Simple hand aerobics

Simple hand aerobics

For their hands are accustomed to listening to nature, despite the erosion of climate change and degreasing strong detergents, do not pay attention to protection. As time goes by, the hand skin will be rough and wrinkled, the skin color will be dull, and the knuckles will be stiff.The unevenness of such a hand, once a symbol comes, immediately gives a poor impression.

Even if you look gorgeous and well-dressed, you can’t hide this.

  The maintenance of the hands can be divided into three parts: one is the maintenance and nourishment of the skin; the other is the palms and fingers must be flexible and soft; the third is the modification of the nails.

In addition, how to maintain a beautiful posture and wear appropriate accessories can not be ignored.

  It is more important to pay attention to hand movements.

Some very common movements, as long as you have perseverance to do it, not only can adjust the softness and dexterity of the hands, but also improve blood circulation, and the color of the skin and nails will turn rosy.

Here are five types of hand bodybuilding.

  First, it ‘s best to use the time of watching TV for finger massage to the army to perform simple finger movements (of course, it can also be done specially).

Start massaging from the fingertips to the bottom of the finger. The movement should be consistent and soft, just like wearing gloves. When massaging, you can apply hand cream or honey first to increase the softness.

  Second, imitate the action of playing the piano. This movement is to put your hands on the table, gently press down, and then raise one finger at a time, try to raise it.Its function is to shrink the palm and fingers, which can make your hand light and agile.

  Third, this simple movement of raising your hands can restore your hands to white and tender, and reduce the exposure of green muscles. Just spread your five fingers, raise your hands over your head, and you can do it for a few minutes each time.

  Fourth, fist press This is a good movement to relieve tension, and can make the hand soft, first clenched the fist, then spread out, try to press five fingers, do three to five minutes a day.

  Fifth, relax your hands This is a good way to avoid tension and make your hands stiff.

Place your hands at the same level as your elbows, then relax your wrists and let your hands hang down vigorously.

Repeat this hand-relaxing action.

  In short, moderate makeup, gorgeous clothes, and well-balanced hands will add luster to your meter. May you not forget to protect your hands when protecting the skin.

Six ways to make acne marks shine


Six ways to make acne marks shine

The most troublesome thing for MM is the stubborn acne marks. They give MM a powder puff layer by layer, and they make MM face the “thousand-layer face” every day!

What about stubborn acne marks?

Don’t just sit back and worry, if you want to be beautiful, act quickly. Look at the beauty editors who have personally experienced the 6 killers of acne marks. Try it out.


hzh {display: none; }  杀手1:珍珠粉+蛋白  杀手锏:取一个生鸡蛋的蛋白与10克珍珠粉混合,均匀涂在脸上,避开眼部和唇部。Apply as thick as possible, or it will dry out quickly and wash off in 15-20 minutes.

  Usage time: Placed twice a week: Pearl powder and egg white have the effect of calming and whitening the skin. When the mask is mixed together, the skin will become smoother and the acne marks will gradually change.light.

  Killer 2: Seaweed Mask Killer: Stir the pure water and 20 grams of seaweed particles vigorously until the particles expand and fit; apply the mask evenly after cleansing, and remove it after about ten minutes; clean the face with pure waterThen apply the cream.

  Usage time: once every two days. This seaweed mask is best blended with warm water to help the seaweed swell.

  Killer 3: Aspirin replacement killer 锏: Prepare 5-6 slices of aspirin to replace, crush it with a rolling pin to powder, and add a spoonful of water to reconcile; then wipe the body with a cotton solution dipped in aspirin solution, evenly cover, and rinse after 25 minutesJust drop it.

  Usage time: 1 to 2 times a week. Arrangement: In order to prevent allergies, you can try to see if you are suitable behind the ears before using.

Pay attention to moisturizing after using aspirin mask, use moisturizing skin care products to achieve better skin effect.

  Killer 4: Red wine honey mask Killer 锏: Add 2 or 3 spoons of honey to a small glass of red wine to make it thick and evenly apply it. After it is dry, rinse with warm water.

  Usage time: placed once every other day: The wine acid in red wine is fruit acid, which can promote keratin metabolism, lighten the pigment, and make the skin whiter and smoother.

Honey has moisturizing and nourishing functions.

People who are allergic to alcohol should pay attention.

