[How to make heart-shaped Qifeng cake]_Home-made method of heart-shaped Qifeng cake_How to make heart-shaped Qifeng cake_How to make heart-shaped Qifeng cake

[How to make heart-shaped Qifeng cake]_Home-made method of heart-shaped Qifeng cake_How to make heart-shaped Qifeng cake_How to make heart-shaped Qifeng cake

No matter when you are in good health or when you are suffering from a disease, diet can be said to be very important. A reasonable diet can promote health and can also be used to treat the disease to help treat the disease. The method of heart-shaped Qifeng cake is simple and can also helpCondition the body and promote good health.

1. Prepare the required materials and weigh them. 2. The protein and egg white components. The egg white bowl should be larger to ensure that the bowl is oil-free and water-free. 3. Corn oil and milk / 15 grams of powdered sugar are stirred to a fusion. 4.Sift the low-gluten flour and stir until dry powder-free 5. Add egg yolks and stir until smooth. Set aside for use. 6. Add salt to egg white. Lemon juice. 7. Beat to low-speed fisheye bubbles. Add sugar powder. 8. Add three times.After powdered sugar, beat the protein until it turns into a hook-like shape. Take a copy of the protein frosting into the egg yolk paste and add it in three times. Each time you add it evenly, add the next amount 10. During the stirring process,Do not make a circle. Stir quickly by using the stir-mix method. Preheat the oven at 160 degrees11. Pour the stirred paste into an 8-inch mold. Shake the air bubbles. 12 Place the lower layer of the oven and bake at 140 degrees and 50 minutes. 13.After 0 minutes, the cake has a height of 14 and dropped from a height of fifteen centimeters after being baked. It will buckle on the net rack 15 after drying. After drying, gently cut open the edges with your hands, and then gently push up at the bottom, perfect.Demolding, mine is a separate box 16, the finished product Figure 17, and then Zhang切After the height had.
Long-term eating outside is not only easy to affect health, but also affect family harmony. The practice of heart-shaped Qifeng cake is very easy, you may wish to eat more.

[How to make the best stuffed meat sauce]_Homely practices_How to make good food

[How to make the best stuffed meat sauce]_Homely practices_How to make good food

Humans need a lot of nutrients for growth and development, not only to eat more fruits and vegetables, but also to supplement meat on time.

Many people now think that meat is not good for the body, or it ‘s because they do n’t eat meat because of weight loss, but the nutrition of meat is also necessary.

There are many types of meat and many methods.

You can stir-fry and stew.

Soy sauce buns are loved by many people. They can be used for breakfast or dinner, and are easy to carry.

Meat buns are a delicious snack.

The taste is salty and sweet, and the method is simple, suitable for young and old.

Add oil to the pot. When the oil temperature is 70% hot, fry the meat, then add the sweet sauce, sugar, a little salt and some chicken essence and stir fry for a while, then add the shallots and stir fry for a while;Take out the fermented dough and take out the air, knead it into strips and separate them into small doughs; roll the dough into a dough and wrap it into the filling, close it and place it in a steamer.Ready to cook in minutes.

Method 1: Use 500g of flour (for dough), 300g of pork ground meat, 300g of dry yeast, 2 tsp (about 4 to 5g), minced onion, ginger, dumplings, seasoning, sugar, watercress, soybean sauce, and soy sauce.For filling) 50 grams Step 11 Take the water in the recipe and turn the dry yeast.

Knead into dough, cover with a damp cloth or plastic wrap and ferment at room temperature.

Add water to the dry powder a few times, and the success criteria are basin light, hand light, and face light.

2 In the meat, rub the ginger puree with a ginger wipe.

3 Add chopped spring onions.

4 buns and dumplings seasoning, added as called.

If you don’t like it, don’t add it, or add a little black pepper to fishy.

5 Add the right amount of salt. Don’t add enough at one time.

6 put the right amount of sugar, fresh.

Don’t like it if you don’t like it.

7 two spoons of rice wine.

Smoke two spoons.

