2015 Chinese Football Association Cup-Shanghai Hong Kong 3 minutes 2 goals successfully reversed to advance to the top 16_1

2015 Chinese Football Association Cup-Shanghai Hong Kong 3 minutes 2 goals successfully reversed to advance to the top 16
At 19:00 on May 12, Beijing time, the third round of the 2015 Chinese Football Association Cup began a competition. In the initial game, the Chinese team B Dalian surpassed the home game against the Chinese Super League leader Shanghai Shanggang.In the first half, the two teams attacked and defended each other. The overtaking team, Quan Heng, missed a single-handed opportunity and changed sides to fight again. Quan Heng took the corner kick from Hu Zhaojun and then shot and broke the goal.In the 68th minute, Li Haowen, who came on the bench for Hong Kong, scored an empty goal in front of the goal. 3 minutes later, He used a corner kick to help Shanghai Hong Kong achieve a reversal.After a 90-minute fierce battle, Dalian surpassed 1-2 and lost to Shanghai Shanggang, which advanced to the top 16 of the FA Cup.In the match, Wu Lei surpassed Dalian in the third round of the North Division of China League 2 to defeat Lucheng in Baotou’s southern suburbs. The team currently ranks second in the North China League standings.In the second round of the FA Cup, overtake the home penalty shootout 6-4 to defeat the Beijing Institute of Technology, but in the third round, the leader of the Super League, Shanghai Shanggang, and according to the rules of the competition, Shanghai cannot send foreign aid to play, And this weekend’s battle with Evergrande’s top spot also dispersed the team’s strength, but the strength of local players led by Wu Lei is still much higher than surpassing, Shanggang landed on the coast with a 5-0 victory over the same city opponent Greenland Shenhua last weekCity, I believe the team will not return empty-handed.  In the third minute, after Shanghai Shanggang got the ball in the frontcourt, he directly found Wu Lei ambushing in the penalty area, and fell into the ground after having physical contact with the overtaking player. The referee’s offensive game continued.In the 8th minute, Lu Wenjun crossed the goal on the left side of the penalty area. Zhu Zhengrong moved to go beyond the defender defense. Guowei chose to shoot low in the face of the attack. Guowei fell to the ground to clear the ball with his foot.  15 minutes before the game, Beyond showed a positive state in the game, but in terms of overall strength, Shanghai Shanggang still showed its ability to control the game.Four minutes later, Shanghai Shanggang received a free kick from the frontcourt. Lu Wenjun’s free kick directly attacked the goal. The ball fell quickly after crossing the wall. The goalkeeper Guowei flew the ball to the bottom line.Subsequently, Hu Zhaojun sent a precise long pass from the middle circle, Du Wenxiang drew the ball away from the port goalkeeper Sun Le and pushed the shot, the port defender defender small penalty area line to clear the ball.In the 22nd minute, overtaking defender Zhao Yibo handballed while defending the opponent’s offense and received the first yellow card of the game.  In the 30th minute, he surpassed the missed golden opportunity to break the goal, Quan Heng took his teammate’s straight ball and turned offside to form a single-handed opportunity. When he formed a one-on-one with Shanghai Porter goalkeeper Sun Le, he pushed the far corner and the ball missed the goal post.Shanghai-Hong Kong defender Yang Boyu thought that the ball was offside and was not bad for the referee and was warned by a yellow card.In the 34th minute, Shanghai-Hong Kong defender Yang Shiyuan trampled beyond the player Liu Huan to get yellow.The players of the overtaking team are very fierce in the first half of the game. It is worth paying attention to whether the physical strength can guarantee the entire game in such a wide range of pressure.After a one-minute injury stoppage time, the two teams ended the half-time match, Dalian exceeded Zan 0-0 Shanghai Shanggang.  