What kind of fruit should be eaten by respiratory failure?


What kind of fruit should be eaten by respiratory failure?

Respiratory failure is a dysfunction state and not a disease. It can be caused by diseases of the lungs or complications of various diseases. The damage is very serious.

Therefore, we need to understand the diet of respiratory failure, which can help treat the disease.

Here is a description of what fruit should be eaten by respiratory failure?

[What fruit should I eat for respiratory failure?

銆?1, pear pear has the effect of lowering blood pressure, clearing heat and cooling, pear skin and pear leaves, flowers, roots are also metabolized into medicine, there are lungs, heat, detoxification, eliminate phlegm and other effects.

Pear is the “one of the hundred fruit”, because the fruit is juicy, sweet and sour, so it is also known as “natural mineral water.”

Chinese medicine believes that pear is sweet, slightly acidic, and cold. It mainly belongs to the lungs and stomach. It has the functions of moistening the lungs and clearing away heat, eliminating phlegm and reducing fire, clearing the stomach and diarrhea, nourishing yin and fluid, and relaxing the bowels.

The very famous “pear cream” is based on sweet pears.

2, 鏋囨澐鏋囨澐 is a rare and rare fruit in southern Colombia. It is different from most fruit trees. It raises buds in autumn, blooms in winter, springs in the spring, matures in the early summer, and bears four seasons of rain, which is 鈥渢he only one in the fruit鈥濇瀲鏉? the ancient name is also called 鑺︽, also known as Jinmao, Luzhi, is a genus of the apple subfamily in the family Rosaceae, is an evergreen small tree, native to southeastern China, because of the shape of the fruit like a musical instrument.

The meat is soft and juicy, moderately sweet and sour, and tastes delicious. It is known as the 鈥淓mperor of Fruits鈥?

The crown of the eucalyptus is round and the trunk is quite short. The average tree height is 3 to 4 meters.

The leaves are thick, dark green, with fluff on the back and serrated edges.

The eucalyptus tree is quite beautiful, and it grows rapidly. It is lush green and is planted as a horticultural ornamental value in many places.

It must be said that the current natural environment is indeed causing more and more people to suffer from various diseases. Chronic respiratory failure, which was rarely seen before, is now almost a common disease.

However, as long as we pay attention to replacing the above-mentioned ingredients in our daily diet, we can avoid the intrusion of chronic respiratory failure to the greatest extent.

How office workers fight sub-health, here are the coups, please accept


How office workers fight sub-health, here are the coups, please accept


Backache symptoms: Lumbar fractures or multiple or moderate pains. Back pain is a symptom of many diseases, and can be used as an independent disease, sometimes accompanied by pain in the spine and spinal cord muscles.

Predicting the physical condition: The common back pain is mainly sprain or psoas muscle injury. In addition, there is a need to be alert to cystitis or appendicitis.

Therefore, if it can be ruled out that the back pain caused by lumbar muscle injury, go to the hospital as soon as possible to go to the hospital for blood tests, urine tests, or cystoscopy.

Drink plenty of water during this time, don’t eat spicy, spiced foods, and do anti-inflammatory and physiotherapy treatments.

In addition, bathing with pumpkin oil or sandalwood oil can also relieve the symptoms of back pain.


Irritable irritability symptoms: Another manifestation is irritability, emotional instability.

Predicting the physical condition: If you have obvious perception, you need to do a thyroid examination because the central nervous system is sensitive to thyroid hormone imbalance.

Similar symptoms include emotional irritability, insomnia, temper, crying, body weight loss, etc., women are about to have symptoms of irregular menstruation.


Dizziness and dizziness symptoms: dizziness, sometimes suddenly getting up will appear black eyes, legs soft, unstable feeling.

Predicting the physical condition: The symptoms of dizziness first need to determine whether the blood pressure is normal.

Hypotension is age-free, so people of any age may have symptoms of hypotension, while women are prone to high blood pressure during the age of 35 to 40, low blood pressure, high, or unhealthy.The state needs to adjust the eating habits for daily health care.

In addition, it is very beneficial to participate in some sports, such as swimming, running, etc., for the improvement of blood pressure.


Eye lumps, dark circles symptoms: edema of the eyes, obvious melanin in the eyes, dark circles usually occur after staying up late or longer, need to pay attention to rest.

Predicting the physical condition: But if you have frequent edema, you have to check the kidneys. If edema often occurs, women are more likely to have kidney stones than men.


Hyperhidrosis symptoms: love sweating, sweating after a little or a little exercise, physical exhaustion.

Predicting the physical condition: If you stop sweating more than usual, you need to consider the problem of vascular autonomic dislocation. You can use sedative implant therapy, but if the effect is not obvious, it is recommended to go to the hospital.


Leg swelling symptoms: edema in the legs, do not retreat.

Some healthy women also have eyelids, back of the hands, feet and even mild swelling of the lower extremities in a week or half a month before menstruation.

