and shallots.


Add green and red peppers, stir fry for ten seconds, and add a little water to prevent scorching.


Add the shrimps, and stir the shrimps until they are rolled into a ball, season with salt, sugar, a little wine and chicken flour.


Place the green and red peppers on a plate with shrimps in the middle of the plate and serve.

  Private wake up 1.

Put the shrimps in the refrigerator for a while before peeling them. It will be easier to peel them.


From the number of shrimp heads, it will be easier to peel in the third quarter.

The shrimp tail shell can be kept, and the fried shrimp balls will be more beautiful.


Make a knife on the back of the shrimp, the fried shape will be more beautiful and easier to taste.


The green and red peppers are easy to fry, so the oil should be lowered, and the frying time should not be too long.

Don’t be a good girl if you want to be promoted

Don’t be a good girl if you want to be promoted

In today’s workplace, women’s work ability and performance are definitely not worse than men’s. Not only do they have academic qualifications and skills, they even make contributions to work.

However, even so, there are still very few women who can be promoted to important positions. In most companies, executive positions are almost exclusively held by men.

Most people blame this imbalance in the workplace for “emphasizing boys and girls”, but some American scholars have pointed out that in fact, it is the traditional “good girl” that behaves in a manner that is gentle and frugal, which limits them in the workplaceSuccess.

He believes that if women want to improve their positions, they must change from “good girls” to “darker girls.”

  ”Dare to break the girl” and “good girl” have 9 opposing personality traits. Let’s see which category you are?

  Often, the “good girl” personality develops as a child when observing parental behavior.

For example, she saw that her mother took on the primary responsibility of caring for the whole family, and her father was only helping when she was involved.

Girls were told that resisting parents’ orders or anger would suddenly be unlovable, etc.

Therefore, if you want to be a daring girl, you must first overcome yourself from the mentality of accumulation, and then you can succeed.

  How to achieve the transformation from “good girl” to “daring to break into the girl”, I will give you 6 suggestions: 1. Locate clearly that women who want to hold important positions in the workplace must have long held the “I want to break into the workplaceThe determination to achieve something “cannot be repeated with the naive idea of” what day will a Prince Charming appear to save me from the sea of suffering “.

You know, setting a certain goal for yourself in the workplace often results.

  2. Make a request. Do n’t think that your supervisor will pay attention to your needs proactively, will predict for you, and plan your promotion path.

In fact, there are so many people in a department that it is difficult for supervisors to take care of everyone’s needs.

If you have a strong ambition, it is best to let your supervisor know.

  3. When you actively participate, do you always sit in the back row or corner and become the “silent majority”?

From now on to the prominent position in the front row, speak your opinion in a clear, solid voice.

Of course, if you can prepare before the supplement, state your opinions in an orderly manner, and have something to say, you will be able to show a sense of authority and stand out from your colleagues.

  4. Sell yourself without your supervisor, and regularly report the progress to your supervisor.

Don’t habitually avoid the boss like other colleagues, take the initiative to talk to the boss and leave a positive and positive impression on the boss.

  5, learn while doing Before you have never done a job, don’t shrink back and hesitate, thus losing the opportunity for performance.

Because even if you are not completely familiar, you can still learn by doing, and you can gain valuable experience even if you do wrong.

  6. Require authorization In the workplace, the boss’s favorite employee is the “will” who can rest assured to authorize, rather than shrinking and unable to take on the big soldier.

If you can “actively” ask your boss for authorization and take on jobs that others dare not take, you will naturally get more performance opportunities.

Five prescriptions for menopause amenorrhea

Five prescriptions for menopause amenorrhea

Guide: Menopause amenorrhea is a normal physiological reaction that occurs after women reach menopause.

Under normal circumstances, women’s menopause amenorrhea is normal, and it is a sign that women’s reproductive capacity is lost and menopause is about to end.

However, if menopause amenorrhea occurs early, it will be detrimental to human health and requires attention and treatment if necessary.

Here are some recipes for treating menopausal amenorrhea:[raw materials and practices]9 grams of sunflower stalks and 250 grams of pork claws.

First clean the pig’s claws (pork hoof shells), scrape off the dirt, stir-fry in the pot with river sand, then rinse it and put it into a casserole, and simmer until cooked.

After the pig’s claws are rotten, add sunflower stalks and boil for a few minutes to make a thick juice, remove the residue and drink the juice.

[Efficacy]This prescription is suitable for amenorrhea of qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Menopause amenorrhea second recipe:[raw materials and practices]90 grams of yam, 30 grams of chicken gold.