After a 15-minute halftime adjustment, the two teams started the second half.Shanghai Shanggang made staff adjustments in the second half, and Yang Shiyuan was replaced by Fu Huan.Shanggang, who was unable to break through the deadlock on the field, was a bit impatient when fighting. In the 48th minute, Wu Lei, the captain of Shanghai Port, was shown a yellow card when he pedaled in front of the door.In the 51st minute, Dalian Beyond scored a goal at home.Hu Zhao took a penalty kick, and Shanghai Shanggang Lu Wenjun nodded the ball in the front to point the ball back. Quan Heng, who rushed to the ball, hit the ball at the close distance and hit the lower edge of the beam to fly into the goal.Dalian surpassed 1-0 Shanghai Shanghai Port.The score lags behind, surpassing to continue to send troops, Zheng Dalun was replaced by Li Haowen.  In the 59th minute, Dalian Chaoyue made the team’s first staff adjustment, and the teenager Nan Yunqi was replaced by Cui Yu.Cui Yu, who had just changed the field, undertook a dangerous tackle. The referee showed no signs of showing yellow cards.In the 65th minute, Shanghai Shanggang escaped. Wu Lei shot from a small restricted area at a small angle. The ball passed the attacking goalkeeper Guowei and rolled towards the goal. Zhao Yibo fell to the ground to clear the ball.The game went on for 65 minutes. The players who surpassed obviously showed a tendency of displacement in physical fitness. After striker Han Jiabao cramped and couldn’t afford to be lifted by a stretcher, Jing Deyang replaced his weak Han Jiabao.Shanghai Shanggang equalized the score in the 68th minute. Guowei continuously saved Shanghai Hong Kong’s shot. Lv Wenjun hit the goal post after the header was added. Li Haowen came off the bench to equalize the goal.Dalian surpassed 1-1 Shanghai Shanghai Port.  Only 3 minutes later, Shanghai Shanghai Port passed the score.He Ji took advantage of the corner kick to ambush the header and jumped the ball into the net.In the 74th minute, Dalian surpassed the team’s last substitution and Wang Guanghao came off the bench for Du Wenxiang.In the 83rd minute, Shanghai Shanggang also ran out of the last substitution, and Zhu Zhengrong was replaced by Wang Jiayu.In the 89th minute, Shanghai Shanggang Lu Wenjun took the corner kick and the referee pointed out that he suspected of delaying the game and showed him a yellow card.After 4 minutes of injury stoppage time, the referee blew the final whistle. Dalian surpassed the city gate and was penetrated twice within 3 minutes with a goal scored first. However, it encountered a reversal from the opponent. Unfortunately, it stopped in the third round of the FA Cup.Goal information Dalian surpassed: In the 51st minute, Quan Heng pushed and scored.  Shanghai Port: In the 68th minute, Li Haowen added a shot to trigger a tie.  In the 71st minute, He Hao headed into the net.Yellow card information Dalian Beyond: Zhao Yibo (22 minutes) Shanghai Shanghai: Yang Boyu (30 minutes), Yang Shiyuan (34 minutes), Wu Lei (48 minutes), Lu Wenjun (89 minutes), Zhang Wei (93 minutes)) Both starters and substitute Dalian starters: 23-Guowei/3-Zhao Yibo, 25-Quan Heng, 36-Liu Tao/11-Su Di, 14-Hu Zhaojun, 15-Liu Huan, 21-Liu Yuchen/ 9-Han Jiabao (No. 68)Minutes, 7-Jing Deyang), 10-Du Wenxiang (74th minute, 2-Wang Guanghao), 32-Nan Yunqi (59th minute, 12-Cui Yu) Shanghai Shanggang Premiere: 22-Sun Le / 2-ZhangWei, 5-Wang Jiajie, 19-Yang Shiyuan (46th minute, 23-Fu Huan), 28-He Xi/13-Zheng Darun (56th minute, 12-Li Haowen), 15-Lin Chuangyi, 30-Zhu Zhengrong (No.83 minutes, 20-Wang Jiayu), 33-Yang Boyu/ 7-Wu Lei, 11-Lu Wenjun (Mi Xiu)