Predicting physical condition: edema in the legs, sometimes unconscious, which may be a symptom of chronic venous failure.

It is common to eat some raw vegetables that can help strengthen the fibers of the vein wall.

Proper exercise every day can also prevent swelling of the legs.


Symptoms of cramps in the hands and feet: It usually occurs suddenly and vertically, but it lasts for a short time, only a few minutes.

Muscle pain, the touch is hard and tense, and in the affected area, the muscle mass or muscle deformation can be seen by the naked eye.

The common onset muscle is the sacral muscle.

Predicting the physical condition: cramps in the hands and feet are mostly due to the lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body, because calcium and vitamin D are the key factors to maintain bone stiffness and muscle contraction.

Ordinary diets should eat more dairy products, animal liver or seafood.


A lot of hair loss symptoms: a large amount of hair loss occurs for no reason.

Predicting physical condition: Women are more prone to dissociative hair loss than men.

The factors that cause the hair to fall off a lot are psychological stress, infection and inappropriate diet. Of course, it may be caused by some diseases. Abnormal sebaceous gland secretion can also cause hair loss.

Frequent thirst wants to go to the toilet: often thirsty, dry mouth, sore throat, and go to the toilet.
Predicting the physical condition: I often feel thirsty, and with weight loss, I want to go to the toilet, some symptoms of diabetes, I need to go to the hospital to do a blood sugar check.

If your blood sugar is normal, it is recommended to eat less sweets and more oily foods, or even eat them.


Sedentary symptoms; sedentary, sitting in front of the computer for a long time, working hard, do not know how much damage this has caused to our body.

As soon as I get to the office, I like to sit on the stool, and it will take a few hours.

The hip does not leave the stool and becomes a veritable “sofa hip”.

Predicting the physical condition; the office stools are mainly soft and sit in a row without deforming our chest, relaxing muscles, and easily damaging the spine and lumbar spine.

The entire top is inserted into the sofa and the blood circulation is not smooth.

Sedentary, blood circulation slows, can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, and mental weakness.

If you suddenly stand up, you will have symptoms such as dizziness.


Long-term confrontation with computer symptoms: For the computer family who are sitting in front of the computer for a long time, the biggest harm of the computer is radiation. Computer radiation is a problem that cannot be ignored. The nerve, immunity, circulatory system function and life development function of the human bodyAnd so on have a big impact.

Computer radiation is very harmful to our skin and body, and long-term viewing of the computer screen will make our vision drop sharply.

Predicting physical condition; this is due to the brain being flooded with too much secondary information to reach saturation, the chief culprit is the computer.

Studies have shown that young people today are becoming stupid.

Because of the increasing dependence on information technology, it can lead to physical damage, which may lead to biased headaches, memory loss, uncertainty and inability to concentrate.


Boxing Erlang leg fist Erlang legs will indeed increase the risk of many diseases. This posture seems to make us feel very comfortable, but it will actually cause poor blood flow in the legs, uneven pressure on the lumbar vertebrae, local muscles in tension, may cause the lumbar muscles.Strain or aging of the intervertebral disc, causing low back pain.

It is just a chronic process that accumulates over time.

Therefore, it is recommended that healthy friends reduce the number of times and time of the wrists, and the existing related diseases complications such as diabetes, lumbar disc herniation, varicose veins of the lower extremities, and osteoarthritis, please stop the sitting posture of the legs.

Diet pills are big, drinking water is worse than drinking tea.


Diet pills are big, drinking water is worse than drinking tea.

The body only absorbs the water it needs.

Eating diet pills may prevent arteriosclerosis to a certain extent, but pregnant women should use it with caution. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you may have a homosexual child. When you are wearing a single coat, you will have nowhere to swim.Hidden.

Get up every hour and get up and exercise for half an hour every day. At least three times of medium-strength fitness every week is not unheard of, but it is too difficult to stick to it.

Therefore, diet pills have become the first choice for emergency.

銆€銆€There is no weight-loss drug without side effects. In fact, diet pills are not useless, and they can help a little, but the side effects are too obvious.

The most funny type of diabetes is that a follow-up survey of more than 5,000 lesbians in the United States and Canada shows that if these lesbians take diet pills or drugs to treat thyroid disease during pregnancy, their daughters are also likely to be homosexual.

銆€銆€The secret oil of the stinking street is not mentioned, it is said that Orlistat (Sinico) and Sibutramine, which are dominant in the Chinese diet pills market (the approval number is 42, the most famous isQumei, Aoqu light, Xiliting, Kexiu, etc.), the replacement is amazing.

銆€銆€The US public consumer organization of Xenical filed an application with the US Food and Drug Administration (fda), hoping to withdraw the cerica immediately from the market, as animal experiments have shown that the drug causes abnormal cell growth in the colon.

This abnormality is widely recognized by experts as an early indication of cancer.

銆€銆€Prior to this, the main effect was that oil drainage and inhibition of mild high-grade diet pills have been reported to have exhaust emissions, oily stools and other inhalation adverse reactions.