  Hitman 5: Mung Bean White Loquat Mask Killer 将: Mix 3 teaspoons of mung bean flour with 2 teaspoons of white loquat powder, and mix with cheese or honey.

Leave it on the face for about 15 minutes and then wash with water.

  Usage time: 2 to 3 times a week. Replacement: This mask has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and cleansing functions. It is most suitable for skin with excessive oil secretion.

  Killer 6: Pearl powder + yogurt killer 锏: Use a few drops of leftover yogurt, mix with a small amount of pearl powder and mix well, then apply it on the place with acne marks, you can apply the mask directly and wash it off the next day.

  Usage time: You can use Xiaobian every day to replace: Do not put too much pearl powder when making the mask, otherwise it will easily block the pores.

Low-fat or non-fat in yoghurt, so as not to produce trace grains due to excessive nutrients.

Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis

Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis

For a doctor, symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy nose are symptoms that must be dealt with almost every day.

Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common causes of these symptoms, but when clinical treatment of allergic rhinitis worsens, it is found that some patients respond poorly to treatment.

Sinusitis is often overlooked. Therefore, when we treat allergic rhinitis, we must carefully observe whether the patient has sinusitis, so as to avoid futility and failure.

  Why do patients with allergic rhinitis often have sinusitis?

Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the sinus mucosa, which is mostly caused by the destruction of the mucosal villi of the sinus to remove secretions. The separation of the sinus opening is a key part of this pathological change. The single sinus opening is the upper respiratory tract infection.Allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps are the most common causes, and it is known that there is a close relationship between allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

  Sinusitis patients can be seen clinically. After 7 to 10 days after the upper respiratory tract infection, the symptoms of nasal congestion and cough persist.

In pediatric patients, because of the poor ability to handle nasal secretions, nasal discharge often occurs. The symptoms are mainly nocturnal. The nasal fluid can be clear or yellow pus, and fever, sinus discomfort or headache are more common.less.

Congestive and swollen nasal mucosa can be seen on pathological examination, and purulent snot can also be seen. Special attention should be paid to patients with allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, which may cause nasal mucosal manifestations of allergic rhinitis.Not obvious.

  The diagnosis of sinusitis is mainly based on a detailed clinical history and careful physical examination, but since most of the symptoms are not equipped, we can also use other methods to assist the diagnosis including: 1.

Cytological examination of nasal secretions: Most of the sinusitis are neutrophils, and sometimes even intracellular pathogens can be seen. If the secretion and secretion of eosinophils are greater than 10%, pay attention to the possibility of allergic rhinitis, especiallyIs a pediatric patient.

However, the examination did not find eosinophils still cannot rule out the possibility of allergic rhinitis.


Nasal endoscopy: The patient’s cooperation is required, and sometimes the pediatric patient does not cooperate well during the examination.


Radiological examination: In patients with acute or severe acute sinusitis, X-rays can be taken due to the invasion of the maxillary sinus.

However, patients with chronic rhinosinusitis mainly invade the ethmoid sinus, and CT examination can be considered at this time.


Transmission irradiation method: can be polished with or without sinusitis, but because many people do not have bilateral sinuses exactly symmetrical, so sensitivity and may be poor.

  In conclusion, when we diagnose a patient with allergic rhinitis and the response to the treatment is not as expected, we must pay attention to the possibility of sinusitis.

In contrast, according to many studies, patients with sinusitis have a much higher rate of allergic rhinitis than the general population.

Therefore, when everyone has allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, do not ignore the close relationship between the two in order to make the treatment more successful.

Interpretation of yoga masters: as long as you practice yoga with your heart

Interpretation of yoga masters: as long as you practice yoga with your heart

People all over the world are practicing yoga, but what exactly yoga is, many people don’t know exactly.

Let’s take a look at how Indian yoga master Amit Aya understands yoga.

  Practice with heart and gain something. In the meditation room of the yoga studio, Amit sits on the floor, wearing a white T-shirt, legs crossed in the shape of a lotus, his eyes kind and pure.

Amit is a lecturer and senior yoga therapist at the Gandhi and Naturopathy College of India. He has dual qualifications in Yoga Science and Yoga Naturopathy, and has won many national and international yoga therapies in India.

The reporter tried to understand Amit’s personal experience, but he declined.

He said he didn’t want to promote himself too much.

  Every yoga practitioner has his own understanding of yoga.