8 two spoons of water, stir vigorously with 4 chopsticks in one direction until the moisture is completely absorbed by the meat.

Method two Method 1. Put oil in the pan, stir fry the meat until the oil temperature is 70% hot, then add the sweet sauce, sugar, a little salt and some chicken essence and stir fry for a while, then add the yellow onion and stir fry.Take it out for spare time; 2. Take out the air from the fermented dough (for details about the dough making process, see Flower Roll Making), knead it into strips and divide it into small dough pieces; 3. Roll out the dough into dough and wrap it into the fillingAfter closing, put it in a steamer. Open the cold water in the drawer and steam over high heat until the water is boiling.

Method three main ingredients: pork pork belly amount, onion amount of auxiliary materials: a small amount of ginger, two star anise, the right amount of sweet noodle sauce, the right amount of raw soy sauce, the right amount of old soy sauce, a small amount of cooking wine steps.

Wash and cut the pork five pieces into a pot under cold water, add a few slices of ginger, four spoons of cooking wine, two star anise peppers, and cook until cut off.

At this point, you can reconcile the noodles and send them.


Peel the pork and cut into soy beans.

Chopped ginger, chopped green onion, set aside.


Some oil, stir fry a little bit of ginger.


Add ground pork and stir fry over medium heat for a few minutes.


Add two and a half spoons of sweet noodle sauce.


Plus old pumping plasma.


Add soy sauce.
Stir fry for 6 minutes.

When the noodles are ready to be packaged, stir-fry the onions. If the sauce is not enough, add salt and stir well to form a sauce.


Open the package.


After it is wrapped, steam it in the pot for 20 minutes, and the bacon buns are out of the pot.