[Douchi Chicken Nuggets]_Chicken Nuggets_How To_Practice Daquan

璞嗚眽楦″潡鎵€闇€瑕佺殑鍘熸枡灏辨槸璞嗚眽锛岄叡娌逛互鍙婄洂锛屾穩绮夌瓑杩欎簺璋冨懗鍝侊紝濡傛灉鎯宠鑷繁鍔ㄦ墜鍒朵綔锛岄偅涔堝氨闇€瑕佹敞鎰忔寜鐓ф纭殑鏂规硶姝ラ杩涜锛岃€屼笅鏂囧氨鏄What are you looking at?鍋氭硶涓€銆佸師銆€鏂欓鍛宠眴璞夈€侀叡娌广€佺洂銆佺硸銆佸懗绮俱€佹穩绮夈€佸共绾㈣荆妞掍竴鍙€佸銆佽挏銆傛搷銆€浣?The registration is complete, and the information is available, and the information is available to you, and you are not afraid of it. You are not sure what to do, but what are you going to do?纴姘诉讼厡鍗佸垎阍熷乏鍙炽€?What are you doing? What are you doing and what are you doing? How are you going to do it?銆 丸 共 緾 ㈣Jing Niu 掏 鎴 愪 笁 鬲 攙  Adorable  鍒 囧 璧 麴 钂 滃 减 凶 ф 湶 銆?銆侀攨涓婄伀鍔犵儹锛屽€掑叆閫傞噺娌癸紙鐣ュ涓€浜涳級锛屾补鐑斁鍏ラ潚妞掑潡鐓哥倰鑷崇啛鐩涘嚭銆?5 Mohuoshiwen Chi weary Wei ュ  Hongpiandonglian  He Dileirene Chaiailiangyi Xiapuwumo Duigelingmo?銆佸€掑叆鑵岃繃鐨勯浮鍧楃吀鐐掔墖鍒伙紝鍔犻叡娌广€佺洂锛屽姞姘寸剸鐓害浜屽崄鍒嗛挓銆?銆佸姞鍏ラ€傞噺绯栫炕鐐掞紝鍔犲叆鍛崇簿璋冨懗銆?銆佹渶鍚庡姞鍏ョ吀鐐掕繃鐨勯潚妞掔炕鐐掑潎鍖€鐩涘嚭銆?鍋氭硶浜屻€?銆佸厛鎶婇浮鍧楁礂鍑€鍒囧潡锛岀敤鑵屾枡鑵?0 闒 嗛 抓 銆?銆 佸 皢 4 鏉 刉 完 和 奌 女 儳 Tweet is full of 咷 鍒 嗙 姏 ヨ 喁 鍏 ヨ 厡 忂 凂 楑 楦 $ 偢 綾?Technetium?鍒嗛挓瑙佽倝鑹查噾榛勫嵆鍙崬鍑恒€?銆佺偢濂藉悗灏嗙偢娌瑰€掑嚭锛岄攨涓暀3澶у寵娌圭儳鐑紝鍏堢倰棣欐磱钁辨湯锛屽啀鍔犲叆璞嗚眽銆佽挏鏈拰闈掓鐣ョ倰銆備箣鍚庡啀鍔犲叆鎵€鏈夎皟鍛虫枡鍜岀偢濂界殑楦″潡锛岀敤涓伀鐓嚦姹佹恫鍛堟祿绋犵姸锛岃捣閿呭墠鎾掍笂钁辫姳蹇倰鍗冲彲鐩涜捣銆?

[Do you drink pure milk for breastfeeding?]_ Postpartum _ How effective

[Do you drink pure milk for breastfeeding?]_ Postpartum _ How effective

The baby is newborn and the mother needs to feed the baby.

But some mothers do n’t have much milk, which is not enough for babies.

Some foods promote milk, of which pure milk is one type. There are many nutrients in milk, some proteins, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, and so on. Mothers who drink more pure milk can enhance their health and can promote milkBaby is good.

Here are some details.

First, milk is one of the oldest natural beverages, known as “white blood”, and you can imagine the nature of the human body.

Milk, as its name suggests, is squeezed out of female cows.

There are different grades of milk in different countries.

Milk is rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and molybdenum.

The most rare thing is that milk is the best source of human calcium, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is very suitable, which is beneficial to the absorption of calcium.

There are at least 100 kinds of complex species. The main ingredients are water, trace amounts, phospholipids, proteins, lactose, and inorganic salts.

Second, the inorganic salts in milk are also called minerals.

Contains Ca2 in milk?

, Magnesium 2

, K?

, Fe3?

Is the cationic PO?


,and so?


, Cl?

Plasma; and trace elements I, Cu, Zn, Mn, etc.

Calcium in nature exists in a compound state. Only passively, plants absorb it to form biologically active calcium, which can be better absorbed and absorbed by the human body.

