Light Mature Woman Fights Three Eye Problems


Light Mature Woman Fights Three Eye Problems

“Light mature woman”, a new term in recent years, it refers to 25?
Between the ages of 35, a group of emerging metropolitan elite women.

With the increase of life experience, light mature women over 25 years old tend to have more charm than young girls in their early 20s.

In this wonderful period, you must not let eye problems hinder you and expose the traces of time!

Aiming at the three major problems of bags under the eyes, dark circles and sagging fine lines, Xiaobian will give you the right medicine to make you successfully cover your age.

  A pair of glamorous eyes can double your charm.

However, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines are filling us.

To deal with stubborn eye problems, daily habits, excellent eye care products, the methods used are very important.

  Good habits help you last forever. People often spare no expense and look for good ways to care for the eyes. However, in fact, there are often many things we need to pay attention to every day. As long as you pay attention, they are importantRoad.


Work well and don’t stay up late.

Keeping the habit of sleeping on your back will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the eyes and face; 2.

Get rid of frowning, squinting and other bad expressions, don’t let your eyes become overworked due to repeated exercise; 3.

Avoid the sun, use eye sunscreen products, eye sunscreen products and sunglasses appropriately; 4.

Avoid rubbing your eyes hard, make gentle movements when applying makeup or contact lenses, and don’t pull the eye skin too hard; 5,

Do not drink a lot of water an hour before bedtime to avoid eye puffiness and bags under the eyes; 6.

Don’t let long-term work torture your eyes, try to close your eyes after the book or computer stops; 7.

Keep your eyes clean, use eye cleansers regularly, pay attention to eye makeup removal, and don’t let the residual makeup damage your eye skin.

  Check it out and choose your care product. Editor’s recommendation: Eye sun protection that cannot be ignored-sisley Sisley Eye Concealer (Eye Circle Dilute Concealer Cream) Product Introduction: This concealer contains ginkgo and other plant extracts, which also provide relief while coveringEye puffiness and dark circles.

There are 4 color numbers to choose from, which can cover any eye circles.

Hydrating, concealing and sun protection all in one.

Ginkgo biloba and other plant extracts and essential oils eliminate pigmentation and puffiness, concealer, sun protection, even and bright complexion.

Choice of 4 color numbers (# 1Natural Natural, # 2 Beige Beige, # 3 Beige Beige Dore, # 4 Brown).

  Reference price: ¥ 560.

0 Editor’s comment: Eyes and skin around the eyes need exclusive sunscreen products. Never mix with the face and body!

This eye concealer from Sisley fits perfectly around the skin around the eyes. It contains sunscreen and can effectively block UV rays.

Four color numbers can cater to you with different skin colors.

  Editor’s recommendation: also a clean environment for the eyes——AUPRES Cleansing Makeup Remover (Eyes and Lips) Product introduction: This product is a local makeup remover, which can easily remove eyes, lips and other difficult to removeMake-up.

Cleans quickly and cleans well.

The double-layer liquid moisturizing and non-greasy use makes it easy to remove makeup while achieving excellent care functions.

  Reference price: 85.

0 Product Specifications: 90ml Editor’s Comment: Closer prices and cute packaging add a lot to this makeup remover. The makeup remover effect and emulsification ability are highly praised, everyone may try it!

  Editor’s recommendation: bags under the eyes, swollen busters-Benifit Pui Ling Fei swelling and firming eye gel Product Introduction: This swelling and firming eye gel effectively improves eye puffiness and fine lines, tighten the bags under the eyes, bring you youth, Tight eyes!

It can improve the soy essence, strengthen and tighten the skin around the eyes; the ingredients of raspberry and chamomile can moisturize and soothe the eyes, and the extract of seaweed can also instantly tighten the eyes.

It can be used before and after makeup, and it will feel firm immediately after use.

  Reference price: ¥ 340.

0 Editor’s comment: swelling gel that works immediately!

Can improve after use.