銆€銆€Sibutramine searches the National Center for Adverse Drug Reactions and has more than 40 case reports related to sibutramine.

In addition to the possible decline in sleep quality and migraine, it mainly causes cardiovascular system abnormalities such as palpitations, tachycardia, arrhythmia, and hypertension.

銆€銆€In addition to these two diet pills, the US Department of Health has announced a total ban on diet pills containing ephedrine additives, as ephedra may increase the burden on the heart and lead to death.

In 2007, the annual market for ephedrine drugs, which accounted for 7% of the US diet pills, reached $14 billion.

銆€銆€In addition, diet pills including capsaicin, spirulina, irritant laxatives, caffeine, carnitine, and garcinia cambogia should also be included in the blacklist of the ban.

If you really want to use it, also pay attention to the dose 1.

Teng Huangguo daily recommended dose is 1500?
2000 mg, can be used for up to 12 weeks.


Spirulina has the effect of lowering cholesterol, which can alleviate long-term constipation, but it is not reliable to prove that this ingredient can lose weight.


The stimulating laxative stimulant laxative works in the large intestine and does not affect the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, so there is no weight loss effect.


Carnitine carnitine is responsible for transporting fatty acids and converting them into energy, which is no more than 6 grams per day.


More than 300 mg of caffeine per day can affect sleep and accelerate the heart rate. More than 10 grams can be fatal.


Long-term and high doses of capsaicin can cause liver and kidney poisoning, up to 360 mg per day.

銆€銆€There are people who have almost no common sense in the market, and people who know almost no common sense will know about the damage to the heart and liver and kidney. But because there is no way to adhere to good eating habits and no perseverance to exercise, diet pills become an obese population eager to lose metabolism.The first choice.

The UK National Health Service Information Center has released the latest report on the use of diet pills in the UK population.

銆€銆€In the past 10 years, the number of obese people in the UK has increased by 50%, and one in every four adults is fat.

In 1999, 127,000 diet pills were prescribed each year from pharmacists; in 2006, it was increased to 1 million.

The number in the United States is even more terrible, and one out of every three Americans is excessive.

Looking at the list of food imports in the United States and the United Kingdom, you know why Americans and British people are fat.

In 2007, the United States made $3.8 billion from Apple exporters, but only imported less than $60 million in oranges; in the UK, it consumed 4 million kilograms of butter a year.

China is now moving closer to the United Kingdom and the United States. Within 10 years, China will become a fat country. 20% of the world’s obese people will be in China. By then, China’s obese people will reach 2 billion.

What is happening in the UK is about to become a reality in China.

銆€銆€Another reason why many obese people use diet pills is that there are related experiments to prove that diet pills can reduce the probability of arteriosclerosis.

The latest experiment, published in the April 2 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that diet pills do not delay the progression of arteriosclerosis, but they do not reduce the probability of arteriosclerosis.In this experiment, 839 obese volunteers underwent an 18-month diet drug trial at 112 sites in Australia, North America, and Europe.

The final result of the experiment is that there are 0 people who lose weight by dieting.

Arteriosclerosis occurred in 25% of people; 0 in people taking placebo.

51% of people started arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€Of course, diet pills will still work in the short term.

After 18 months, people who take diet pills to lose weight have an average waist circumference reduction of 5 cm, while diet weight loss waist circumference is reduced by 2 cm.

Interestingly, the average weight loss of people taking diet pills is 4.

5 kg.

Some volunteers took a placebo that did not have a weight loss effect, and the weight actually reduced by 1 kg.

銆€銆€The biggest problem with taking diet pills is the accompanying mental problem.

Among the people who take diet pills to lose weight, there are as many as 43.

3% of people have mental stress; for people taking a placebo, the number is 28.

4%; those who lose weight with diet, there is no mental stress.

銆€銆€Drinking water is worse than drinking tea. It is safer to control diet, so some people think of drinking water.

In fact, drinking a cup of warm water or eating an apple half an hour before a meal can successfully suppress the desire to eat.

8 glasses of water a day is the golden rule for people to control their appetite.

The problem is that even this well-recognized drinking water dose is now being questioned.

Two professors at the US Federal University published their research results on April 2, drinking too much water, only damage the kidneys, and can not fully achieve the effect of weight loss.

The best time to drink is to drink water when you feel thirsty.

銆€銆€Of course, drinking tea is another matter. Pu’er, who is still being fried, has 1000 ml per day (equivalent to the amount of two bottles of mineral water). It can last for one week and can achieve the initial weight loss effect.

If you think Pu’er is too expensive, try some simple herbal teas, some kind of cassia with roses and lemon slices.

What works here is Cassia.

Cassia is a good medicine for habitual constipation.

銆€銆€However, women with dysmenorrhea history should not try, because this herbal cold is very unfavorable for women who want to get pregnant, but it is very suitable for middle-aged and obese people.

