CBA Fujian team has changed coach Prada ten times in six seasons and applied for rest several rounds_1

The CBA Fujian team has changed their coach Prada ten times in six seasons and applied for “rest” rounds, November 12: At 7:30 this evening, the CBA Fujian team will face the Guangdong team at home.In 2008, Prada led the Fujian team to repel the Guangdong team at home. In that game, the Fujian team only allowed the Guangdong team to score 1 point.However, Prada could not stage such a miracle tonight because he submitted an application to the club and he will take a break in these rounds.Zhu Shilong, assistant coach of the team, will take over the coach.This is the 10th time the Fujian team has changed coaches in the past 6 seasons.Poor grades make it difficult for the general public to apply for rest because of physical discomfort.This may be because he is under too much pressure.In the first 4 rounds of the league, the club had 1 win and 3 losses, and the defense was chaotic. This is a far cry from the Fujian team he had tuned in the past.  Compared to the previous two coaching of the Fujian team, the players in the team have changed, and Lao Pu itself has not changed much.Before the season, more than 5:00 morning practice, let all players lose weight these practices caused some contradictions within the team, and in the regular season, not every player is performing his tactics.In the future, it will be handed over to Zhu Dao for 10 changes in the last 6 seasons, which also makes the Fujian team’s performance unable to break through the sixth place in the league.The Fujian team has gone back a lot, and Lao Pu has been placed as the most suitable coach for the team. He took office for the third time but left in an awkward way.Both Zhang Degui and Zhu Shilong also entered the palace.No coach can fight for two consecutive seasons, and it is difficult for the Fujian team to create its own style.The defensive counterattack that originally made Zhu Qiang fear hastened the offensive characteristics while slowly disappearing.  The club’s general manager Wu Bolan admitted that the club’s frequent coaching is wrong: Zhu Shilong is the team’s future coach.He is now acting as commander.No matter who the club is coaching this season, the club hopes that Zhu Shilong will serve as the team’s long-term coach for the next two years.Prada did not leave Jinjiang, he just wanted to take a break, he will temporarily help Zhu Shilong as a technical consultant.  Regarding the Erjin Palace, Zhu Shilong said: One day is not enough for me to change the team.Our players are very good, as for whether they can unite together, after watching the game against the Guangdong team, you can evaluate it again.(Reporter Shi Leilei)