Milk is rich in active calcium, which is one of the best calcium sources for human beings. 1 liter of fresh milk contains about 1250 mg of active calcium, which is the first in most foods, about 101 times that of rice, 75 times that of lean beef, and lean pork.110 times, it is not only high in content, but also the lactose in the body can promote the absorption of calcium in the human body wall, the absorption rate is as high as 98%, thereby regulating the calcium metabolism in the body, maintaining serum calcium concentration, and promoting bone calcification.

Good absorption is especially critical for calcium supplementation.

Therefore, the saying “milk can supplement calcium” has its scientific reason.

Third, the chemical composition of cow’s milk varies depending on the type of cow, age, residue method, milk collection time, life and health status, temperature, etc.

Each 100 grams of milk contains thiamine 0.

04 mg, riboflavin 0.

13 mg, 0 niacin.

2 mg, ascorbic acid 1 mg, vitamin A140 IU.

The proteins in milk are mainly phosphorus-containing proteins, but also albumin and globulin.

All three proteins contain all essential amino acids.

Cow’s aunt is mainly palmitic acid, glyceride of stearic acid, but also contains a small amount of lower fatty acids such as butyric acid, caproic acid, caprylic acid and so on.

In addition, it also contains a small amount of lecithin, cholesterol, pigments and so on.

Degas special effects food

Degas special effects food

The summer is hot, and it is particularly easy to get angry. We use food to help our “flaming fire” which is a summer to cool down, but there must be a certain degree of temperance in the process of eating, and any food will be used tooFace effect!

  Lotus seeds and lotus seeds have a long life span, and many books on herbal medicine have believed that lotus seeds can prolong life.

“Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica” lists lotus seeds as top grade, which can support destiny.

The role of lotus seeds is to nourish the kidney, strengthen the spleen, nourish the heart, soothe the nerves, and fight against aging.

Use lotus seeds with white Poria, Huai yam, glutinous rice, Chencang rice, white sugar, etc., steamed to make cakes.

Daily consumption can best prolong life.

  Xiao Lingzui: Go to the snack shop and buy some lotus seed cakes, lotus seed sandwich cakes, lotus seed moon cakes, fresh milk coconut silk seed cakes.

  Strong food supplement: steamed buns with lotus seeds, and eat them as a cute bun core.

  Defeat Keywords: Dark complexion Tremella fungus contains protein 5 per 100 grams of dried product?
6 grams, aunt 0.

6 grams?

1 gram, 79 grams of cobalt, 2 coarse fibers.

6 grams, calcium 380 mg, phosphorus 250 mg, iron 30 mg, also contains vitamin B2, carotene, glial protein and other essential nutrients for the human body.

It can nourish the lungs and relieve cough, nourish yin and nourish yin, and also has the effects of eliminating muscle fatigue and strengthening the brain.

  For small snacks: first add tremella to the casserole and boil until thick and soft, then wash and peel the tomatoes, add the tremella to the boil, and season with rock sugar.

  Strong tonic: Put white fungus (tremella) and black fungus together and eat it with mustard soy sauce. The taste is very fresh.

  Defeat keywords: A little sputum fire Qiu Pear 薏米 水 “唉!

Autumn pear cream!

Autumn pear cream!
Fat people can lose weight if they eat them, and thin people can become fat if they eat them. Those who rush to eat them will definitely be admitted. Those who do not want to be admitted will never be admitted.

“Before liberation, Qiuli cream was so sold in the southern provinces.

Qiuli is known as the “Sect of Hundred Fruits”. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and clearing phlegm, reducing fire and heat, calming the nerves, reducing blood pressure, and reducing inflammation and pain.

  Small snacks: buy two bottles of autumn pear cream.

This autumn pear cream has medicinal ingredients but no medicinal flavor. Pear is fragrant, sweet and delicious, and nourishes lungs and coughs.

  Strong food supplement: Cut the pear into small pieces and stir with honey, sweet and delicious.

  Defeat keywords: weak health American ginseng American ginseng, also called American ginseng.

The saponin contained in it has significant anti-fatigue, anti-diuretic and anti-hypoxic capabilities.

Especially when people suffer from yin deficiency and lack of energy, dry mouth, thirst, and weakness, and put some American ginseng in porridge or stew, it can even calm autumn and dry, but also tonic.

  Small snacks: There is a small American ginseng on the market. It is made by wrapping American ginseng with honey, which is crispy and delicious.