Recommended for “light mature women” who often have puffy eyes and thumbs in the morning.   编辑推荐:   击退顽固黑眼圈——YUE-SAI羽西白玲珑净白眼霜   产品简介:各种肌肤类型,特别适用有美白需求的肌肤。 润泽质地,清爽不油腻。 蕴含维生素C葡糖苷,显著改善黑眼圈;维生素E衍生物帮助抵抗氧化。 瞬间提亮眼部肌肤,黑眼圈、细纹明显淡化,双眸绽放净透神采。 创新白玲珑生态美白系统,屏蔽大环境伤害,营造肌肤美白小环境! 专为中国女性量肤定制,有效对抗氧化,从黑色素诱因入手,呵护易受自由基影响而引发色斑的肌肤。   参考价格:¥200.0   产品规格: 15ml   小编点评:这款眼霜质地润泽、清爽不黏腻,不用担心会因为过度的滋养而长出油脂粒,使用一段时间,能有效祛除“熊猫眼”哦。   编辑推荐:   赶跑可恶细纹——Lancome兰蔻纤妍紧致眼部精华乳   产品简介:完美提升眼眸。专为中国女性研制,源于兰蔻全球研发实验室的专利科技成果—R.A.R.E立体塑颜技术,结合速效提颜因子,帮助提升眼部轮廓,紧致眼周肌肤,平抚岁月痕迹,重塑青春明眸。 有效消除眼袋 兰蔻纤妍紧致眼部精华乳富含活性排水因子和平滑因子,帮助赶走因为岁月流逝而产生的眼袋。富含咖啡因,芸香苷、常春藤精华以及榄仁树碱,有效抑制造成眼袋和眼部下垂的眼部脂肪沉积。   参考价格:¥630.0   产品规格: 15ml   小编点评:这款眼部精华乳能有效改善细纹、松弛等眼部问题,连续使用两周以后,眼部倍感紧致,轮廓明晰。连续使用四周以后,眼部明显紧致,眼袋不再,纹路抚平,坊间好评不绝。“轻熟女”们赶紧入手吧。   编辑推荐:  定期养护­——Borghese贝佳斯矿物营养润肤眼膜   产品简介:时间的痕迹一般最早在眼部肌肤浮现,因此它需要我们特别呵护。只需5分钟,「强效护眼剂」即时舒缓眼部周围的幼细皮肤。眼睛敏感或佩戴隐形眼镜者适用。功效 茶籽丶金缕梅和白毛茛 减淡细纹丶皱纹及防炎 小米草 天然植物美肌素,能滋养和均匀肤色 矿物维他精华「活水」专利配方 为肌肤注入水分。   参考价格:¥500.0   产品规格: 60片   小编点评:低刺激、天然的一款眼膜,功效不错。大大的一片,省吃俭用的姐妹们能把一块眼膜对开成两块使用哦,非常实惠。   妙用按摩操 发挥护理功效   轻柔地按摩眼部,不仅能加快眼部和眼周肌肤的血液循环,还能让你的眼部护理产品更好地被吸收,发挥最大功效,是击退眼部问题的一大法宝哦!   下面为大家介绍眼部按摩操的步骤:   STEP 1:在容易出现细纹的眼周肌肤上涂抹厚厚的眼霜,涂抹的厚度以盖住皮肤原来的颜色为标准。   STEP 2:用保鲜膜盖住涂抹了眼霜的部位约5分钟,使眼霜快速渗透进肌肤。   STEP 3:用食指、中指和无名指沿着下眼睑的眼骨,按照从眼头到眼尾的方向轻轻按摩3次。   STEP 4:把拇指放在眼窝的眼睛与鼻子之间,按照从眼头至眼尾的方向轻轻按摩上眼睑,最后适当按压太阳穴。重复3次。   STEP 5:用食指、中指和无名指轻轻地弹下眼睑,让肌肤能更好地吸收眼霜。