Before choosing herbal tea to lose weight, a necessary homework is to know what kind of constitution you are. People with cold system should not try tea like Cassia.

銆€銆€In fact, obese people generally have poor eating habits, some do not eat breakfast, Chinese food, and dinner is very rich.

The correct amount of food should be breakfast, and the ratio of Chinese food to dinner is 221.

There are still some women who are obese and think about it. They always feel that there are many places where they need to be transformed.

In fact, moderate obesity is not nothing.

Women must have a certain adult to become pregnant, and from a health perspective, the optimal ratio of women’s waist and hip is 0.


The best way to eat whole grains (2)


The best way to eat whole grains (2)

鈼?According to the ancient books of Gaochun, in the past 5,000 years, Chinese people have cultivated sorghum varieties in the Yellow River Basin and planted them on a large scale. It is a very old food.

The sorghum is also known as 铚€榛? 鑼瓙, since ancient times, has the reputation of 鈥渢he fineness of the grain鈥?and the 鈥渓ong of the hundred valleys鈥? and is also known as the 鈥渉ardcore crop鈥?

Among them, the aunt has more iron than rice; the tannin contained has astringent and solid effect, which causes patients with chronic diarrhea to have high curative effect in eating glutinous rice porridge in autumn.

Chinese medicine believes that sorghum is sweet and warm, and has the effects of stomach, spleen, elimination, warming, gastrointestinal, and cholera.

銆€銆€鈼?Soybean gold beans, silver beans are not as good as soybeans.

Among all the beans, soybeans have the highest nutritional value and are known as the 鈥渒ing of beans鈥?

It is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Soybean protein contains more essential amino acids, especially lysine.

The folks have always mixed with gluten because of the lack of lysine in the grain and the lack of methionine in the soybeans, which combine to make the proteins complementary.

Soybeans and their products such as soy milk and tofu have special effects on the cardiovascular system. They are often eaten in autumn, which can effectively lower serum plasma and help repair the arterial wall.

Soybeans contain a high amount of calcium, which is very suitable for the elderly. Children’s calcium supplementation in autumn is very effective in preventing rickets in children and decalcification of bone in the elderly.

Soybeans contain iron instead of much, and are easily absorbed by the body. They are suitable for children who are growing up and those with iron deficiency anemia.

Rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E and a variety of amino acids that the body can’t synthesize but necessary, can make the skin tender, fair, moist, prevent freckles and wrinkles, and high protein can also nourish skinThe body is full and firm, the hair is black and shiny, and the face is not old.

Chinese medicine believes that the soy bean is sweet, flat, spleen, stomach, large intestine, has the effect of dredging and qi, tonifying the spleen and lung, eliminating heat and detoxification.

Indications of heat in the stomach, swelling, swelling, pain, dysuria and other symptoms.

Fresh bean sprouts are sweet and cold, non-toxic, beneficial to wet, clear heat, and the effect of Tongmai. Early autumn consumption can be used to remove Shushi et al.

銆€銆€鈼?Black bean black bean, also known as black bean, is rich in protein, trace, impurities and carotene, vitamin B1, B2, niacin and crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, and contains a small amount of daidzein dye genistein.

Its higher 18 amino acids, especially the eight essential acid levels required by the human body, are higher than the high protein standards prescribed by the US FDA.

It also contains 19 oils and fats with an unsaturated acid content of 80%.

It is more worthy of recognition that black beans basically exclude cholesterol, and only contain phytosterols that are not absorbed by the body and can inhibit the body’s absorption of plasma and lower the content of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, eating black beans in the autumn can soften blood vessels, moisturize the skin, and delay the relief of aging.Especially for high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and diseases such as liver and arteries.

Chinese medicine believes that black beans are flat, sweet, with a moderate to the air, nourishing yin and kidney, blood and eyesight, diuresis and swelling, blood and skin.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “The beans have five colors, each cures the five internal organs, but the black beans are watery and cold, and can enter the kidney.

Water treatment, swelling, gas, heat and blood, and blood and detoxification, often eat black beans, can not be sick.

“Modern pharmacological research shows that black beans do have the effect of nourishing yin and qi, and are the best products for strong nourishment in autumn.

銆€銆€鈼?Kidney Beans Some people call cowpeas “meat food in vegetables”. This is because cowpea contains high-quality plant protein that is easily digested and absorbed, which is very suitable for vegetarians.

Compared with common beans, the content of potassium, calcium, manganese and other metal elements in cowpea is very high. It is an alkaline food that can neutralize the pH value of the body and resist fatigue. It is very helpful for restoring the physical exertion of excessive consumption in summer.

The iron and zinc contained in it is a better food source for iron and zinc supplementation for people with high incidence of iron deficiency anemia and zinc deficiency, especially for menstruating and pregnant women in autumn.

The manganese contained in it is essential for menopausal women and can prevent the loss of calcium before and after menopause.