Some people think that yoga is very deep and has great shortcomings; some people simply make yoga a fitness method.

Regarding the former, Amit said that yoga does not need to be cultivated for many years to gain, nor is it necessary to make some difficult movements or reach a certain level. As long as you practice hard, I believe that everyone will gain something;In other words, Amit pointed out that it is a misunderstanding to only regard yoga as a physical exercise program.

Yoga is not only a physical stretch, but also a mental exercise.

Yoga can help people calm their impetuous heart.

  The reason why Absolute Global has caused the yoga fever, Amit believes that the reason is that yoga can release people’s mental stress at an altitude in the physical world, which is more important than exercising.

He said: “Anyone can practice yoga without necessarily knowing a lot about it. The important thing is to experience and feel during the practice.

“Breathing in yoga is important. Many practitioners care about the replacements that should be the most important part of the practice.

Amit says that yoga is the most valuable breathing exercise.

Breathing is the foundation of life. Breathing exercises in yoga can make your heart and lungs exercise well.

In addition, different yoga movements can exercise all parts of the body and strengthen all organs and tissues.

For example, yoga has many stretching exercises that can exercise people’s ligaments and squeeze joints apart.

In addition, yoga also has a lot of balance exercises, which not only improve people’s sense of balance, but also focus more attention.

  It is not necessary to be vegetarian Amit has maintained the vegan habit for many years, because in his opinion, the life of animals is as valuable as humans.

Do people who practice yoga have to be vegetarian?

Amit says he encourages yoga practitioners to be vegetarian if he is advised.

However, ordinary practitioners can eat according to their own eating habits, without the need to deliberately choose food and control the amount of food.

He is outstanding, don’t eat spicy and exciting food, it is better not to add soft drinks, but to drink more water.

  In the end, Ammit reminded the majority of yoga enthusiasts in China that everyone’s life habits are different. You don’t need to deliberately change your own living habits, as long as you feel comfortable.

Of course, everything is on a modest basis.

6 sets of super practical and easy to practice yoga at home to lose weight

6 sets of super practical and easy to practice yoga at home to lose weight

The first single lotus exercise: The lotus position is the basic sitting position in yoga. You can do this while watching TV. It can help move multiple ligaments of the human body and keep the meridians open.

  Step a. Maintain a normal sitting position with legs straight.

Succumb to the left leg, place the instep of the left foot on the groin of the right thigh, put your hands on the upper left, and gently do the upper and lower elastic exercise several times to make it finally touch the ground.

  b. After slowly restoring the left leg, massage your hands and reset your toes.

  c. Change the right leg and gently press the right leg according to the movement of the left leg.

  d. Repeat the above action three to five times; pay attention to the intensity of leg presses each time.

  The second group: leaning against the wall and semi-plowing: “Plowing” can be called a youthful and permanent posture in yoga. We can use the wall and closet at home to properly invert some parts of the body every day to make the leg shape morebeautiful.

  Step a, move the front surface close to the wall of a wall.

  b, lean your legs up against the wall.

  c. The upper body lays naturally on the ground and keeps it.


Be careful not to eat for one hour before or after the exercise; avoid bathing for half an hour before or after the exercise.


When the action is in progress, pay attention to keep all ranges within a moderate range, and do not break through the limits of the body to avoid hurting yourself.


Breathe evenly, all with your nose, and be stable and slow.

  The third group of advanced styles: This position helps the sleeping body to wake up quickly, and the whole body is filled with excess and fresh oxygen.

Long-term adherence can maintain fractures in the abdomen.

  In step a, place both arms on both sides of the head, fingers crossed, and palms facing inward.

  b. Inhale deeply, contract your body as much as possible in both directions, and tighten your whole body muscles. Stay for a second or two.

  c. Exhale and relax.

Repeat two or three times.

  The fourth group of lizards: This posture can awaken the spine, promote blood circulation of the spine and nerves, and enable each part of the body to start quickly.

  Steps: After finishing the expected posture, put your body on your face.

  a, the arm supports the mattress, so that the hips are up, the big and small legs are kept at about ninety degrees.

  b. Skull and chin touch the ground, arms straight forward.

Maintain your previous natural breathing.

  c. Then return the tibia to the heel and rest for a while.

  Sometimes long-term desks will gradually lose the elasticity of our spine and form a humpback shape.