  Strong food supplement: When eating hot pot, put American ginseng in it, which can effectively supplement.

  Defeat keywords: Body bloated There is an old saying in the West, “An apple a day, stay away from the doctor.

(One apple a day, never see a doctor for a lifetime).

“The pectin, cellulose, and hemicellulose contained in apples also have the function of adsorbing plasma and allowing it to be excreted from the feces, thereby reducing the cholesterol content in the blood, which is suitable for eating in the autumn of the ball.

Don’t be a good girl if you want to be promoted

Don’t be a good girl if you want to be promoted

In today’s workplace, women’s work ability and performance are definitely not worse than men’s. Not only do they have academic qualifications and skills, they even make contributions to work.

However, even so, there are still very few women who can be promoted to important positions. In most companies, executive positions are almost exclusively held by men.

Most people blame this imbalance in the workplace for “emphasizing boys and girls”, but some American scholars have pointed out that in fact, it is the traditional “good girl” that behaves in a manner that is gentle and frugal, which limits them in the workplaceSuccess.

He believes that if women want to improve their positions, they must change from “good girls” to “darker girls.”

  ”Dare to break the girl” and “good girl” have 9 opposing personality traits. Let’s see which category you are?

  Often, the “good girl” personality develops as a child when observing parental behavior.

For example, she saw that her mother took on the primary responsibility of caring for the whole family, and her father was only helping when she was involved.

Girls were told that resisting parents’ orders or anger would suddenly be unlovable, etc.

Therefore, if you want to be a daring girl, you must first overcome yourself from the mentality of accumulation, and then you can succeed.

  How to achieve the transformation from “good girl” to “daring to break into the girl”, I will give you 6 suggestions: 1. Locate clearly that women who want to hold important positions in the workplace must have long held the “I want to break into the workplaceThe determination to achieve something “cannot be repeated with the naive idea of” what day will a Prince Charming appear to save me from the sea of suffering “.

You know, setting a certain goal for yourself in the workplace often results.

  2. Make a request. Do n’t think that your supervisor will pay attention to your needs proactively, will predict for you, and plan your promotion path.

In fact, there are so many people in a department that it is difficult for supervisors to take care of everyone’s needs.

If you have a strong ambition, it is best to let your supervisor know.

  3. When you actively participate, do you always sit in the back row or corner and become the “silent majority”?

From now on to the prominent position in the front row, speak your opinion in a clear, solid voice.

Of course, if you can prepare before the supplement, state your opinions in an orderly manner, and have something to say, you will be able to show a sense of authority and stand out from your colleagues.

  4. Sell yourself without your supervisor, and regularly report the progress to your supervisor.

Don’t habitually avoid the boss like other colleagues, take the initiative to talk to the boss and leave a positive and positive impression on the boss.

  5, learn while doing Before you have never done a job, don’t shrink back and hesitate, thus losing the opportunity for performance.

Because even if you are not completely familiar, you can still learn by doing, and you can gain valuable experience even if you do wrong.

  6. Require authorization In the workplace, the boss’s favorite employee is the “will” who can rest assured to authorize, rather than shrinking and unable to take on the big soldier.

If you can “actively” ask your boss for authorization and take on jobs that others dare not take, you will naturally get more performance opportunities.

I feel lost in everything

I feel “lost” in everything

“Some time ago, the price of gold plummeted, and Wall Street financial predators were preparing to short gold.
Unexpectedly, ‘Chinese aunt’ was killed halfway. How much gold was sold on Wall Street, the aunts received it all, and the financial predators were defeated.
When I saw this paragraph, I just met Aunt Liu next door with the gold jewelry that she snapped up.
I smiled and congratulated Aunt Liu as a member of “Aunt”, who knew she frowned: “I’m really afraid that the price of gold will fall again, you will lose.
After listening to her answer, I thought that Aunt Liu’s “loss-of-mind” came again.
  When traveling, if she rains, she feels lost and feels unhappy all the time; she sends her grandson to learn the piano, and if her grandson wants to be lazy one day, she educates her grandson to “pay the tuition and lose if you don’t go”;She felt that her son was bullied.
Due to these piecemeal “loss-of-mind thinking”, Aunt Liu, who is happy in her family, always frowns.
When her son saw me, I couldn’t help asking: “How can I let my mother live in the moment and be happy?
Aunt Liu’s problem is caused by a long-term denial of the present.
To get rid of this dilemma, she must first focus on the process, not the unpredictable results.
For example, when traveling, instead of looking at the scenery in the sun, to enjoy the journey, it doesn’t matter whether it rains or not.
  Second, getting some training can help you focus on the process.
For example, pay attention to your steps, movements, and breathing while walking; listen to the sound of water when washing your hands, feel the feeling of your hands, and smell the soap.
  Finally, redefine the present.
You should consciously ask yourself, “What do I need?
“” My negation of the moment can help me get what I want? ”
“Can I make a positive interpretation of the current situation?”
For example, regarding the practice of grandson’s piano, Aunt Liu just distressed the money spent in class, but ignored her grandson’s nature as a child.
If she can think, grandson playing a day is not a big deal, work and rest combined with learning is more efficient, and more actively looking at the problem in this way, she can slowly realize the present happiness.