The two flavors are dried and ground together.

Serve with sticky rice wine or rice wine.

[Efficacy]This prescription is suitable for amenorrhea of weak blood and qi.

Menopause amenorrhea three:[raw materials and practices]black fungus, walnut kernel 120 grams each, brown sugar 240 grams, rice wine amount.

Grind the fungus and walnut kernels, mix with red granulated sugar, mix in a porcelain can, and serve with rice wine.

[Efficacy]This prescription is suitable for amenorrhea of weak blood and qi.
Menopause amenorrhea four:[raw materials and practices]Zelan leaves 10 grams, 1 fish, rice wine.

The live water fish is scalded with hot water, and after urinating, the intestines are cut open.

Zelan leaf powder is divided into water fish belly (for the same use of nails and meat), add an appropriate amount of water, stew it in a tiled cup under water, add a small amount of rice wine to serve.

[Efficacy]This prescription is suitable for amenorrhea of yin deficiency and blood dryness.

Menopause amenorrhea five:[raw materials and practices]30 grams of pangolin, 1 white pigeon, rice wine.

Remove the white pigeon’s hair and internal organs, put it into the armor of the white pigeon, and put it in the belly of the white pigeon.

[Efficacy]This prescription is suitable for amenorrhea of liver and kidney deficiency.

Sea Adventures Tests Your Personality Defect

Sea Adventures Tests Your Personality Defect

When you are leisurely riding a boat on the sea, a dolphin suddenly appears from the sea. Strangely, it can speak human.

Which sentence do you think it will say the most to you?

  A.There are many sharks here, be careful.

  B.There are many treasures below!

  C.Now what I say is all heard . D.
There is a beautiful coral reef in front!

  E.Don’t worry, I was turned into a dolphin by being magical!

  F.Excuse me, what time is it?

  A You have chosen a phrase that lets you know the danger. You can see that you are a very attentive person. Careless mistakes rarely happen to you.

Of course there are things that bother others, but usually they ask you for help first.

  B You are sometimes confused, mistakes of different sizes often come one after another, and these mistakes will repeat.

Although it has caused a lot of trouble to the people around them, after they contact you, they have seen through your rough leaves, so they can gradually accept it.

  C. You belong to the type of mistakes that are easy to cause “causes to come out of your mouth” without paying attention. You often tell other people’s secrets or use casual words to hurt each other.

Although you are not malicious, you often over-spoken your words in ecstasy. The damage caused by this error is psychological damage, which is very serious.

  You who choose to maintain a leisurely dialogue often make mistakes due to carelessness.

Your personality is very cheerful and you can handle any mistakes.

Of course, this will also cause trouble for the people around you, but you will win the understanding of others with a smile.

However, if you use coquettishness to deal with negligence, one day you will make a big disaster.

  E You are a very reliable person, with almost no carelessness, but with a little forgetfulness, you will make a lot of mistakes.

The people around you never expected that you would have problems, so the trouble is particularly serious.

  F You choose the dolphins to ask for time, and you belong to someone who does not know enough about yourself.

Your mistake is because you are very forgetful, forget the meeting place for a while, and forget your purse on the train for a while. There will always be one or two of these mistakes!

Even if the trouble for the people around you depends on the situation, it is not as great as your own loss.

Don’t be a lonely man’s pet fish

Don’t be a lonely man’s pet fish

He will care about every small change in you, from appearance to physiology; he is willing to listen to all your good and bad secrets and seriously put forward his own suggestions; although he is not always with you, he only needs to be able to make youVery warm; most worthy of appreciation is that he will not have those bad habits on her husband or lover, nor will he irritate you from time to time.

  You can dream of a beautiful princess in front of him, and he has always been a first-rate gentleman in front of you.

If such a distance and impression can be maintained forever, this story sounds a bit like a legend.

Just one day, one of you will want to go closer, but the other will want to be farther apart. Harmony will begin to break down, and the fairy tale will instantly fall into reality at the same time.

  In such stories, most of the women who are hurt are because they are more emotional groups, they are more likely to be moved by warm emotions, and they are more willing to believe in love.

They didn’t know that they were just a fish in a lonely glass tank that men kept in captivity.

  Women can be as quiet and feminine as fish, but not as dependent on the water and oxygen provided by men as fish.

It is said that there are really mermaids in this world. They live in uninhabited waters, sometimes sitting on the shore to comb their hair, and sometimes diving into the ocean to play. Countless men look at them not far away, but they still onlyLive for your own happiness.

