Kenjiro’s legs are non-evil and unforgivable.

Kenjiro’s legs are non-evil and unforgivable.

Look at the rumors: 1 seeing Erlang legs 2 is equal to chronic suicide 3 frequent wrist Erlang legs will affect reproductive health 4 early onset of degenerative arthritis 5 emergence of nerve compression syndrome may need to be rehabilitated 6 straight legs are more likely to have varicose veins 7 pay attention to gradually become O-type腿  8龙骨容易出现异常9女性腕二郎腿易患妇科病来辟谣:广州中医药大学第一附属医院运动损伤及康复专科主任杨俊兴微博上一条关于杠二郎腿的信息被热转,让有事没事爱跷Erlang legs were worried.

However, Yang Junxing, director of the Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Specialty of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, does not need to worry too much. Although these quotes make sense in theory, they are too exaggerated from reality, and it is possible to fix a posture.problem.

In addition, the above diseases are not only a single factor, which is affected by a combination of factors.

  The article proposes that the human keel of Gang Erlang’s legs is prone to abnormalities.

The keel is the spine. If you cross the Erlang legs, the body’s posture will change. The pelvis and spine will rotate, causing muscle stretching. If you cross the Erlang legs for a long time, it will easily lead to spinal distortion.

However, people have a self-protection mechanism, and their joints have a proprioceptive sensation. When there is discomfort in the human body, they will naturally adjust their postures, and no one can maintain the same posture for several hours.

Therefore, the deformation of the spine and pain are not simply caused by stepping on the Erlang legs.

  Kenjiro’s leg time is temporary, and may involve venous blood flow, causing venous thrombosis.

But most people are not likely to maintain a long-term posture when they cross their legs.

  For another example, degenerative arthritis is mainly related to the excessive use of the knee joint. The elbows of the elbow do exert too much force on one joint, but improper walking, wear and tear on the joints can cause degenerative arthritis.The cause is attributable to the legs.

  The cross-legged legs increase the body temperature of men’s private parts, which is unfavorable for sperm, so men with new needs should not use saunas. Local damp heat in women’s private parts is conducive to the growth of germs, so it is not recommended for women to wear tight-fitting jeans.

But for the same reason, Quan Erlang’s legs have limited time, and he can’t “move” Erlang’s legs excessively.