Lack of a week, two pounds, staying up late, tired, not fattening

Lack of a week, two pounds, staying up late, tired, not fattening

American researchers have found that lack of sleep and even physical exhaustion, but also easy to gain weight.

Volunteers only slept for 5 hours a day and gained nearly one kilogram after 5 consecutive days.

Professor Ken White, a professor of sleep at the University of Colorado at Boulder, led a team of 16 young, slim, healthy adults who volunteered to live in the “sleeping room” of the University of Colorado Hospital for two weeks.

For the first three days, the researchers asked volunteers to sleep 9 hours a night, supplying them with energy that was only enough to keep their weight during the day.

In the next 5 days, the researchers arranged the volunteers to range, the first group slept 5 hours a night, and the second group stayed 9 hours sleep.

All volunteers can eat at will, a large variety of meat and fruit, yogurt, ice cream, potato chips and other snacks.

After that, volunteer volunteers changed their sleep time. The first group slept for 9 hours every night, and the second group slept for up to 5 hours.

Absorbed researchers replaced in the report published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Long waking time means that the body needs to consume more energy, but the less sleepy volunteers absorb more than the consumption.

The results of the experiment showed that volunteers who slept for 9 hours at sleep scored 5% of the volume in a day, but converted to 6% more.

Volunteers who are not getting enough sleep often eat less breakfast, eat snacks after dinner, and snacks usually cause too much sugar and aunt.

As a result, the conversion of the snacks they eat exceeds any meal in three meals a day.

After less than 5 days of continuous sleep, the volunteers gained an average of two pounds (0.

91 kg), when the sleep time is too much, the volunteers add a small amount of aunt and the weight is reduced.

The so-called British media has quoted White’s words: “Our research shows that when someone is unconscious, they like to eat at night, and from a physiological point of view, this period of time is not suitable for eating.

White said that their findings show that adequate sleep helps people maintain a healthy weight, so people want to lose weight or maintain weight, enough to cope with healthy sleep.

“I don’t think that just sleeping more will make you lose weight.

Weight gain and obesity are quite complex, but too much sleep can have a role in slimming or maintaining weight.

“A number of previous studies have shown that lack of sleep is detrimental to health.

Sleep interferes with stress levels and blood glucose secretion decreases when awake; lack of awareness significantly slows down the body’s metabolism and reduces consumption; people who sleep less than 5 hours are prone to gain weight and are prone to weight-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Analyze the top ten details to improve the success rate of blind dates

Analyze the top ten details to improve the success rate of blind dates

Social psychology research found that 27% of unsuccessful blind dates are due to the embarrassing situation where one party talks too much and the other is speechless!

In life, people with opposite personalities can also become lovers, close friends, or confidantes, but for the first time, the two sides are not familiar with each other. From the beginning, everything should be based on the principle of absolute fairness .  1.

Avoid selling too much to the other side. If you are too short, your parents will feel that you are an emotional dependent person. If you encounter unsatisfactory things in the future, you will find him suffering!

With this kind of psychological defense, few people are willing to interact with you deeply.

Conversely, when you first meet, if you only give a brief account of your personal situation, and only give an overview, you can leave a sense of mystery to the other person and look forward to seeing you next time!


Always give the other party time to fully comply with his right to speak. Socio-psychological research has found that 27% of unsuccessful blind dates are due to the embarrassing situation of one party having more words than the other!

