Home is SPA paradise


Home is SPA paradise

There is no need to travel long distances and travel to exotic islands to experience SPA care. Just take a little ingenuity, decorate your home, choose your favorite aroma, make good use of fun little props, and change your mood. Even if you do n’t go anywhere, you canSet aside trivia, stay away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a private and petite spa life.

  A while ago, SPA centers sprang up like mushrooms. At one moment, the treatments at the SPA center to enjoy special services were all the rage, becoming the most passionate activities and topics among metropolitan women.

Gradually, after people have realized the change of body, mind and spirit in person, the SPA has become a more realistic life attitude and home style. The SPA center is no longer just providing treatment services.The exchange of personal care recommendations with Home Spa skills has become an integral part of a complete spa.

More and more brands pursuing high-quality home aromatherapy have landed one after another. In the future, it will become more convenient to enjoy a full SPA life at home, without the need for boat and car fatigue, the SPA will follow you.

Fragrance relaxes the body and soul. The fascination with fragrance is difficult to stop, because the body does not lie, and it is also the most direct and fast way for us to stay close to nature and experience the charm of SPA.

The essential oils are fully used, and Song Xiaowei, the ORIGINS education training and public relations manager, recommends that you prepare some small props at home or office to start enjoying the happy life of fragrance.

Tissue paper or handkerchief Drop 5 or 6 drops of essential oil on the tissue paper or handkerchief, then close the nose and take a few deep breaths. It is the easiest and fastest way to decompress when you are busy.

The fumigation table brings the aroma factor diffused in the air. Luxuriously immersed in the baptism of essential oils, incense is the most direct method. When using a candle-type fumigation table, pay special attention to the safety of the fire candle, and you must not stay away from the line of sight. If you considerThere are many flammable products such as paper documents in the office. It may be more convenient and safer to use a plug-in or ultrasonic vibration fumigation table.

Earthenware necklace drops 3 or 4 drops of essential oil on cotton, stuffed in a clay hole necklace with small holes, and hung on the chest, the essential oil will naturally warm up and evaporate with the body temperature, it is easy to enjoy aromatherapy anytime, anywhere, because the fragrance isSlowly and slowly, little by little, the taste of the clay pot can last for several days, such as grass, leaves, and fruity essential oils, which can last about three to five days. The floral and woody notesEssential oils can last more than a week and are best suited for field crews.

The small dark glass bottle is equipped with the adjusted massage oil and is carried with you. When needed, a little massage in the temples, noses, people, etc. can immediately refresh the spirit, create vitality, or relieve the symptoms of relief.

Stainless steel or glass bowl with nasal stuffing. It is best to use when pressure is high. Put 50 ℃ in the container?
Hot water at 60 ℃, add 3 drops of essential oil, face close to the mouth of the basin, and take a deep breath and sniff with a large towel covering the head, which lasts for 5 to 10 minutes, which can bring unexpected outstanding performance.

Tips for the use of essential oils. The essential oil has strong permeability and efficacy. No matter what purpose it is used in, especially if it comes into contact with the skin, it must be replaced to ensure safety. Pregnant women and children use extra essential oils, please be careful and safestIt is recommended to consult a qualified aroma therapist before using.

  When you want to take a bath: 15 drops of essential oil + 1 cream ball or honey, mix and pour into the bathtub.

  Make massage oil: 95ml base oil + 5ml essential oil (1ml essential oil is about 20 drops).

  Blend Aroma Spray: First 10?
20 drops of essential oil with 10C.


Mix vodka or alcohol and pour into 100C.


Shake well in distilled water and add it to a glass sprayer.

  DIY cleaning bath products: 20?
40 drops of essential oil + 100C.


No color, no fragrance, no artificially added bath essence or shampoo. Stir in the beaker for three minutes, and then blend it back into the container.

Generally speaking, adding 20 drops has fragrance, and adding 40 drops is effective.

  Homemade wardrobe fragrance: Prepare a few natural wooden beads, put 2 drops of essential oil on each, and rub it in your palm for a while. It will be full of fragrance and lasting in the wardrobe, and also has insect-proof effect.