So, after an hour of work at the desk, we can use the high-back chair to relax.

  The fifth group of front-end exercises: It can increase the spinal elasticity and make the body more flexible. It is the best exercise method for the spine.

  Step a. Place a small cushion on the back of the chair.

With your back to the chair, place the thoracic spine on the cushion.

Straighten your legs and contract your arms toward the back of your head; breathe naturally.

  b. After restoring, relax for a while with chest arches.

  The sixth group of cat fractures after the chair: can increase spinal elasticity, nourish the nervous system, improve blood circulation, increase digestion and eliminate excess.

  Step a. Hold the back of the chair with both hands, legs close together and straight.

  b. Inhale, raise your head, and contract your hip muscles to gradually collapse the front.Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds.

  c. Exhale, drop your head, arch your hips upwards, and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds.
  d. Repeat five or six times.

How to eat kumquat is the most nutritious

How to eat kumquat is the most nutritious

Kumquat, also known as kumquat, is a famous specialty of Jiangxi Province.

It has the effects of replenishing and quenching thirst, relieving qi and depressing depression, strengthening stomach and digesting food, resolving phlegm, sobering, and enhancing cold resistance. It can prevent colds, cough, and pressurization. In addition, kumquat contains vitamin P to maintain blood vesselsImportant nutrients for health.

Today, I want to share with you a few ways to eat kumquats.

  Method / Steps Eat kumquat raw: Kumquat contains a lot of vitamin C, and kumquat peel is very nutritious. Wash it first, and then put the belt meat in your mouth and chew it.

  Fruit black tea: Select several favorite fruits (such as kumquats, apples, pineapples, lemons, etc.), wash and cut into chunks or slices for later use, then put black tea bags in the pot, boil with an appropriate amount of water,Turn off the heat after 2-3 minutes, add the cut fruit, cover the lid and simmer for 3-5 minutes. Put it in a bowl and add honey and stir. You can also put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate., Knight will eat later.

  Sugared kumquats: first clean them, soak them in salt water for about 10 minutes, then cut the kumquats 6-7 knives longitudinally, squeeze them and remove the seeds, put them in a bowl, and marinate them with an appropriate amount of sugar for 2-3 days, After the sugar has melted into a liquid (a small amount of lumpy sugar is also acceptable), put it in a pot and boil on high heat, then turn to low heat and slowly cook until it is viscous.

  Kumquat sauce: first wash the kumquat, peel off the skin, and use the flesh to remove the seeds. Use the boiled water for 2-3 minutes and remove it for use. Then put the pulp and peel into the juice machine to make a sauce.Add to the pot, add salt, granulated sugar, and maltose together (low heat) for about 15 minutes.

  Kumquat chicken wings: First pick the chicken wings, add a small amount of oil, salt, raw soy sauce, and marinate the cooking wine for about 1 hour, then wash the kumquat clean, cut a few knives upright, and squeeze them. After the oil pan is heated, putChicken wings are fried until golden on both sides. Add the marinated chicken wings juice and a moderate amount of water. After the soup has been harvested, put in kumquat soup for 5 minutes and then serve.

Analyze the top ten details to improve the success rate of blind dates

Analyze the top ten details to improve the success rate of blind dates

Social psychology research found that 27% of unsuccessful blind dates are due to the embarrassing situation where one party talks too much and the other is speechless!

In life, people with opposite personalities can also become lovers, close friends, or confidantes, but for the first time, the two sides are not familiar with each other. From the beginning, everything should be based on the principle of absolute fairness .  1.

Avoid selling too much to the other side. If you are too short, your parents will feel that you are an emotional dependent person. If you encounter unsatisfactory things in the future, you will find him suffering!

With this kind of psychological defense, few people are willing to interact with you deeply.

Conversely, when you first meet, if you only give a brief account of your personal situation, and only give an overview, you can leave a sense of mystery to the other person and look forward to seeing you next time!


Always give the other party time to fully comply with his right to speak. Socio-psychological research has found that 27% of unsuccessful blind dates are due to the embarrassing situation of one party having more words than the other!

In life, people with opposite personalities can also become husbands and wives, close friends, or confidantes, but for the first meeting, the two sides are not familiar with each other. From the beginning, everything should be based on the principle of absolute fairness.

It is recommended that you give the other person as much time as possible during the conversation to make you feel considerate and equal.