[How to make watermelon stuffed dumplings]_Making method_How to make

瑗跨摐鍒扮幇鍦ㄤ竴涓篃骞朵笉渚垮疁锛屽ぇ瀹跺瑗跨摐鐨勪簡瑙e拰璁よ瘑涔熸病鏈夐偅涔堢殑绋€灏戯紝闄や簡鐭ラ亾瑗跨摐鐨勬灉鑲夊彲浠ョ洿鎺ュ悆锛岃タ鐡滅毊涔熸湁寰堝鐨勪綔鐢紝姣斿鍙互缇庡鍏婚锛岄櫎姝や箣澶栨妸瑗跨摐鐨竻娲楀共鍑€锛屾妸澶栭潰鐨勭豢鐨墛鎺夊悗杩樺彲浠ュ垏鎴愬皬鍧楁垨鑰呭墎鎴愰ズ瀛愰鍖呴ズ瀛愶紝瑗跨摐鐨寘楗哄瓙鐨勫彛鎰熸竻鐖斤紝鑰屼笖杩樿兘娌荤枟楂樿鍘嬨€傝タ鐡滅毊楦¤泲绱犳按楗虹殑鍋氭硶涓绘枡锛?Coaxing?50 ounces?瑗 Cross the choke?00 鍏?Last 6 years?Fifteen chains?哏 剧 背 阃 噞 噺 呮 呮 垡 Adh?娌归€傞噺 鐩愰€傞噺 鏂欓厭閫傞噺 鍏堟娊閫傞噺 鑳℃绮夐€傞噺 楦$簿閫傞噺 鑺濋夯娌归€傞噺 钁遍€傞噺 绯攭 咻 钂 眮 陃 噺 噺 1.Please refer to the following questions.毊 擊 タ 鐡 灭 毊 3.What is the difference between the village and the village? Aren’t you talking about it? Aren’t you talking about it?.閿呴噷娌圭儹锛屾斁鍏ヨタ鐡滅毊鐓哥倰涓€涓嬶紝鐩涘嚭锛?.铏剧背鐢ㄦ竻姘存紓鍑€锛屾斁鍏ユ补閿呯吀鐐掍竴涓嬬洓鍑猴紝6.棣欒弴娉″彂濂藉垏纰庯紝鏀惧叆娌归攨鐓哥倰涓€涓嬶紝鐩涘嚭锛?。5涓浮铔嬪姞浜涙枡閰掓墦鍖€锛屾斁鍏ユ补閿呯吀鐐掔啛锛岄摬纰庯紝8.鏀惧叆棣欒弴锛岃櫨绫筹紝纾曞叆涓€涓敓楦¤泲锛?.鏀惧叆钁辫姳锛屽姞鐩愶紝鍏堟娊锛岃儭妞掔矇锛岄浮绮撅紝鑺濋夯娌癸紝鎼呮媽鍖€锛?0.What are you going to say about it?1.What are you doing? What are you saying? What are you saying?2.I’m afraid of surrendering and surrendering across the river. 釀 咔咔咔 咣 咃 纴 13.What is it?4.閿呴噷姘村紑锛屾斁鍏ラズ瀛愯儦锛屽ぇ鐏叜寮€锛岃繃2閬嶅喎姘达紝鍐嶇叜寮€鍗冲彲鐩涘嚭銆?5,鍚冩椂铇镐笂绯栭唻钂滄眮銆傝タ鐡滅殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢ㄨタ鐡滄€у瘨锛屽懗鐢橈紝褰掑績銆佽儍銆佽唨鑳辩粡锛屽叿鏈夋竻鐑В鏆戙€佺敓娲ユ娓淬€佸埄灏块櫎鐑︾殑鍔熸晥锛屼富娌昏兏鑶堟皵澹咃紝婊¢椃涓嶈垝锛屽皬渚夸笉鍒╋紝鍙i蓟鐢熺柈锛屾殤鐑紝涓殤锛岃В閰掓瘨绛夌棁銆傝タ鐡滄湁鐢熸触銆侀櫎鐑︺€佹娓淬€佽В鏆戠儹锛屾竻鑲鸿儍锛屽埄灏忎究锛屽姪娑堝寲锛屼績浠h阿鐨勫姛鑳斤紝鏄竴绉嶅彲浠ユ粙韬ˉ浣撶殑椋熺墿鍜岄ギ鏂欙紝閫傚疁浜庨珮琛€鍘嬨€佽倽鐐庛€佽偩鐐庛€佽偩鐩傝偩鐐庛€侀粍鐤姐€佽儐鍥婄値銆佹按鑲挎诞鑲夸互鍙婁腑鏆戝彂鐑紝姹楀鍙f复涔嬩汉椋熺敤锛屽瓡濡囧彲閫傚綋鍚冧簺缂撹В瀛曟湡娴偪鐜拌薄銆傝タ鐡滀腑鍚湁鐨勭硸銆佺洂銆侀吀绛夌墿璐紝鏈夋不鐤楄偩鐐庡拰闄嶈鍘嬬殑浣滅敤銆?

Suddenly high blood sugar?

May wish to see psychology

Suddenly high blood sugar?
May wish to see psychology

Before retiring, 62-year-old Ms. Tang was the leader of the agency. She had strong strength and was extremely popular. She was a well-known strong woman in her unit.

About a year ago, Ms. Tang’s husband died of illness and her child was not around, but she still faced life with strength.

However, even more unfortunately, Ms. Tang was diagnosed with diabetes six months ago, but she didn’t know why the blood sugar was uncontrollable, and it suddenly fluctuated. Recently, she always felt chest tightness, chest pain and palpitation, which made her children worry.

Helplessly, Ms. Tang was admitted to the Department of Endocrinology, Gulou Hospital.

  During the hospitalization, the nurse of the endocrinology department carefully found that although Ms. Tang was cheerful and talkative during the day, when she was still quiet at night, she turned the other side alternately, unable to fall asleep for a long time, and sometimes she could hear her sigh gently, as ifFull of heart.
After knowing this detail, Ms. Tang’s doctor specifically contacted Dr. Zhao Peng from the Department of Medical Psychology to consult her.

  In response to Ms. Tang’s symptoms, Dr. Zhao Peng prescribed some antidepressants and sleep-promoting drugs as an adjuvant treatment, and instructed her to actively look for a new life sustenance, let go of her closed heart, and spend more time with her family., Friends exchange and rejoice.