Chinese medicine believes that cowpea is sweet, flat, non-toxic, into the spleen, kidney, spleen and kidney, dampness and heat, detoxification and hemostasis, thirst and sperm, and the five internal organs, adjust the camp, and benefit the Qi.

銆€銆€鈼?Sweet potato sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, is recognized in the world as a delicious, inexpensive food and vegetable, fitness and longevity food for young and old, and has the reputation of “earth ginseng”.

It is rich in fiber, carotene, vitamin A, B, C, E and more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as potassium, iron, copper, selenium and calcium.

Sweet potato topped the list of 20 anti-cancer vegetables announced by the National Cancer Research Center of Japan.

Sweet potato contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which can stimulate the body, enhance peristalsis, detoxification, and regulate gastrointestinal function.

Chinese medicine believes that its sweet, flat, raw cool, into the spleen, stomach, is beneficial to the health of the body, the function of lungs and intestines.

But nausea, nausea, and constipation are forbidden.

Intestinal dry constipation in the autumn, cook a few sweet potatoes, peeled and eat honey.

Moreover, it is still a good low-fat, low-calorie food, and at the same time can effectively prevent sugar from becoming cockroaches, so eating sweet potatoes in the fall without getting fat, on the contrary, can lose weight, bodybuilding, and gradually health care.

銆€銆€鈼?Peanut Peanut is recognized as a healthy food in the world and is considered to be one of the 鈥淭op Ten Longevity Foods鈥?in China.Autumn is the season when peanuts mature.

Its nutritional value is very high, the adult is a double of soybeans, the protein is more than wheat, three times that of rice, and easily absorbed by the body; it also contains riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, choline, noSaturated fatty acids and multivitamins are called “longevity fruit.”

Chinese medicine said that peanuts are sweet and sour, suitable for the treatment of malnutrition, spleen and stomach disorders, all kinds of anemia, cough and asthma, intestinal dry constipation, milk deficiency and other symptoms.

Autumn should be based on nourishing the stomach and protecting the spleen, and peanuts are the best choice.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “Peanuts spleen and stomach, lungs and phlegm, nourish qi, clear throat and itching.

“Pharmaceutical test” contains: “Eating peanuts to raise stomach and spleen, smoothing and moistening.”

It can be said that young and old can eat peanuts in the fall.

銆€銆€鈼?Sesame Sesame is called “Xian medicine”, protein, trace, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sesamin, arachidic acid, sesame phenol, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, sterol, lecithin, vitamin A, B, D, E and other nutrients.

Its protein content is more than meat, and its amino acid content is very rich, and its calcium content is twice that of milk.

It is extremely rich in adults, up to 54%. The oil it extracts is known as the most advanced edible oil in oils.

The vitamin E contained in the food is also among the best in many foods. It has anti-oxidation effect, which can prevent the production of peroxidative oxidation in the body, thereby effectively improving the blood circulation of peripheral blood vessels, increasing the blood nutrition of tissues and organs, enhancing the immune function of the body and delaying it.Aging effect.

Because sesame contains so much nutrients, it plays a great role in delaying people’s aging and beauty.

Chinese medicine believes that sesame is sweet and flat, can nourish blood, moisten the intestines, pass through the milk, raise hair, make up the labor, moisturize the skin, and can be used as a tonic food.

“Shenzhen Materia Medica” records: “sesame, make up the heart, benefit the strength, long muscles, fill the brain, long-wearing and strengthening.

“Sesame is divided into black and white. “The oil is the one that wins the white, and the one who takes the black is good.”

Black sesame seeds can be used in the autumn to treat constipation and moisturize the skin.

For those who want to lose weight, due to the lack of nutrient intake, coupled with the effects of autumn dryness, the skin will become dry and smashed, while sesame is rich in substances that prevent the body from getting fat, yolk, choline, muscleSugar, if you eat too much, you won’t gain weight. When you lose weight, rough skin can also be improved.

Doctor: 4 pits lie to the misunderstanding of middle-aged and elderly people, and some people are misunderstanding, this time telling you


Doctor: 4 pits lie to the misunderstanding of middle-aged and elderly people, and some people are misunderstanding, this time telling you

When people reach the age of 45, not only are some indicators of the body changing, but even their skin and hair are changing quietly. At this time, people will pay more attention to health.

But are you really using the right method?

I often use the following 4 pits to trick the middle-aged and elderly people into misunderstandings. I like to do it and advise you to change it.

Pit the middle-aged and elderly people’s health misunderstanding 1: hit the tree and live the bones a few days ago through the small park, saw several old people are hitting the tree, asking the uncle what is doing, he said that it is health, this way of health isHit the tree, but also have the role of living muscles, is this really the case?

For such a healthy way, no matter whether it is an elderly person or a young person, don’t do it anymore.

Even if you have a short period of comfort, it will cause damage to the skin, even muscles and joints.

Especially for those who have entered the old age, long-term collision with trees, if the strength is used too much, will cause skin damage, and even the risk of rising blood pressure.