The eyes focused on the other’s “triangular area” wandering the triangle formed by the opponent’s eyebrow center as the top angle and the two cheekbones as the bottom angle, which was called a “focus area” by psychologists.

When talking to the other party, if your eyes keep away from this “triangular zone”, it will leave people with a strong attention and the focus of themselves, which will make people feel more good about you!

Conversely, if you stare at each other’s eyes, it will make him hostile at first.


Quickly find the intersection with the other person. If the person you meet is very different from your experience, the thinking mode is completely opposite. When you find a common topic, you should repeat the other person’s point of view to show that you are in the same position as him.

In this way, the other party will have a sense of self-satisfaction and multiply your favor!


Minimize gestures and spoken words when speaking. Unintentional gestures and spoken words when speaking will reveal your inner feelings. If the other person is a proficient person, your tension will be grasped instantly, thus losing a little advantage and initiative.

Lower your strengths and think that the other party ‘s expertise should not show off your strengths. This will make the other party feel depressed. You can question his hobbies and expertise, which will also arouseYour new topic and desire to communicate.


Do n’t avoid heavy topics. Do n’t just ask questions in order to improve understanding, and do n’t be curious about those issues such as broken love, breakups, unemployment, etc. Even if you are really curious, please wait until you are familiar with it before asking.


Please smile in the sunshine and smile again. The real smile is not as simple as an upturned corner of the mouth, but a relaxation exercise.

Studies have found that toothy smiles are nearly 30% more effective than pouting smiles. Do n’t worry about your teeth being different. 70% of Asian men say they like girls who often smile and have tiger teeth!

And women like to see the sunny side of men more.


Bold to make your own deep moves is like Julie and Pete. Men are always so vicissitudes and women are always so gorgeous.Good signboard action, then you may wish to give each other a deep back.


Believe that the first sensation magnifies the sixth sensation. When the first sensation tells the person in front of you that it is worth continuing to interact and get along, you should timely enlarge your sixth sensation. When both the first sensation and the sixth sensation come into play,You should know what you did next.

Moderate drinking red wine at night

Moderate drinking red wine at night

Although red wine is a kind of wine, its essence is slightly different from that of ordinary wine. It uses grapes as the main raw material and is a beverage wine made by fermentation.In addition to sugar, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and other nutrients and minerals, it also contains a sleep aid hormone-melatonin.

Therefore, people who suffer from insomnia at night can add red wine to help them fall asleep.

  Some people may be wondering, isn’t alcohol in red wine?

Alcohol can cause insomnia!

In this regard, experts from the mental health network explained that red wine does contain a certain amount of alcohol, but if absorbed in moderation, the role of promoting sleep particles will replace the role of alcohol.

  We know that red wine is short for red wine, and its main ingredient is grapes.

Grape juice also contains melatonin, a sleep-assisting hormone, so it can regulate the sleep cycle and treat insomnia.

Even though the effect of red wine is not directly equivalent to that of grapes, some researchers claim that because red wine contains antioxidants and alcohol, the amount of melatonin may be higher than that of fresh grapes.

Therefore, the regulation of insomnia at night may play a more significant role.

  In addition to the ingredients that are good for sleep, red wine can help you relax and regulate your mood when you are extremely tired.

From the perspective of the relaxing effect of red wine, it can also help people who suffer from insomnia at night to fall asleep as soon as possible.

Choose exercise style based on personality

Choose exercise style based on personality

Tian Chuan believes that people’s mental health is also affected by sports.

  Sports psychology research shows that different items have different effects on psychology.

In real life, some people lack the psychological adjustment and adaptability possessed by normal people, or show obvious personality defects and emotional defects. Through targeted and appropriate exercise, you can eliminate bad personality defects and improve mental and mental state.

  Tagawa lists 6 types of sports that people should choose: 1.


Some people improve their psychological quality and should participate in more competitive sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball and other sports.

The expectations of these projects are changeable and intense. Only by calmly and calmly responding can we gain an advantage.

If you can often be tested in such fierce occasions, you will not be too nervous and panic, which will bring benefits to work and study.


Timid type.

Some people are timid by nature, shy and blush at every turn.

These people should participate more in swimming, ice skating, boxing, parallel bars, vaulting and other events.