In life, people with opposite personalities can also become husbands and wives, close friends, or confidantes, but for the first meeting, the two sides are not familiar with each other. From the beginning, everything should be based on the principle of absolute fairness.

It is recommended that you give the other person as much time as possible during the conversation to make you feel considerate and equal.


The eyes focused on the other’s “triangular area” wandering the triangle formed by the opponent’s eyebrow center as the top angle and the two cheekbones as the bottom angle, which was called a “focus area” by psychologists.

When talking to the other party, if your eyes keep away from this “triangular zone”, it will leave people with a strong attention and the focus of themselves, which will make people feel more good about you!

Conversely, if you stare at each other’s eyes, it will make him hostile at first.


Quickly find the intersection with the other person. If the person you meet is very different from your experience, the thinking mode is completely opposite. When you find a common topic, you should repeat the other person’s point of view to show that you are in the same position as him.

In this way, the other party will have a sense of self-satisfaction and multiply your favor!


Minimize gestures and spoken words when speaking. Unintentional gestures and spoken words when speaking will reveal your inner feelings. If the other person is a proficient person, your tension will be grasped instantly, thus losing a little advantage and initiative.

Lower your strengths and think that the other party ‘s expertise should not show off your strengths. This will make the other party feel depressed. You can question his hobbies and expertise, which will also arouseYour new topic and desire to communicate.


Do n’t avoid heavy topics. Do n’t just ask questions in order to improve understanding, and do n’t be curious about those issues such as broken love, breakups, unemployment, etc. Even if you are really curious, please wait until you are familiar with it before asking.


Please smile in the sunshine and smile again. The real smile is not as simple as an upturned corner of the mouth, but a relaxation exercise.

Studies have found that toothy smiles are nearly 30% more effective than pouting smiles. Do n’t worry about your teeth being different. 70% of Asian men say they like girls who often smile and have tiger teeth!

And women like to see the sunny side of men more.


Bold to make your own deep moves is like Julie and Pete. Men are always so vicissitudes and women are always so gorgeous.Good signboard action, then you may wish to give each other a deep back.


Believe that the first sensation magnifies the sixth sensation. When the first sensation tells the person in front of you that it is worth continuing to interact and get along, you should timely enlarge your sixth sensation. When both the first sensation and the sixth sensation come into play,You should know what you did next.

Jiujiu Chongyang Festival: In these six customs, there is a great wisdom in health


Jiujiu Chongyang Festival: In these six customs, there is a great wisdom in health

The fifth day of the lunar calendar in September, this year is the Double Ninth Festival.

In the folk, the Double Ninth Festival has the custom of ascending, transplanting, chrysanthemum, drinking stew and nourishing.

“Jiujiu” has a “long time” homonym, which has a long and long-lasting meaning. People worship the ancestors at this time and carry out the activities of respecting the elderly.

In fact, many folk customs on the day of the Double Ninth Festival contain the great wisdom of health care, so let’s learn together.

Is there any folk custom in the Double Ninth Festival?

Health care can not be less than 1, ascending the Chongyang Festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the weather is high and autumn, the grass is also beginning to wither, suitable for ascending and distant, active bones.

This also corresponds to the fact that people are 鈥渨alking green鈥?in March.

In the following season, it is the late autumn and winter, and the time for people to go out will be reduced accordingly, so it is better to climb the festival at this time.

Moreover, for the elderly, climbing is a relatively high-activity activity. It can help promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, breathe fresh air in the ascendant, help metabolism, improve the respiratory system and digestive system.

2, transplanting in the double-yang season, transplanting and enjoying chrysanthemums is a custom that folks often have.

Earthworms are a kind of plant, and they are also a traditional Chinese medicine. They have a heavy odor, and they have the effect of removing wind and evil spirits, repelling insects and dampness. They can also eliminate food, cure cold and heat, and people also use it as a way to ward off evil.

The forest park has a variety of chrysanthemums. The festival of chrysanthemums is a season of chrysanthemums. At this time, there are customs of chrysanthemums everywhere. In the ancient customs of the Han people, chrysanthemums are also a symbol of longevity. People can relax and relax when they appreciate chrysanthemums.Fatigue can improve depressed mood and help improve sleep quality.