After a short hospitalization and psychological counseling, Ms. Tang’s blood sugar was well controlled, her sleep gradually improved, and her smile was much higher.

  Dr. Peng Zhao, Department of Medical Psychology, Drum Tower Hospital, told reporters that at least half of the patients in the clinic show physical symptoms as the main symptoms or depression, and some of them have chronic underlying diseases, including endocrine, cardiovascular, and digestive diseases.Most of the system and kidney diseases are common; another part of the patients do not have organic aberrations, but show a series of physical symptoms, such as chest tightness, palpitation, stomach pain, headache, indigestion, etc. Some patients even tell the doctor that they feel full bodyIt hurts everywhere, and the results of various physical examinations are normal.

Of course, these are physical symptoms exhibited by mental illnesses such as depression or depression.

  Nowadays, a large number of people do not know enough about mental illness, sometimes they do n’t know about emotional problems, and even have a deep sense of stigma, they refuse to face and treat.

In fact, depression is a systemic disease, and the patient’s physical function will decline comprehensively, resulting in a series of physical discomfort.

If these patients neglect psychological treatment, it is difficult to achieve significant results.

Some scholars have proposed depression as one of the clinical symptoms of diabetes.

If emotional control is not good, blood sugar can be difficult to control effectively.

Therefore, for the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, psychological intervention is also an indispensable part.

Child health cupping

Child health cupping

Children’s viscera is delicate, their body functions are weak, and their disease resistance is insufficient. If they are not properly maintained, they are susceptible to respiratory diseases such as colds, cough, cramps, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Children have weak stomachs, and their spleen and stomach functions are not yet perfect.The damage caused causes disorders of the spleen and stomach, as well as indigestion, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, stasis, accumulation, constipation, diarrhea and other diseases of the digestive system.

These common and frequently-occurring diseases in children can be prevented and treated with health dial therapy.

  [Acupoint matching](1) Respiratory health care: large vertebra, damper, body column, Feishu, Lingtai, Xinyu, Dingchuan.

  (2) Health care of digestive system: Shenzhang, Zhongzhang, Tianshu, Pishu, Weishu, Zusanli.

  [Cupping method]Simple cupping method.

According to the focus of health care, extract 3-4 acupoints at a time.

Use suction tank or hot pot to suction and pull on each hole, leave the tank for 5-10 minutes.

1 time a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

After the child’s physical fitness is changed to regular health cupping once a week, persist for a long time, and produce significant.

  [Attending]children’s respiratory and digestive system health.

Everyone is envious of each other

Everyone is envious of each other

Most people are generally unconfident in areas where they are unfamiliar but related, so it is easy to envy others.

Envy may be normal, but it is foolish if someone gives up their self-confidence and pursuit because of envy of others.

Envy is just because we want to cover the field, but we are not familiar with it.

So it’s important to be familiar and mastery.

It is not directly related to one’s ability.

Psytopic’s point of view: Maybe it is more appropriate to replace “envy” with “respect”, which is human instinct for unknown fear.

  ”Everyone is envious of each other, and almost no one can be an exception.” This sentence really looks like truth.

  In my opinion, the reason may not be complicated, and that is: Many people are aware of their self-confidence in areas they are not familiar with but related to it, so it is easy to envy others.

  It is said that the authority is obsessed with the spectator, but what is the criterion for determining who is closer to the truth?

In real life, when an individual’s inner feelings and external evaluations differ, which one is truly correct?

  If the explanation of that reason is applied, it may be called an answer.

  For example, excluding the humble factor, Jordan generally does not consider himself like the god of basketball.

Because of a lot of techniques from basic skills, he is familiar with the mastery and integration, and he is not as special as he is in the kind of self-confidence of hard work.Add the name of the class to him, envy him crazy, why?

First of all because they are interested in Jordan (turn Jordan into a field related to themselves), secondly they do not understand or cannot master his technology perfectly, his hard work and his mentality (not familiar with the true meaning of Jordan’s bravery)So envy.