Pit the middle-aged and elderly people’s health misunderstanding 2: The more you walk, the better the health of the middle-aged and older people, but not the younger.

In the choice of exercise, there will be some moderate movements, such as walking.

Some middle-aged and elderly people pursue fashion, and they usually have to go to the circle of friends when they go all the way. They also once indexed with their peers to see who is going for a while.

As everyone knows, the more you walk, the better. When the number of steps you walk is beyond the reach of the human body, it will damage your health.

So how should we judge?

The method is very simple. When you have walked a lot yesterday, you will have sore legs and feet in the morning, which means that you have excessive exercise and you need to adjust it in time.

In short, the sport that suits you is the best way to exercise.

Pit the middle-aged and elderly people’s health misunderstanding 3: Drinking fish soup to make up the body The elderly have developed a habit of saving from an early age, especially after cooking soup, such as chicken soup, will drink light.

But this is not the case. Take fish soup, fish is a healthy food that everyone recognizes. But fish and fish soup are sorted. The most beneficial place for health is not fish soup but fish itself.

And the fish soup also contains a lot of feces, even if there are some nutrients in the soup, but the fish inside is the one we should eat the most, the middle-aged and the elderly do not choose the wrong.

Pit the middle-aged and elderly people’s health misunderstanding 4: Drink 8 cups of water a day and 8 cups of water have formed in people’s consciousness, although drinking water is a good thing for health.

But don’t be too true. The standard of health is 7-8 cups per person per day.

However, if you have some special circumstances, such as stones, gout, and sweating, you need to drink more water.

Drinking water requires a small mouth to drink many times, often observe your own urine, once the color of the urine becomes very deep, it means that the body needs you to quickly add water, and the color is very light but it is indicating that the drinking water is excessive.

Dear friends, do you have any of these misunderstandings?

How do you usually maintain your health?

Please leave a comment in the comments below and share it with our nutritionist.

Ten 3 minutes for healthy health


Ten 3 minutes for healthy health

“There is no accumulation of steps, no miles,” and the same is true of health.

3 minutes, only a moment, very inconspicuous, the following 12 “3 minutes” can achieve a healthy lifestyle, let you stay away from sub-health and disease.

At the beginning of the new year, please take your health knowledge firmly in your hands!

銆€銆€Brushing your teeth for 3 minutes each time is to remove the plaque on the outer surface of each tooth, inside, occlusal surface, etc.

This workload is not too small, about 80 teeth need to be cleaned.

Always change the position of the toothbrush and slowly rotate on the surface of all the teeth of each tooth. Can a toothbrush only brush 2 at the same time?
3 teeth, so brush your teeth for 3 minutes each time.

銆€銆€After the water is boiled and then burned for 3 minutes, the tap water is chlorinated and disinfected. The chlorine interacts with the organic substances remaining in the water to form a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and other harmful compounds, which have carcinogenic effects.

Experiments have shown that boiling water for 3 minutes is a good way to replace these hazardous substances with a safe range.

It can be seen that this progress is a necessity for people to prevent cancer on a daily basis.

銆€銆€Drinking tea for 3 minutes to pay attention to the time difference, tea for 3 minutes, the caffeine in the tea is basically oozing out, this time drinking tea, can refresh and excite.

If people want to avoid the excitement after tea, just pour the first tea in 3 minutes, then brew and taste, you can feel at ease.

銆€銆€Eat hot and cold for 3 minutes in the cold winter, family and friends dinner, eat hot dishes, drink cold soup immediately after eating cold drinks, blood vessels will shrink sharply, so that blood pressure rises, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

Therefore, experts recommend eating hot drinks and quenching thirst, preferably at intervals of 3 minutes to reduce irritation to the stomach.

銆€銆€Oral, anal temperature measurement for 3 minutes Many diseases, especially infectious diseases, often have changes in body temperature, and measuring body temperature is one of self-health skills.

Place the oral thermometer on the underside of the subject, close the mouth, and measure the temperature for 3 minutes.

If the baby is unconscious or unconscious, the anal meter can be used for temperature measurement, and the time is also 3 minutes.

If the time is too short, the measurement will be inaccurate.

銆€銆€After eye drops, press the inner corner of the eye for 3 minutes. After eye drops, gently close your eyes and press the inner corner of your eyes with your index finger for 3 minutes.

If you don’t do this, the eye drops will quickly flow into the lacrimal duct and then into the nasal cavity.

In this way, almost the liquid stays on the surface of the eyeball for a short period of time, and the pharmacodynamic effect is insufficient, and the eyedrops flow into the nasal cavity and are easily absorbed by the nasal microvasculature, thereby increasing the replacement of the syrup.

銆€銆€After waking up, you will have high blood pressure for 3 minutes, and middle-aged and old people with high blood pressure. After waking up, you should first close your eyes and raise your body for 3 minutes before getting up.