4, drinking chrysanthemum wine and drinking chrysanthemum wine is also an indispensable custom of many people in the Double Ninth Festival. Chrysanthemum wine is also known as “longevity wine” and “auspicious wine”. Chrysanthemum wine has the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight and delaying aging.Appropriate symptoms are quite appropriate for the body, but it also reminds middle-aged and elderly people to drink moderately.

5, eat Chongyang cake Chongyang cake named after Chongyang, mainly with melon seeds, red dates, walnuts and other nuts and a variety of candied dried fruits such as apple tart, peach apricot, apricot and other accessories, and then made into glutinous rice flour.

It is a nut cake that is often used by the public to place the elderly.

It contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, protecting fiber and multivitamins.

However, when middle-aged and elderly people eat these cakes, they should also pay attention to not eating too much, resulting in high sugar content, which is not easy to digest and absorb.

Bamboo 鑽?鑽?姹?6 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6In addition to chilling cold, it can also enhance immunity and enhance the ability to fight disease.

The Double Ninth Festival also wants to tell us more about the elderly around us, to give more companionship and care. The Double Ninth Festival is also the “China’s Old Age Festival”. Respecting the old and respecting the elderly is the virtue of the Chinese nation.

Pack you to become slim and eat five kinds of food before going to bed.


Pack you to become slim and eat five kinds of food before going to bed.

I want to know how to eat before going to bed, and not afraid of being out of shape?

Today Xiaobian tells you 5 kinds of weight loss foods, you can eat before going to bed, not afraid of fat, but also lose weight!


The fatty acids contained in honey honey can promote the active peristalsis of the intestines. The rich vitamins and mineral substances have the function of regulating the gastrointestinal tract. They can remove the toxins from the body and improve the constipation. The glucose and fructose components can be directly absorbed by the human body without accumulation.The plasma of sputum.

In addition, the content of honey is very low, 100g honey contains only 294 calories, so it has a good weight loss effect.

銆€銆€Washing a cup of honey with warm water before going to bed helps to detoxify the skin, promote metabolism, burn excess body fat, and replace your lower abdomen.

If you think that drinking honey is too monotonous, you can use half a cucumber to make juice, add honey and warm water, and turn into cucumber honey water, and lose weight better.


It is common knowledge to drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed to promote sleep. I don’t know if milk has a good weight loss effect!

銆€銆€Milk is rich in calcium. Drinking milk before going to bed can promote the absorption of calcium. Milk contains whey protein to help burn excess fat and lose weight.

The main protein of milk is not absorbed and absorbed very quickly, so drinking milk before going to bed does not burden the energy consumption at night, and it will not feel tired when you wake up the next day.

銆€銆€Milk itself has a certain moment, MM who wants to lose weight must choose low-fat milk!

It is recommended that you lose weight within 2 hours before going to bed.


Saturated soluble fiber and insoluble fiber in oat oatmeal can absorb the plasma in the human body and excrete it in the body, relieve the pain of constipation and avoid the extra misfortune in the body.

Oatmeal is also rich in B vitamins, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin E, has good hypoglycemic effect, weight loss, can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, reduce waste accumulation in the body, and make your body lighter.

銆€銆€MM who are hungry before going to bed can cook a small bowl of oatmeal (about 100 grams) to eat.

銆€銆€4, digestive cake digestion cake – processed with whole wheat, oatmeal, wheat fiber as the main raw materials, the types are whole wheat cake, fiber cake, high-grade cake, oat cake, oat bread, fiber bran, whole wheat crude fiber cake, wheat fiber embryo cake and so on.

The amount of digestive cake is very low, generally 50 calories/block. The conversion of chocolate digestive cake is 109 calories/block, and the digestive cake is rich in fiber and enzymes, which can discharge the stool and lose weight. It is a must-eat food for MM to lose weight.

銆€銆€It is recommended not to eat more than 3 pieces when you are hungry before going to bed to avoid excessive UV.


Almond almond glucose protein, traces, sugars, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients

The monounsaturated fatty acids contained in almonds help to lower blood fat, and dieters do not need to strictly control their diet, and they can easily lose weight.

In addition, almonds also contain a lot of fiber, which can reduce the glucose sensation and have a certain effect on maintaining weight.

銆€銆€Eat a few almonds before going to bed, or drink a cup of almond tea, you can be full, not afraid to get fat.