You can’t imagine a person who is only interested in football and never watched a basketball game will envy Jordan, and you can’t imagine that James, who is equally talented and has no worse skills than Jordan, will envy Jordan like Jordan fans (at mostJust respect).

  The examples around me may be more vivid.

You know how to reinstall, you know some basic computer maintenance, but that’s all. Do you feel that your computer level is high?

No, it feels average at best.

But to those who have a computer but are not familiar with computer operation and maintenance, your computer technology is very strong, it is easy to make people envy.

Also you can’t imagine an electronic city boss will envy you because you know some basic maintenance knowledge, he will only think that you are almost just a beginner.

So, how about your computer level?

In fact, according to the standards of their subjective experience, everyone’s judgment is correct.

  I don’t know if I can give more examples than this, but this explanation can often perfectly explain the reason we are envious.

Most people are generally unconfident in areas where they are unfamiliar but related, so it is easy to envy others.

When you are quite familiar with this field, you will find that the feeling of envy often disappears, and it is replaced by a kind of calmness.

  Therefore, envy may be normal, but if someone gives up self-confidence and pursuit because of envy of others, it is foolish.

Envy is just because we want to cover the field, but we are not familiar with it.
So it’s important to be familiar and mastery.
It is not directly related to one’s ability.
If you are willing to try and get familiar with it, perhaps the envy complex will soon be dispelled.

And if you think that your unfamiliarity is your own incompetence, and give up your efforts to give up the familiar experience, then you may really verify your original wrong conjecture.

Maybe, like love, friends who are single for the time being, it is not that love has abandoned them, but that they are not familiar enough with love, or that the real time has not yet come, and it has nothing to do with their ability to love, it just takes time and familiarity.

Therefore, the happy couples around can be envious, but they don’t need to humble themselves.

  There are two kinds of people who hardly admire others’ normal minds. There are two situations. One is very confident and may even be arrogant sometimes. The other is people who take many things very lightly.Really “indifferent”.

These two kinds of people are very rare.

For example Nietzsche, some Zhuangzi.

Medicated diet that relieves fatigue makes you feel more energetic

Medicated diet that relieves fatigue makes you feel more energetic

Click to buy Modern people often suffer from physical fatigue because of the pressure of work and study and the irregularities in daily life.

So are there any medicated diets that can relieve fatigue?

The following editors will bring you a medicated diet to relieve fatigue and make you feel more energetic!

  Five medicated diets help relieve work fatigue1.

Raw materials of jujube and lotus seed porridge: 10 grams of jujube kernels, 20 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of wolfberry, and 100 grams of previous rice and rice.

  Practice: Wash and add porridge together with water, add appropriate sugar.

  Role: soothe the nerves, nourish the brain.


Lycium barbarum raw materials: a sheep brain, 30 grams of wolfberry.

  Method: Wash the sheep brain and wolfberry in a bowl, add the appropriate amount of minced shallot, ginger, cooking wine, salt, steamed on the pot, the characteristics are like “tofu brain”.

  Role: tonic, recuperate physical fatigue.


Astragalus chicken raw materials: 30 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of tangerine peel, 12 grams of cinnamon, 1 cock.

  Method: Wrap Chinese gauze, put it in the pot with the cock, simmer over low heat, season with salt, eat meat and drink soup.

  Role: Fatigue and physical decline of the main body.


Ginseng glutinous rice porridge ingredients: 10 grams of ginseng, yam, 50 grams of glutinous rice each, brown sugar amount.

  Method: First cut the ginseng into thin slices, cook porridge with glutinous rice and yam together, add brown sugar when the porridge is cooked, take while warm, once a day.

  Function: The porridge has various effects such as tonicing vitality, anti-fatigue and strengthening heart.

  Note: Patients with high blood pressure and fever should not take it.


Ingredients for eel and yam porridge: 1 live eel, yam, 50 grams each of the previous rice, appropriate amount of various spices.

  Method: Cut the eel off the internal organs, cut into a bowl, add cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, and salt, mix well with yam and rice, take porridge once a day.

