Healthy eating


Healthy eating

Fruit is easy to be anemia when eating rice.

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Because the fruit can not meet the necessary nutritional needs of the human body, long-term fruit as a meal can easily lead to anemia.

Human life activities are inseparable from the supply of nutrients such as cockroaches, proteins, sugars, vitamins, minerals and water.

Only fruit is used to feed the hunger every day. Over time, it will lose a reasonable diet and reduce the absorption of nutrients, especially the proportion of minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium that are needed in the body.

銆€銆€It is appropriate to eat meat and garlic. “Eat meat does not eat garlic, nutrition is halved.”

If you are eating beef sauce and braised pork, eat a few cloves of garlic and your appetite will open.

The vitamin B1 contained in lean meat stays in the body for a short time and is discharged in large quantities with urine.

If the vitamin B1 in the meat can be combined with allicin in garlic, the residence time of vitamin B1 in the body is prolonged, which plays an important role in promoting blood circulation and increasing the absorption rate and utilization rate of vitamin B1 in the digestive tract.銆?銆€銆€Nutritional eggs don’t mess around. At present, some people buy eggs and only choose trace elements. They think that eating eggs containing trace elements is good for the body.

Nutrition experts say that nutritious eggs can not be eaten.

The so-called nutritious eggs use some trace elements such as iodine, zinc and iron to make a special kind of chicken feed. The chickens eat for about 2 months and biotransformation occurs in the body. The eggs produced by such chickens are followed byOrdinary eggs are different.

Nutritional eggs are only suitable for a small number of people, and they are not allowed to eat at random.

The trace elements most easily metabolized by the human body are calcium, iron and iodine.

However, in daily expectations, they all have a fixed demand. Normal people only need to eat one or two ordinary eggs a day to fully meet the demand.

銆€銆€Instant Food Recruitment The Japanese medical community has found that patients with limb swelling and abnormal heart have increased significantly over the years.

In severe cases, not only the feet are swollen, but the whole body will feel tired and slow, and the heart will even die due to heart paralysis.

The survey results show that most of this is a disaster caused by fast food.

Western-style fast foods and pasta, canned foods and other foods rarely have vitamin B1. In addition, these foods have a particularly high sugar content, and excessive consumption of sugar in the human body will increase the consumption of vitamin B1, which may lead to athlete’s foot.disease.

Therefore, people who regularly eat fast food should eat more vitamin B1 rich beans, cereals, wheat, crude rice, meat, animal heart, liver, kidney and other metabolic regulation.

銆€銆€Color foods should be far away from the production of color foods. The dye used is synthetic pigment. It is extracted from petroleum or tar. It is chemically synthesized and has certain toxicity.

This food dye consumes detoxifying substances in the body and interferes with normal metabolic reactions in the body, thereby affecting metabolic processes such as sugar, trace, protein, vitamins and hormones, which are manifested as abdominal pain and indigestion.

In fact, synthetic pigments can also accumulate in the body leading to chronic poisoning.

When the synthetic pigment adheres to the renal wall, it can cause complications; when attached to the urinary organ, it is easy to induce stones.

In particular, children’s organ tissues are relatively fragile and sensitive to chemicals, such as excessive consumption of synthetic pigments, which can affect the nervous system and cause ADHD.

銆€銆€When the heart delicious syndrome people eat chicken, duck, fish, meat and other foods, sometimes dizziness, vertigo, upper limb numbness, jaw tremor, chest tightness, palpitations and other symptoms, nutritionists call it “delicious syndrome””.

In savory foods such as chicken, duck, fish, and meat, it contains a large amount of sodium citrate.

Mild symptoms can occur when 5 grams are absorbed once, and severe symptoms can occur when inserted above 10 grams.

In order to prevent the occurrence of “delicious syndrome”, chicken, duck, fish, and meat should not be eaten too much.

When cooking, put less MSG.

Eat more fruits or drink strong tea after a meal, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and promote the excretion of harmful substances as soon as possible.