This is because at the moment of waking up, the brain is in an obscured state, the blood is thick, the brain is lack of oxygen free radicals, and it is easy to fall. It is the most dangerous moment.

The so-called change in the way of getting up can reduce the chance of a stroke, and the world can die 3 million people a year.

銆€銆€Get angry for no more than 3 minutes according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “angry liver.”

For those who are angry for small things, life is short.

A good mood is more important than anything, and anger should not exceed 3 minutes.

It doesn’t matter everything, don’t put anything in your heart. Even if you have the temper, you have to go quickly, vent your vent as soon as possible, and try to keep your mood stable.

銆€銆€If the toilet is not more than 3 minutes, the toilet time is too long, which will cause rectal varicose veins. In the long run, the natural veins are blocked and the blood is formed into a venous group, causing hemorrhoids.

It is generally believed that more than 3 minutes of squatting time may lead to the formation of acne, and the degree of severity is also determined by the length of time.

Do not read while reading the toilet.

銆€銆€Those who have enough exercise for 3 minutes will have the experience of being out of breath during exercise. At this time, they should take a break.

By resting for a short period of 3 minutes during exercise, the muscles of the person can complete enough energy supplements for the next exercise.

The relative rest time will not bring much profit.

Ancient Health Movement – Horizon

Ancient Health Movement – Horizon

The first potential of the 楠?鍔?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?姝?

The atlas is in the lower part of the spine and is under the most pressure.
Practicing this function can excite the pelvic nerve plexus, which is conducive to the recovery of its organs.
銆€銆€Method: Prepare the potential: the body stretches on the back, the face contains a smile, the hands are naturally placed on both sides, the feet are separated by 1 cm, and the two kidneys of the waist are horizontally padded with a towel roll (1.
5-2 cm thick, then take a deep breath 3 times and relax.
銆€銆€Starting position: The upper limbs do not move, can not bend the knees, force from the ankle, the heel joints, the left and right legs alternately 2-3 cm down, when the left leg is pulled, pull the right leg upwards; when the right leg is pulled, pull up the leftleg.
Be slow and make the vertebrae fully stressed.
Every time you pull, no less than 3 seconds.
When starting to practice, be too nervous to prevent strain on your muscles.
When you have insufficient physical strength, you can rest in the middle.
At the beginning, you can lick 50-60 times.
It can be stepped up to 200-300 times in the future.
銆€銆€Note: 1.
Do work time, before getting up early, before going to bed at night.
To be effective on a hard bed, there is no hard bed, you can do it on the floor.
The pillow should be lower.
After doing work, some may increase the number of bowel movements. This is not a disease. If you reduce the number of times, you can return to normal.
The following patients are not allowed to do this: neurocolitis, enuresis (ie, can not survive urine, incontinence, more elderly women), women’s menstrual period or other reasons, uterine bleeding.
銆€銆€The second potential lumbar vertebrae This potential is the opposite of the effect of the previous sacral vertebral work, can not be done at the same time.
This work mainly acts on the lumbar vertebrae, excites the sympathetic nerves that occur in the first, second and third intervertebral foramen of the lumbar spine, and adjusts the function of the organ to treat the disease.
銆€銆€Preparatory potential: the same as the previous situation, but the waist does not pad the towel roll.
銆€銆€Starting position: The upper limbs are lying still, the legs are bent, the knees are close together, the two feet are placed on the buttocks, and then the right knee is pulled and the left knee is pulled down.
In this way, the two knees alternately move up and down, causing the buttocks to swing to the left and right, thereby stimulating the waist and exciting the sympathetic nerve fibers (the speed is slower).
銆€銆€Number of exercises: 100-200 times.
銆€銆€The third potential of the abdominal work This work is the same potential and the second potential, the first two potentials to resolve autonomic disorders from different parts, this potential has both mediation of nerve function, exercise of abdominal muscle function and massage of the abdominal organs.
銆€銆€Method: Prepare the potential: With the same potential, you should roll the towel at the waist.
Starting position: Relaxation, such as standing in the same way, slowly lift your shoulders, forward and upward, pull up the intercostal muscles, slowly inhale, and at the same time raise the anus and kidney (the woman tightens the vulva), then the shoulders are turned backwards, downwards, and the hips, abdomen, that is, the force of the lower shoulders, mainly relying on the force of contracting the abdominal muscles, centering on the buttocks, making the upper limbs slowly tilt (30 cm), lower limbsLift up about 20 cm, then slowly level.
Hands do not move, can not help force.
There are three ways to exhale. One is to hold your breath when you are cocking, and increase the pressure on the abdominal cavity of the diaphragm. It is good for massaging the abdominal cavity, but it will also increase blood pressure.
High blood pressure and cautious use by beginners.
Second, when the cock is lifted, the muscles are excreted with force, and there is no effect on cerebral blood pressure.
The third is to contract the laryngeal sphincter during exhalation. Using the airflow from the spit, exercise the throat and trachea, which is conducive to the health of the respiratory tract.
This potential can be started 8-16 times and gradually increased.
You can rest in the middle, not too tired (pregnant women avoid practicing).
銆€銆€The fourth potential of the supine dithering function This potential is specifically designed to improve blood circulation, especially to strengthen the microcirculation of capillaries.銆€銆€Method: Prepare the potential: The whole body is lying on the hard bed, doing 3 deep breaths, making the breath even, with a smile on the face and relaxing.