  Function: The porridge has both qi and blood tonic, strong muscles and strong bones. Frequent use of this porridge can eliminate fatigue.

Moderate drinking red wine at night

Moderate drinking red wine at night

Although red wine is a kind of wine, its essence is slightly different from that of ordinary wine. It uses grapes as the main raw material and is a beverage wine made by fermentation.In addition to sugar, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and other nutrients and minerals, it also contains a sleep aid hormone-melatonin.

Therefore, people who suffer from insomnia at night can add red wine to help them fall asleep.

  Some people may be wondering, isn’t alcohol in red wine?

Alcohol can cause insomnia!

In this regard, experts from the mental health network explained that red wine does contain a certain amount of alcohol, but if absorbed in moderation, the role of promoting sleep particles will replace the role of alcohol.

  We know that red wine is short for red wine, and its main ingredient is grapes.

Grape juice also contains melatonin, a sleep-assisting hormone, so it can regulate the sleep cycle and treat insomnia.

Even though the effect of red wine is not directly equivalent to that of grapes, some researchers claim that because red wine contains antioxidants and alcohol, the amount of melatonin may be higher than that of fresh grapes.

Therefore, the regulation of insomnia at night may play a more significant role.

  In addition to the ingredients that are good for sleep, red wine can help you relax and regulate your mood when you are extremely tired.

From the perspective of the relaxing effect of red wine, it can also help people who suffer from insomnia at night to fall asleep as soon as possible.

How much is the most healthy room temperature in winter?

How much is the most healthy room temperature in winter?

The winter has come quietly, and heating has become a hot spot for the government and the people.
According to the new regulations of Beijing this year, the temperature of shopping malls and office buildings in winter heating will be controlled at 18 掳C, the temperature of hotels and restaurants will be controlled at 20 掳C-22 掳C, and the temperature in residential homes will not be lower than 16 掳C.
16掳C is the average temperature in spring in Beijing. 鈥淲arm as spring鈥?is the basic standard for indoor heating temperature in winter.
銆€銆€鈻?Room temperature is too low for health. Can you spend a comfortable winter, indoor temperature is indeed a key indicator.
When the indoor temperature is lower than 12 掳C, the indoor habitability is poor and the health is degraded. 80% of the people sitting in the room feel cold and can’t stay sedentary, and more than 20% of the active people feel cold.
Older people, children or patients with diseases such as colds and pneumonia are prone to hypothermia in lower room temperature conditions, ie, body temperature is lower than 35 掳C; most patients with mild hypothermia show slow movement and mental retardation, but the mind is still awake.If the body temperature is low, it may be in a coma and can lead to death.
Therefore, if the indoor temperature is not up to standard, it should be reflected to the heating unit in time. For single-family heating households using wall-hung boilers, avoid lowering the room temperature in order to save money, and do not rely on drinking and heating; those with colds, pneumonia and other diseases should be treated early.
銆€銆€鈻?Room temperature is too high to cause disease. However, if the room is 鈥渨arm as summer鈥? it is not beneficial to health. The suitable indoor environment is also related to the relative humidity.
In general, the higher the room temperature, the drier the air and the lower the relative humidity.
In winter, the appropriate indoor relative humidity is 30%-60%, while in the heating period most households have a relative humidity of only about 15%.
This dry environment with relatively low relative humidity is quite harmful to the health of the body. It is manifested in: 1. In a dry environment, some bacterial viruses are easy to grow and spread with dry dust; breathing dry air can damage the respiratory tract, trigger asthma, bronchiInflammation, sinusitis, nosebleeds, dry nose and throat, and cracked lips.
銆€銆€Second, the skin and other tissues evaporate, causing dryness and itching of the skin and eyes.
銆€銆€Third, air drying makes the body easy to generate static electricity, not only often produces “electric shock” like discomfort, but also affects the normal electrophysiological process of the myocardium, induces arrhythmia, and can make some mental illness or heart disease patients worse.
< Fourth, the relative humidity is low, making people feel cold. When the indoor temperature is 21 掳C and the relative humidity is 10%, the human body feels only 18 掳C. In addition, the high indoor temperature not only aggravates the air drying, but also wastes the scarce energy and increases the expenditure; the indoor temperature is between 16 掳 C and 21 掳 C, and the heating cost can be saved by about 5% for every 1 掳 C reduction. 銆€銆€鈻?Be alert to indoor air pollution in winter Indoor air pollution in winter is also a risk factor affecting your health. In order to maintain the indoor temperature well, many homes or public places have closed the doors and windows or some passages of the house tightly and rarely ventilated, so that although the indoor temperature is up to standard, the indoor air quality has dropped sharply. Smoking fumes, pet dander, dust mites, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and volatiles from decoration materials accumulate indoors, affecting air quality, inducing disease and even causing death. 銆€銆€Therefore, if you want to have a healthy and comfortable winter indoor environment, you should not only look at the temperature, but also pay attention to the indoor relative humidity and air quality. Please draw attention to the following suggestions: Indoor temperature control is preferably between 16 掳C and 22 掳C. Use a humidifier or a basin of water next to the radiator to raise some aquatic plants indoors to maximize the relative humidity of the indoor air. Open windows every day to keep the indoor air fresh; no smoking indoors. Households with single-family heating should pay attention to the maintenance of heating equipment to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning; when the kitchen range hood is started, the window should be properly opened to prevent the indoor air pressure from being low, causing the boiler or coal stove chimney to invert. Keep your living environment clean, clean, wash sheets, curtains and clothing, and keep your pet clean. Newly renovated places should pay attention to the detection and cleaning of the indoor environment.

