How office workers fight sub-health, here are the coups, please accept


How office workers fight sub-health, here are the coups, please accept


Backache symptoms: Lumbar fractures or multiple or moderate pains. Back pain is a symptom of many diseases, and can be used as an independent disease, sometimes accompanied by pain in the spine and spinal cord muscles.

Predicting the physical condition: The common back pain is mainly sprain or psoas muscle injury. In addition, there is a need to be alert to cystitis or appendicitis.

Therefore, if it can be ruled out that the back pain caused by lumbar muscle injury, go to the hospital as soon as possible to go to the hospital for blood tests, urine tests, or cystoscopy.

Drink plenty of water during this time, don’t eat spicy, spiced foods, and do anti-inflammatory and physiotherapy treatments.

In addition, bathing with pumpkin oil or sandalwood oil can also relieve the symptoms of back pain.


Irritable irritability symptoms: Another manifestation is irritability, emotional instability.

Predicting the physical condition: If you have obvious perception, you need to do a thyroid examination because the central nervous system is sensitive to thyroid hormone imbalance.

Similar symptoms include emotional irritability, insomnia, temper, crying, body weight loss, etc., women are about to have symptoms of irregular menstruation.


Dizziness and dizziness symptoms: dizziness, sometimes suddenly getting up will appear black eyes, legs soft, unstable feeling.

Predicting the physical condition: The symptoms of dizziness first need to determine whether the blood pressure is normal.

Hypotension is age-free, so people of any age may have symptoms of hypotension, while women are prone to high blood pressure during the age of 35 to 40, low blood pressure, high, or unhealthy.The state needs to adjust the eating habits for daily health care.

In addition, it is very beneficial to participate in some sports, such as swimming, running, etc., for the improvement of blood pressure.


Eye lumps, dark circles symptoms: edema of the eyes, obvious melanin in the eyes, dark circles usually occur after staying up late or longer, need to pay attention to rest.

Predicting the physical condition: But if you have frequent edema, you have to check the kidneys. If edema often occurs, women are more likely to have kidney stones than men.


Hyperhidrosis symptoms: love sweating, sweating after a little or a little exercise, physical exhaustion.

Predicting the physical condition: If you stop sweating more than usual, you need to consider the problem of vascular autonomic dislocation. You can use sedative implant therapy, but if the effect is not obvious, it is recommended to go to the hospital.


Leg swelling symptoms: edema in the legs, do not retreat.

Some healthy women also have eyelids, back of the hands, feet and even mild swelling of the lower extremities in a week or half a month before menstruation.

Predicting physical condition: edema in the legs, sometimes unconscious, which may be a symptom of chronic venous failure.

It is common to eat some raw vegetables that can help strengthen the fibers of the vein wall.

Proper exercise every day can also prevent swelling of the legs.


Symptoms of cramps in the hands and feet: It usually occurs suddenly and vertically, but it lasts for a short time, only a few minutes.

Muscle pain, the touch is hard and tense, and in the affected area, the muscle mass or muscle deformation can be seen by the naked eye.

The common onset muscle is the sacral muscle.

Predicting the physical condition: cramps in the hands and feet are mostly due to the lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body, because calcium and vitamin D are the key factors to maintain bone stiffness and muscle contraction.

Ordinary diets should eat more dairy products, animal liver or seafood.


A lot of hair loss symptoms: a large amount of hair loss occurs for no reason.

Predicting physical condition: Women are more prone to dissociative hair loss than men.

The factors that cause the hair to fall off a lot are psychological stress, infection and inappropriate diet. Of course, it may be caused by some diseases. Abnormal sebaceous gland secretion can also cause hair loss.

Frequent thirst wants to go to the toilet: often thirsty, dry mouth, sore throat, and go to the toilet.
Predicting the physical condition: I often feel thirsty, and with weight loss, I want to go to the toilet, some symptoms of diabetes, I need to go to the hospital to do a blood sugar check.

If your blood sugar is normal, it is recommended to eat less sweets and more oily foods, or even eat them.


Sedentary symptoms; sedentary, sitting in front of the computer for a long time, working hard, do not know how much damage this has caused to our body.

As soon as I get to the office, I like to sit on the stool, and it will take a few hours.

The hip does not leave the stool and becomes a veritable “sofa hip”.

Predicting the physical condition; the office stools are mainly soft and sit in a row without deforming our chest, relaxing muscles, and easily damaging the spine and lumbar spine.

The entire top is inserted into the sofa and the blood circulation is not smooth.

Sedentary, blood circulation slows, can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, and mental weakness.

If you suddenly stand up, you will have symptoms such as dizziness.


Long-term confrontation with computer symptoms: For the computer family who are sitting in front of the computer for a long time, the biggest harm of the computer is radiation. Computer radiation is a problem that cannot be ignored. The nerve, immunity, circulatory system function and life development function of the human bodyAnd so on have a big impact.

Computer radiation is very harmful to our skin and body, and long-term viewing of the computer screen will make our vision drop sharply.

Predicting physical condition; this is due to the brain being flooded with too much secondary information to reach saturation, the chief culprit is the computer.

Studies have shown that young people today are becoming stupid.

Because of the increasing dependence on information technology, it can lead to physical damage, which may lead to biased headaches, memory loss, uncertainty and inability to concentrate.


Boxing Erlang leg fist Erlang legs will indeed increase the risk of many diseases. This posture seems to make us feel very comfortable, but it will actually cause poor blood flow in the legs, uneven pressure on the lumbar vertebrae, local muscles in tension, may cause the lumbar muscles.Strain or aging of the intervertebral disc, causing low back pain.

It is just a chronic process that accumulates over time.

Therefore, it is recommended that healthy friends reduce the number of times and time of the wrists, and the existing related diseases complications such as diabetes, lumbar disc herniation, varicose veins of the lower extremities, and osteoarthritis, please stop the sitting posture of the legs.