Isn’t this fish more cute?

Pediatric massage commonly used techniques

Pediatric massage commonly used techniques

Pushing is one of the common techniques for pediatric massage.

There are three types: direct push, split push, and rotary push.

There are rotary pushes for supplements, straight pushes for clearing for diarrhea (toward the root of the fingers); push ups for clearing, and push downs for supplements and other statements.

  [Push method](Straight push; Split push; Rotary push) Pushing is one of the common techniques for pediatric massage.

There are three types: direct push, split push, and rotary push.

There are rotary pushes for supplements, straight pushes for clearing for diarrhea (toward the root of the fingers); push ups for clearing, and push downs for supplements and other statements.

Straight push method: Use the outer edge of the thumb or the finger surface, or the food, the middle two fingers, or the palm root to push straight forward on the acupoint or a certain part.

Split push method: Use double thumbs to press the face, and push from the acupoint to both sides. Push push method: Use your thumb to make frequent rotation pushes on the acupuncture point or a certain part.

  [Operation method]Use thumb or food, middle and ring finger face to run in a curved or ring shape on acupoints or certain positions.

In this method, there are statements such as smooth transport as diarrhea, reverse transport as supplement, sweat on the left, cool on the right, antivomiting on the left, antidiarrhea on the right.

  [Kneading method](finger kneading method; palm kneading method; fish inter-kneading method) finger kneading method: use the thumb or forefinger end, or use the forefinger, in the middle and ring finger to hold the force, firmly adhere to the acupuncture point and make loop rubbingRefers to kneading method.

Palm rubbing method: Use the palm root to be large, and the small fish to make an effort to rotate around the acupuncture point, which is called palm rubbing method.

Yuji kneading method: Only use the big fish kneading part to focus on the acupoints and rub it frequently, which is called Yuji kneading method.

  [Press method]Press the belly of the thumb or the root of the palm on a certain part or acupoint gradually and press down gradually.

The operation is often combined with the kneading method, which is called pressing kneading.

  [Mo Fa]Mo Fa is one of the common methods of pediatric massage.

It refers to three types of Mofa, Palm Mofa and Xuanmo Fa.

There are statements such as Shun Mo as a complement, reverse friction as a diarrhea; palm friction as a complement, referring to friction as a diarrhea; slow friction as a supplement, and urgent friction as a diarrhea.

Finger massage method: The three fingertips of food, middle, and nameless make continuous maneuvers on acupuncture points or a certain part, which is called finger massage.

Palm friction method: Use palm palm to make circular strokes on acupuncture points or a certain part, called palm friction.

Rotating friction method: use both hands with both palms and faces to force, starting from the lower abdomen of the child along the anatomical direction of the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon.

  [掐 法]掐 法 is one of the common techniques for pediatric massage.

It is advisable to use the nail of the thumb to forcefully pierce the acupuncture point without breaking the skin.

  [Holding Method]Holding method is one of the common methods of pediatric massage.

Use your thumb and the two fingers, or use your thumb and the other four fingers to lift the tendons.

It is also called five fingers.

  [Pinch method]The pinch method is the common gesture for pediatric massage.

Divided into two kinds of pinching ridge method and squeeze method.

Spine pinch method: Use the thumb and index finger of both hands to make pinch-shaped hands. Starting from the lumbosacral, twist and twist the skin along the spine alternately; every three twists forward, lift it up to the large vertebra, and then use the index finger middle fingerThe spine at both ends of the ring finger is brushed vertically downwards; each twist is repeated and then brushed again.

During the operation, the skin to be lifted and the amount of force should be appropriate, and it should be straight forward without being skewed.

Squeeze-in method: use both hands with thumb and food, the middle and ring fingers are forced into the center from the acupoint or locally, so that the local skin is ruddy and congested.

  [Rubbing method]Rub the palms of both hands with relative strength, hold a certain part, and then rub the hands alternately or at the same time to quickly rub, while simultaneously moving up and down at the same time, called rubbing method.

  [Wipe method]Rub with the outside edge of the thumb or with food.

There are three types of rubbing methods: finger rubbing, palm rubbing, and fish rubbing.

  [Wipe method]Use one-handed or two-handed thumbs to stick to the skin, and move up and down or left and right, and move to wipe method.

  [Twisting method]Use the thumb and forefinger surface to pinch a certain part and twist symmetrically. This is called the twisting method.