What kind of fruit should be eaten by respiratory failure?


What kind of fruit should be eaten by respiratory failure?

Respiratory failure is a dysfunction state and not a disease. It can be caused by diseases of the lungs or complications of various diseases. The damage is very serious.

Therefore, we need to understand the diet of respiratory failure, which can help treat the disease.

Here is a description of what fruit should be eaten by respiratory failure?

[What fruit should I eat for respiratory failure?

銆?1, pear pear has the effect of lowering blood pressure, clearing heat and cooling, pear skin and pear leaves, flowers, roots are also metabolized into medicine, there are lungs, heat, detoxification, eliminate phlegm and other effects.

Pear is the “one of the hundred fruit”, because the fruit is juicy, sweet and sour, so it is also known as “natural mineral water.”

Chinese medicine believes that pear is sweet, slightly acidic, and cold. It mainly belongs to the lungs and stomach. It has the functions of moistening the lungs and clearing away heat, eliminating phlegm and reducing fire, clearing the stomach and diarrhea, nourishing yin and fluid, and relaxing the bowels.

The very famous “pear cream” is based on sweet pears.

2, 鏋囨澐鏋囨澐 is a rare and rare fruit in southern Colombia. It is different from most fruit trees. It raises buds in autumn, blooms in winter, springs in the spring, matures in the early summer, and bears four seasons of rain, which is 鈥渢he only one in the fruit鈥濇瀲鏉? the ancient name is also called 鑺︽, also known as Jinmao, Luzhi, is a genus of the apple subfamily in the family Rosaceae, is an evergreen small tree, native to southeastern China, because of the shape of the fruit like a musical instrument.

The meat is soft and juicy, moderately sweet and sour, and tastes delicious. It is known as the 鈥淓mperor of Fruits鈥?

The crown of the eucalyptus is round and the trunk is quite short. The average tree height is 3 to 4 meters.

The leaves are thick, dark green, with fluff on the back and serrated edges.

The eucalyptus tree is quite beautiful, and it grows rapidly. It is lush green and is planted as a horticultural ornamental value in many places.

It must be said that the current natural environment is indeed causing more and more people to suffer from various diseases. Chronic respiratory failure, which was rarely seen before, is now almost a common disease.

However, as long as we pay attention to replacing the above-mentioned ingredients in our daily diet, we can avoid the intrusion of chronic respiratory failure to the greatest extent.