These projects require people to constantly overcome timidity, to overcome difficulties and overcome obstacles with bravery and fearlessness.

After a period of exercise, the courage will become bigger, and people will be calm and natural.



Some people are introverted, lonely, unkind, and not good at interacting with others. They are the most competitive.

These people should choose team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and relay running, tug of war.

Persist in participating in the exercise of these collective projects, can strengthen their own vitality and spirit of cooperation with others, and gradually change their personality.



Some people are suspicious, lack trust in civilians, and do things decisively.

These people can choose table tennis, tennis, badminton, high jump, long jump, fencing and other items.

These projects require athletes to be calm-headed, quick-thinking, correct, and decisive. Engaging in these activities for a long time will help people get out of their doubtful thinking.


Vanity type.

Some people have strong vanity and are stubborn when things go wrong.

Some of these people have some unfavorable resistance or more complicated sports, such as diving, marathon, etc. They can also find some opponents who have more than their own strength to play chess, play table tennis or badminton, etc., to constantly remind themselves that they must notproud.



Some people are not calm and calm, and they are impulsive.

These people can choose to play chess, play Taijiquan, practice Health Qigong, take long walks, swim, etc.

Most types of activities are static, and independent exercise will not cause excessive distortion of emotions, which will help regulate neural functions and enhance self-control.

Seven traditional Chinese medicine medicated diets help women ease their dysmenorrhea

Seven traditional Chinese medicine medicated diets help women ease their dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of pain in the lower abdomen or waist, and even pain in the lumbosacral region, during and after menstruation.

Every time it occurs with the menstrual cycle, severe cases can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, cold sweats, cold hands and feet, and even fainting, which affects work and life.

However, the following medicated diets that can relieve dysmenorrhea are introduced in Chinese medicine, and there is always a convenience for you.

  1. Xuanhu and Leonurus boiled eggs 20 grams, Leonurus 50 grams, 2 eggs.

Add the above 3 flavors and cook with water. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and put them back into the pot and cook for about 20 minutes. Then you can drink soup and eat eggs.

  Efficacy: With menstrual flow, analgesic, menstrual blood, pleasing color, moisturizing beauty.

  2, black bean egg wine soup black bean (black beans) 60 grams, 2 eggs, rice wine or rice wine 100 ml.

Boil black beans and eggs with water.

  Efficacy: It has the functions of regulating the middle, lowering the breath, and analgesic.

It is suitable for women with weak dysmenorrhea of qi and blood, and has a moisturizing effect.

  3. Ginger, Ai-Yinren porridge, dried ginger, 10 grams of artemisia leaves, 30 grams of barley kernels.

Fry the first two flavors of water to extract the juice, cook the coix kernels to eight maturity, and cook with the medicinal sauce until cooked.

  Efficacy: With warming, removing blood stasis, dispersing cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing.

For cold and damp stagnation dysmenorrhea.

  4, Hawthorn wine Hawthorn 300 grams, 500 ml of low-grade liquor.

Dry clean the hawthorn, denucleate, chop, and add a large bottle with a stopper, add white wine, stopper the bottle, and soak it for 7-10 days.

15 ml each time.

Shake 1-2 times daily during soaking.

  Efficacy: Spleen strengthening, menstruation effect.

Apply to women’s dysmenorrhea, and gradually promote body and skin bodybuilding.

  5, hawthorn sunflower seed brown sugar soup hawthorn, sunflower seed kernels 50 grams each, brown sugar 100 grams.

Put the above ingredients together in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water to fry or stew, remove the residue and take the soup.

  Efficacy: with Buzhong Yiqi, Jianpi Yiwei, and blood Yue color.

Suitable for dysmenorrhea with deficiency of both qi and blood.

This soup should be blended 3-5 days before menstrual cramps for better pain relief and better cosmetic results.

  6, rose tea in summer and autumn, pick rose flowers, with purple-red semi-open flower buds, without loose petals, the fragrance is best.

Add it as a tea and add it daily.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of refreshing qi, activating blood, and moisturizing.

Suitable for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

  7, safflower wine safflower 200 grams, 1000 ml of low-alcohol wine, brown sugar amount.

Wash the safflower, dry the surface moisture, and fill the clean gauze bag with brown sugar. Seal the bag mouth, put it in the jar, seal it, and soak it for 7 days.

Usage: 1-2 times a day, 20-30 ml per serving.