銆€銆€Starting position: The upper limb does not move, the right leg is bent and stepped on, the left foot is lifted 70掳-90掳, and the force is 2-3 minutes.

Then temporarily temporary, exchange the starting point with the right foot.

Time is based on your own physical strength, usually about 10 minutes. If possible, you can also have your feet and raise your hands for 2-3 minutes.

It is best to lift the buttocks up to 3-4 cm to lift the force.

銆€銆€Function and principle: Ancient Chinese health practice refers to the yin and yang five elements theory, using the perspective of harmony between man and nature, the integration of exercises using slow, round, soft, and even the law, the body’s various important systems and organs use different movements to adjust.
Exercise, squeezing, rubbing, rubbing, and squatting exercises to promote the secretion of sex hormones to protect the needs of healthy people.

The spine is also moved in a creeping, vibrating, rotating, pendulum, and twisting manner, so that the spinal nerves are exercised and strengthened, and the autonomic nervous system is precisely and appropriately adjusted to ensure the health and function of the internal organs.

Through the sputum, tremor, squeezing, pressing, and sputum directly to the internal organs and endocrine glands, to regulate the function of the internal organs and glands, improve blood circulation, and ensure the balance of human physiological activities.

銆€銆€Note: During the women’s vacation, the action with less abdominal pressure can be selected according to the situation.

Six major care methods for stretch marks


Six major care methods for stretch marks

Postpartum recovery and innocent skin is the pursuit of every treasure, the stretch marks bring great trouble to the mother, then how to effectively care for stretch marks has become a topic of concern for many treasure moms.

Here are six tips for treating stretch marks.

Usually the length of the stretch marks is 1. When the woman is pregnant for more than 3 months, the abdomen develops in the abdomen of the uterus, and the abdomen begins to bulge. The uterus increases and the skin elastic fibers and the abdominal muscles begin to extend.

2, especially in the 6 months after pregnancy is more obvious.

When the limit is exceeded, the skin elastic fibers are broken, and the transverse rectus abdominis tendon is also separated to varying degrees.

As a result, initial cracks appear in the pink or purple-red irregularities of the abdomen skin.

3, after childbirth, although the broken elastic fiber gradually recovers, it is difficult to return to the previous state, and the crack in the skin will gradually fade, and finally silvery white, leading to the appearance of stretch marks.

6 major care methods for stretch marks 1, pay attention to the choice of olive oil or massage cream First, go to the supermarket to buy imported food grade olive oil, to be purely natural, do not buy gasoline leaching, this impurity is more, not suitable for pregnant womenuse.

The general price is a little more expensive, and the imported food cabinets can be purchased with confidence.

Massage cream should be selected with quality certification, pay attention to the formula, choose a mild, anti-allergic massage cream.

2, pay attention to the time of massage, then, we prevent the correction of raw lines, it will start in pregnancy, during pregnancy, the stomach is not very significant, it is necessary to start, once a night, using natural olive oil or massage creamApplying the stomach, only in the initial use of the belly skin is stretched, to ensure that the skin is firm, and soon after the child is born.

3, pay attention to the application method before the application, the hands should be cleaned, then put your hands together and let the palms warm, so sprinkle some olive oil or massage cream on the palm, do not need too much, half spoon enough, thenGently spread evenly over the belly, let the belly warm up, then cover your belly with warm hands.

4, clear care cycle In this way, after the birth of children, the replacement of the raw lines will be greatly reduced, or even disappear, during the lactation, mothers must also adhere to such care of their belly, which also helps to lose weight quickly, and let the belly as soon as possibleIt will not be so loose and collapsed.

The olive oil massage belly is best extended to the postpartum child after weaning, because it usually needs to be restored after one year of postpartum, which is also the key period for the body to return.

5, clarify the effect of olive oil or massage cream because it is edible grade olive oil, will not cause any damage to the baby, applied to the belly, penetrate into the skin blockage, but also promote the baby’s intellectual development, in one fell swoop.

So don’t worry about applying olive oil on your stomach is not a problem for your baby.

Massage cream should be mild and anti-allergenic.

6, use hot compress to promote absorption If you improve postpartum to improve the birth pattern is very serious, and the stomach always shrinks will not come, then, it is recommended to use hot towel after the massage, hot skin, so that the skin circulation regeneration faster, which also improve stretch marks or bellyPrecipitating on the pigment.

Through the above introduction, we know very well what the correct care method for stretch marks is. The method of nursing is very important for eliminating the complications of stretch marks. Therefore, we should pay great attention to these methods of care in daily life.